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Finks Illinois are actually made up of ex disgraced members of Devils Diciples thrown out on bad. Foreign Clubs continue to recruit the bottom of the barrel.

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

Editorial Writer


Last week I did a story on the situation in Chicago concerning another 1%er club planting it’s flag. The club the article was about the Finks M/C . Who were seen with the Roadrunners M/C. The Roadrunners have a clubhouse in Chicago. They were former members of the Legacy M/C. an AOA support club.

Turns out after investigating this further. Talking with various sources in the motorcycle club scene in and around Chicago. The two jokers in this picture have a story to tell.


Finks Motorcycle Club RoadRunners MC
Dominick the taller one the short one is Dago. Both out bad from the Devils Diciples

They both had fake DD patches made and  we knew the road runners were hanging out with them while they were wearing the fake patches. We were told by the Road Runners  they were there friends and just couldn’t stop hanging out with them.

Yep, you read that right. These two ass-monkeys had DD patches made after being kicked out of the club. They in fact had the nuts to display them around town. Until of course their number was called.

Why are people concerned about the Roadrunners allowing them in their clubhouse? The protocol everyone talks about, that’s why. The Roadrunners had a sit down with the DD State President and National VP at the time. They were told the situation with these jokers, but still, after the meeting, they ended up supporting them and I quote “They, remain our friends and we won’t stop hanging around them?”
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So much for club protocol. Looks like the Roadrunners like to be known as a club which hangs with a bunch of “Out Bad Fakes.”Looks like the Foreign Invasion continues on the same path they all do. Recruiting the rejects who cannot make it with established clubs here in the states. This happens because these Foreign clubs sell their patch so they can claim a foothold in the United States. They do not care who they recruit. They only care about that United States bottom rocker displayed as a trophy on their Facebook Pages.

To the Finks. You sold your patch to people who cannot back it up. For those who paid the ultimate price in your country, they did it in vain. Your colors are not respected here in the states because of what you recruited. Did you bother doing a basic background check on these ass-monkeys? Better yet, have they gone through the hang around or prospect period? I will guess you didn’t. If you did, then you would’ve found they were out bad from the DD.

Here is what I think. Even if you knew they were out bad from the DD, I genuinely don’t think your club would give a damn anyway. You got to plant your flag in the United States. Here’s the thing about flags, especially in Chicago. They can be torn down right away. Especially when you possess people who cannot defend them. How does it make you feel knowing your patch could soon be hanging on a club house wall as a trophy? Give it a few months, and I can bet that’s the situation your Illinois Chapter will be in. Chicago is a violent city. They don’t consider it Chi-Raq for nothing.

Working Story in Progress Finks M/C- Background Your People

Jason Giranda Former Police Officer

From The Morning Call 2006

A former Lansford police officer admitted Thursday that he solicited sex from a borough woman he was investigating on drug charges.

Jason J. Giranda, 29, of Hazleton, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of tampering with public records and two misdemeanor charges, including unsworn falsifications to authorities.

Carbon County Judge David W. Addy accepted the plea, but deferred sentencing. Giranda, who was taken off the schedule after his arrest, faces a sentence ranging from probation to three months in prison on the felony charge, and probation on the misdemeanors.

Carbon County Assistant District Attorney Joseph Matika, who is prosecuting, said he would not comment until after Giranda is sentenced.

Here’s the account of what happened given by state Trooper Brian A. Kruszka from the Hazleton barracks in an arrest affidavit:

Finks MC

On June 23, Giranda was investigating a disturbance at Miners’ Pub involving Tiffany Lee Binder’s boyfriend, who fled the pub and went to his residence on Patterson Street.

Police went to the home and were given permission to search, and while looking for him, they found a device used to smoke crack cocaine. The boyfriend was later seen outside the home and taken into custody.

Giranda confronted Binder and her boyfriend about the paraphernalia, and they both denied owning it. Giranda later returned to the residence, where he found a children’s spoon and screens in Binder’s bedroom. He considered the items to be paraphernalia and seized them. Then he told her she could get out of the charges if she performed oral sex on him, according to the affidavit.

“Binder told him that she would have to think about it and asked him to call her later,” Kruszka wrote. “Giranda left the residence with the alleged paraphernalia.”

Giranda called Binder and returned to her house in uniform at 2:50 a.m. They bickered over the return of evidence, and Binder said she would not do anything until she had it back. Giranda said he already threw it out, and then exposed himself to Binder. Binder refused to perform the sex act and went to a friend’s house.

On June 30, Giranda gave state police a written statement denying the allegations. He claimed he wanted Binder to become an informant after finding paraphernalia, and solicited two purported informants, Karen Mantz and Donna Curzi, to go with him to the home. Neither woman is an informant, police said.

Both women initially told police they were with Giranda at Binder’s home. But they later said they mislead Kruszka by signing a police statement form prepared by the Giranda.

“Both felt compelled to help Giranda for fear that they would become future targets of the Lansford Police Department,” Kruszka wrote.

In court Thursday, Matika recited the facts of the case to Addy, and Giranda said he agreed with them.

Giranda is free on unsecured bail.

He worked about six weeks for Lansford, where he was hired in May. Previously, he had worked for the McAdoo Police Department in Schuylkill County.


motorcycle madhouse
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