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An Australian Perspective on the Finks Move to the United States: – Update to yesterdays article

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By Devils Advocate

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So it seems Fink pride really is worldwide. Information is trickling out that the Aussie grown club has gone international. It is now reported by Insane Throttle, they have a Chapter in Chicago, Illinois. It also appears their 2017 national run to Indonesia was also the Aussies going over and checking out and sanctioning the new chapter there. That’s right, they have an Indonesian chapter too.

From an outside perspective, I don’t know how to take this. To me, The Finks have always been the quintessential Aussie club. They were Australian formed with only Australian charters. Every Brother was equal, no President or VP, with only a Sgt at Arms to maintain order.

Another thing that bolstered this opinion is the Finks resisted outside influence from international clubs. Even after being declared a criminal organization and massive exodus to the Mongols following the designation.The Finks managed to stay relevant and viable without reaching across the ocean. As big as Australia is, it was possible for a Brother to know, and have met, every other Brother in the club. I can’t see this being a possibility anymore. I just hope they haven’t grown too big, too fast.

So I’ll play Devils Advocate, yes having international chapters offers a chance for brothers to travel internationally and have a foundation in that country. But, given the Australian government’s determination to destroy the 1%er clubs, this may be a moot point. As it stands the National President was refused entry to Bali in 2017 due to Australian Federal Police communicating with the local Bali authorities. I can’t help but wonder how long it is until they start refusing entry to any Aussie bikie.

I feel that this move to become international goes against everything the Finks, up until now, have fought for. I hope I’m wrong. This is only my opinion, but it all seems very rushed. The Illinois chapter went to full status within 6 months. Bali, a similar short period of time. Hopefully they’ve patched in some great guys and I am wrong about my opinion of this Finks International move. I would hate to see such a great Aussie club not maintain the same standards overseas they do down under.

by Devils Advocate (Independent)

Correction To Story- Finks Illinois are actually made up of ex disgraced members of Devils Diciples thrown out on bad. Foreign Clubs continue to recruit the bottom of the barrel.

Jason Giranda Featured in the Article above is not a member of the Finks M/C . He actually bought a Chinese made patch from here.

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