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The Hypocrites that are Cudahy- They say Outlaws Support Club is racist- Here is a post from Alderman Justin Moralez- Pure Racist!!!! Must see pic enclosed

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

We recently did a story on the Iron Breed M/C. An Outlaw M/C support club in Cudahy, Wisconsin. The Iron Breed has been receiving grief from the town because of a meme that was discovered on the Presidents Facebook page. People considered it racist and got their little peckers all in a bind over it. 

Wisconsin Town of Cudahy giving Outlaw Support Club Grief. Reason why? Racist meme posted on Social Media. No! It’s just an excuse to mess with an M/C .

Take a look at this recently discovered post from an alderman (Notice I said Alderman? I’m not a politically correct tree huger like these people. They are gender neutral and go by Alder person) named Justin Moralez . This ass-monkey represents the 1st district.

Justin Moralez
1st District Alderperson Justin Moralez  Phone Number: (H) 469-2294 Address: 3528 E. Van Norman Ave. E-mail Address:   In office since: April, 2013

For one. I don’t approve of him already because he goes after my Cubbies. Just putting out full disclosure lol. (Think he’s furious because the Cubbies have swept the Brewers time and time again. To tell the truth, I think the local little league team could sweep the Brewers. But that’s a whole separate subject isn’t it ?
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It’s cool for the left in this country to bash on the White Man

Here’s a guy who sits there and complains about someone having a racist meme on their Facebook Page, at the same time the ass-monkey goes out there bashing on the white man. Can we say Hypocrite? This is the difference between me and a guy like this. I call it “Real. I‘m not out there trying to look cool or be something I‘m not. Personally I’m a proud ass “PECKERWOOD. All you lefty little tree hugging ass-monkeys can suck a pecker if you don’t appreciate the white man.

At this moment, this is what we have going on in this country. Every election, if you observe it close like I do, this is what you will hear. “This person is a racist or that person is a racist.” If you don’t buy into their politically correct bullshit than your a racist. These people are a broken record. Nothing to offer the country but trying to keep the races pinned against each other and God forbid you call them out on their own hypocrisy. 

Motorcycle Clubs and Biker lifestyle are under attack

We have seen over the last few years governmental agencies specifically target the biker lifestyle. Allow me to correct that. Government agencies will target those who don’t swing on Leos peckers or buy into their bullshit. This is why you see them targeting clubs apart of the Confederation of Clubs or independents like myself who will never buy into the game they are selling. 

Here is a question I frequently get for those who are new to the Insane Throttle Platform. Why do you dislike Leos as much as you do, every profession has bad apples? My answer is real straightforward. I don’t like fake people, liars or those who cannot be real. Some advice for those who believe a cop can be a so-called brother. Once a cop always a cop. Cops are cops 24 hours a day. Cops will take the side of other cops over you every-time. Cops will have no loyalty to anyone but to other cops. It’s a hard truth RUBS don’t grasp.

RUBS who buy into the bullshit 1%er clubs are criminal organizations

The one thing that really gets me is those supposed bikers who truly believe in the propaganda governmental organizations push. Let me give you a little information on those who buy that crap.

As a former member of the Black Pistons, I was never  asked to do anything illegal. To the contrary. Club rules were if you were doing anything illegal or could generate attention to the club; you would find yourself on the streets without a club. The Black Pistons & Outlaws M/C are made up of individuals who go to work just like everyone else. They have house paymentsbike payments and college tuition for their kids to worry about just like everyone else. The crap you read about or see on TV is done without the approval of the clubs. When something like that goes down you will see the club put their asses out on the street. Clubs are not like the old days. No one has any desire to sit behind bars for 20 years to life. 

Cops will always use past episodes in a motorcycle clubs history so they can fill the coffers. Cops do not receive any money in their budget unless they can produce a threat to a community. Thus the reason for the continuous propaganda they put out in the media. Without the big bad boogie man, they have no extra money. Plain and simple. 

Gas Grass and Ass
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All those who throw around the Biker Code

Here’s a reality check. Those who claim they follow the biker code and turn around and by into the propaganda cops put out have no clue whatsoever what the biker code is genuinely about. The Biker Code is first and foremost having the ability to be “Real.” It means having the ability to call something out for what it is. If you’re easily persuaded by crap than you’re known as a “Motorcycle Enthusiast. A biker knows how to call out BULLSHIT. A biker knows there is a line between  the cops and bikers. Always been that way and something which will never change. Those who buy into  Leos propaganda remind me of the scene in Wild Hogs. The scene were they are sitting at that bar when dude from Orange County Chopper walks up and talks about the parade. Basically, those people have no concept of what it means to be “Real”. 

We’ve provided the information to this ass-monkey who represents the 1st district in Cudahy. Take a minute if you can and drop him and email about his total hypocrisy of calling someone else racist while he sits there and does the same crap.

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the day– What’s your thoughts on this dude calling out a motorcycle club for being racist when he is a racist himself?

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  1. I guess a fair assessment of 1% percenters could be some what true given recent events, beatings, shootings. Of course not as portrayed as on Sons of Anarchy. Totally rediculous.

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  2. “It’s cool for the left in this country to bash on the White Man”

    Uh, a basic amount of research would have shown Justin Moralez is not a member of the left. He’s run for elected office as a Republican.

    If you’re going to engage in personal attacks at least be factual.


  3. So because he ran as a republican that makes him not apart of the left . Ah I see!!! But no regards he employees the same crap hypocrisy lol. But hey he’s a republican so it’s alright. Got it now lol


  4. Great article ITBN as always. Right on point and spitting truths. I guess the previous poster never heard of Rhino Republicans or people registered in one party that vote liberal like McCain…. Keep up the great work guys, you are truly valued and appreciated in our community.


  5. An EXCELLENT hard hitting gut punch, Hollywood. Always the bad few apples that piss in the soup and ruin it for everybody else in the club. But it’s ALSO the collective fault on the part of OUR community that we keep putting these supposed trouble makers as the standard for what a “Real* Biker is. We need to purge our ranks of those amongst us who continually do their criminal shit while wearing club identifiers..cuz the public thinks we are all plugged into this kind of behavior.
    For me the REAL “Bikers” are guys who are too smart to risk losing their freedom and risk catching a state bids with football numbers. All the REAL Bikers I know are decent hard working freedom loving Proud Americans. These snowflakes and Manginas got this country all fucked up with this “racist” hysteria.
    As always you keep hittin home runs…


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