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Waco Twin Peaks Cases Left To Amanda Dillion With No Sight Of Able Reyna! Next week on Friday May 4th another round of Bikers will attend a hearing at the courthouse in Waco

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By Texas Bellend

Freelance Writer

More than a hundred Twin Peaks Bikers cases are going to be dismissed or dropped in the next week or two.  Amanda Dillion was left to answer for Able Reyna at a court hearing April 27th. Judge Strother, the defense attorney’s, and what is left of the prosecution team were all talking about how to handle this mess Able Reyna left everyone with.  Judge Strother’s asks, “ Where is Able Reyna?” Amanda Dillion replies, “I don’t know where he is.” So basically Able Reyna put the ball down because things did not go his way. Hiding away in his closet with his booger sugar and the FBI hot on his trail.

All of the defendants that were summoned to Waco April 27th were met with their attorney’s. All of these defense attorneys are pissed off, chomping at the bit to Judge Strother’s because they know what has transpired over the last three years of lies, law enforcement murder, destroyed families, fatherless children, and the outright tyranny.  All of these defense attorneys are well seasoned high profile attorneys that are eyes wide because what destruction Able Reyna has caused. The last three years have been jaw dropping and breathtaking as the ribbon of lies unfolds over and over and over again. Well, folks the knitted sweater has unraveled and the truth is the demise of the theory of this prosecution team in Waco. Judge Strother and Judge Johnson have had enough of the Shit Show they played along with.  They need to save some face and do the right thing. Not only will the innocent be free but the municipality of Waco will be held accountable. Folks this is going to erupt like a hot festering cyst.
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Sources at the courthouse Friday noted the Sheriffs lined the stairwell in mass.  Another attempt to portray that those Bikers are going to pillage and plunder the Waco Courthouse.  This is all for the press, intimidation for the innocent defendants, and an attempt to influence potential juries.  Entirely a fallacy that lacks reality. These are broken Americans that have been beaten down by the unconstitutional ways of Waco and our Government agencies that had an agenda that went South.  Way South! The only Bikers that don’t feel this are the ones that worked with Able Reyna and the Feds plan. The paid informants that watched their Brothers die and the one that watched their Son die. Yeah you! The one that was told to send everyone home because there were to many and that was not acceptable to have that many there.

The mood was intense and all the weight was on Amanda Dillion, the lone ranger of what is left of the McLennan County prosecution team.  She knows that the procrastination of Able Reyna had everything to do with his political gain. She knows he has no heart and does not care.  Able Reyna, in your absence Amanda Dillion is left to clean up your mess at the disposal of her career. Amanda Dillion was tense and nervous as she explained to the defense attorneys that there is still evidence that they should have gotten.  Why? The excuse was because the defense did not pick it up. Well, how in the hell are they supposed to know if they are not notified they need to retrieve the evidence. Again the prosecution is consistent with covering their asses and blame is elsewhere.

Lets get down to brass tacks here.  Part of the job of a defense attorney is to be ready and available for opportunity of discovery provided so they can protect their clients.  They were never notified the extra 1 Terabyte of information even existed until that day in the courtroom. This 1 Terabyte of discovery is most likely like the others…A bunch of crap that has nothing to do with their clients indictment.  They will not give all of the evidence because it will expose the Able Reyna’s plan with local Law Enforcement, DPS, Texas Rangers, FBI, and ATF.

Bottom line! Waco never had anything to convict 90% of these bikers.  The prosecution was wanting a domino effect at all cost for Able Reyna’s political gain and it did not matter who it destroyed.  The District Attorneys office is bailing ship for a reason. The writing is on the wall and Able Reyna is in hot water and will be held accountable.  You can take that to the bank!

Next week on Friday May 4th another round of Bikers will attend a hearing at the courthouse in Waco. There is more to come America.

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