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Wisconsin Town of Cudahy giving Outlaw Support Club Grief. Reason why? Racist meme posted on Social Media. No! It’s just an excuse to mess with an M/C .

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

Looks like another town in Wisconsin is at it. To start with, it was the Town of Lomira and the Dodge County Sheriff causing the Outlaws Motorcycle Club headaches. At this moment in time it‘s a town in Cudahy, Wisconsin, causing one of their support clubs headaches. The Profiling happening in Wisconsin is getting out of control. What is it with Wisconsin? It Must be the cheese or some shit because those small towns would cause grief to the Pope himself for showing up setting up a soup kitchen.

I do have to give WDJT in Milwaukee some props. Least they got out there and gave the Iron Breed M/C an opportunity to state the clubs side of the story. Personally, that’s all the credit I give WDJT. The headline of their article encourages the idea the club is a bunch of racist.Why? Because of a stupid meme of social media? We all grasp how they got ahold of it. Probably one of those leftist crybaby liberals in town who have nothing better to do. Second possibility is the cops were snooping around. Regardless, a stupid meme led to all this noise, according to the reporting.

Where are we heading as a country with all this political correctness?

Currently, we are seeing this country head down a road of extreme political correctness.It began 8 years ago when the liberal progressive left got their darling socialist in office. The damage done during those eight years has crippled the way this country works. Not merely are the left’s ideas destroying institutions like the Boy Scouts and other great American institutions.The extreme left is enabling the police to use political correctness against ordinary citizens for profiling purposes. We are observing it right here with towns going after motorcycle clubs. A so-called racist meme? In the present circumstances you can use something as trivial as a meme to brand an entire motorcycle club racist. When the club has been branded racist. Now, in present circumstances like this, cops can employ it to promote the idea “It’s all about protecting the community”. 

Ordinarily, I don’t get political. This is a case where politics can have a material affect on the motorcycle club scene. What I say regarding the meme. “Who gives a shit“! Anyone who knows the motorcycle club scene – knows some people hold racist views. Let’s be honest. Motorcycle Clubs still segregates to this day. You have most of the 1%er clubs which do not allow blacks in them. Does that make all members of the club racists? Absolutely not. If it does, then you are suggesting the argument a national club is responsible for the actions of one of its members. Which, sorry, isn’t the case.

Here is the problem with these small Wisconsin towns

I once was involved with a bar in Orfordville, Wisconsin. This is a small town west of Janesville, Wisconsin. Because I was a member of a motorcycle club, the local officials were all over the bar. They would send the jackass chief in trying to harass the customers and us. Not one to back down, we started firing back. We would arrange some of the rowdiest, parties the town, has ever seen. They started the crap because of preconceived notions of members of biker clubs. So, me being the dick I am, decided to make the chiefs life a living hell. Party after party until finally they pulled the bitch move of threatening the landlord with zoning violations.

Towns like Lomira and Cudahy are no different. They have these local yahoo’s who want so much to be big city cops- they go out there flexing their dick muscles messing with the big bad wolves. It gives them some meaning to their pathetic lives, it really does.

Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the day– What additional steps should we as a biker community take to fight back with all the police profiling happening in this country?

Profiling Sheriff Dale J Schmidt changes course on Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Lomira. “We are Watching”

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Article Appeared WDJT 58 Milwaukee

CUDAHY, Wis. (CBS 58) — A motorcycle club with a history of members posting racist memes on social media is trying to move into Cudahy, and neighbors aren’t happy about it.

Nick Bellanti, a co-president of the club, says he regrets the posts.

“There was a foolish post years ago that I can see how people thought what it was, but that’s not me,” he said. “That’s not what I’m about. Far from it.”

The club has applied for an occupancy permit to a building near Packard and Pulaski.

Cudahy Alderman Justin Moralez calls the posts a deal-breaker.

“I can’t in good faith support anyone who has rallied that sentiment before,” Moralez said.

Moralez is on the planning commission that will decide whether to proceed with the permit.

There’s no liquor license involved. Bellanti says he pictures a “man cave” and a place to plan events.

“Yeah, we’re a motorcycle club but we’re just good guys hanging out,” he said. “That’s it.”

Nearby neighbors told CBS 58 they’ll have to see it to believe it.

Some parents said they want to keep the neighborhood family-oriented and are worried about the noise and potential danger a motorcycle club would bring.

Bellanti recognizes the uphill battle to improve his club’s image.

With that in mind, he says they’re doing a BMX bike giveaway for children, and the group plans to sponsor a local baseball team.

“Some people watch too much TV,” Bellanti said. “They think the worst of a motorcycle club. I’m a hardworking guy. I’ve raised two kids.”

He says the club will limit the noise by only parking their bikes on Packard. Bellanti says members will avoid the other side of the building that’s near the residential neighborhood.

The permit hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

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  1. Our basic core values and rights have been eroded to the point of complete compliance. If we plan on surviving it must now be done through unfortunately, political means. That is what really hits them where it counts.

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