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The kill shots came from the cops! Why waste the taxpayers money with this charade? Amanda Dillon you actually stand by this?

To all those re-indicted in this mess- Keep up the fight and give them hell

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

The indictments against Glenn Walker and two fellow members of the Bandidos motorcycle club mark the first murder charges filed in connection to the melee that left nine bikers dead, 20 wounded and nearly 200 arrested outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco. – Waco Tribune Herald

took a couple of days to digest this. Probably because I couldn’t believe the District Attorneys office was stupid enough to even pursue charges like this. Anyone with any common sense will vote for acquittal because it’s apparent this man is being set up to take the fall for the cops actions. What is even more messed up is Amanda Dillon is actually playing along with this knowing she has no way of winning this case. It’s just like her trying Richard Luther (#FREERICHARDLUTHER) for that bullshit crime of tampering with evidence. There is no way of winning the case because video evidence shows the police were the ones planting the evidence.

Why put these people through any more crap? The cops and the district attorneys office dropped the ball on this lengthy ordeal. Plain and Simple. There is no way any juror with and sense will go along with these shenanigans. My question. What kind of damn judges are they to allow their courts to be turned into a circus? Reyna is finished. Why is he even being allowed by the court to prosecute anything with WACO? It was obvious people see through the smoke and mirrors and routed his ass in the primary so why would any judge allow him to continue with this? Allow a fresh set of eyes handle these cases. That would be justice. Not what the hell is going on with this dog and pony show. Not merely is this District Attorneys office making a mockery of itself? They are making a mockery of the justice system. What’s worse these so-called judges are allowing it to happen.

How in America can an individual be charged with murder when the bullets which made the kill came from the police? It’s ludicrous. It defies all common sense. What is the district attorney hiding that he all of a sudden is pushing to try these cases after 3 years of doing nothing? Is he frightened what the next District Attorney will find when he starts looking into these cases? 

Biker Community Needs to start a public relation drive from this point

These outrageous charges need to stay in the public eye. Especially in front of those who will be potential jurors. My suggestion. Set up a fund through one of the Confederations and start a public relations blitz. Take out ads in all the local news media. Put it in front of people who could eventually sit on this jury. Put the truth in front of them on how ludicrous these charges are. Burn it in their brains so when they hear these cases (if they even make it to trial) they have it in the back of their minds how ludicrous this is. 

My thoughts. Throw ads up in print news media to cover those who are older and do not use the internet. Put up an ad each week, don’t need to be front page. In the beginning put it out somewhere it can be seen while reading a local event. As the trials come up then start placing them in more prominent places. When Jury selection is about to begin take out a couple of full-page ads and plead the case. Internet wise social media is king. Get on there and make posts and polls on your personal pages. Especially those who live in Waco and throughout the county. Get your friends and family to share the posts. This will eventually end up on someones page who might be that potential juror. Place internet ads through Facebook and specifically designate them for Waco. With Facebook ads you can target a specific area. Right now allocate 5 dollars a week to drive them to a page set up specifically for explaining these cases. When the day comes close of juries being picked then start advertising heavier. 

Propaganda is an effective tool. The cops and district attorney have received three years of free media coverage to put out bullshit lies and propaganda. The biker community needs to stand together and start fighting back. They need to start having runs and go fund me drives to build up a war chest to fight these ridiculous charges. The only way to win against something like this is to get the motorcycle clubs side out. We have to reach the hearts and minds of a potential jury pool. Internet Biker Sites can do only so much. Our audience is not the place where potential jurors would receive their news. We have to use the mainstream press for that. What’s important is we organize and fight back. 


Insane Throttle Facebook Question of the day– What do you think of these charges and how can we fight back against them as a biker community?


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Waco- Tribune Herald

By EMILY SCHMALL Associated Press

FORT WORTH — One of three bikers indicted on murder charges Wednesday stemming from a chaotic 2015 shooting outside a Texas restaurant is accused of killing a man who was also shot twice by police, according to ballistics evidence reviewed by The Associated Press.


The indictments against Glenn Walker and two fellow members of the Bandidos motorcycle club mark the first murder charges filed in connection to the melee that left nine bikers dead, 20 wounded and nearly 200 arrested outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.


Investigators say the shooting was sparked by rivalries between the Bandidos and Cossacks motorcycle clubs ahead of a biker meeting. Waco police monitoring the gathering said officers opened fire after fights and gunfire broke out in the parking lot.

Walker is accused of fatally shooting Richard Kirschner, a Cossacks member. An autopsy report shows Kirschner was shot three times: once in the buttocks with a pistol and twice with a rifle in the right thigh and left knee.


A pistol registered to Walker and a bullet it fired were recovered from the back of a police vehicle at the scene, according to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Kirschner’s rifle wounds were traced to a Waco SWAT officer’s .223-caliber rifle during a forensic firearms analysis conducted for police, according to police records previously reviewed by the AP.


The officer who used the rifle, Michael Bucher, said during an internal investigation that he saw Kirschner chasing another man with a big chain. Bucher said he fired one round and Kirschner fell, but then fired again after he saw Kirschner get up on one knee and swing the chain. The officer said Kirscher then stayed on the ground.

Kirschner later was pronounced dead at a hospital. The autopsy report said only that Kirschner died of gunshot wounds.


Walker’s attorney didn’t respond to messages seeking comment Wednesday.

A grand jury in September 2016 cleared the officer, along with the two other officers who fired their weapons. The police evidence reviewed by the AP showed that two people killed during the shooting were hit only by bullets from law enforcement weapons. Two others killed were hit from Waco SWAT rifles and other firearms.


The other Bandidos members charged with murder Wednesday — Jeff Battey, a local sergeant-at-arms with the motorcycle club, and Ray Allen, the president of the Denton, Texas, chapter of the Bandidos — are accused of fatally shooting Matthew Smith, a Cossacks member who died at the scene from gunshot wounds. Battey, a former Marine, and Allen were seen by officers “triangulated” over Smith, and a pistol was found in front of each man, according to Waco police records.


An autopsy determined Smith suffered gunshot wounds in the abdomen and back. The firearms analysis for police ruled out police rifles.

Battey’s attorney, Seth Sutton, said Wednesday that prosecutors failed to provide a “full and complete picture of the evidence” to the grand jury.


“We believe that justice will prevail for Mr. Battey and that he will be acquitted of all wrongdoing,” Sutton said.


Allen’s attorney, Brian Walker, said Allen was acting in self-defense.


He said that when Allen and other Bandidos pulled into the parking lot, “they heard shots ringing out and they had no clue what was taking place. All of a sudden this young guy comes around the corner and starts shooting at them.” Walker said Allen shot back.

Glenn Walker, Battey and Allen also face rioting charges. And more than 20 other bikers were re-indicted on new charges Wednesday ranging from rioting to tampering with evidence. The lesser charges came just eight days before the statute of limitations runs out on those crimes — and a day after more than 60 cases were dropped.

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The county’s district attorney, Abel Reyna, said in a statement Wednesday that the indictments were the result of a review of “numerous videos and other evidence.”

Surveillance footage showed numerous bikers running from the scene and ducking for cover after gunshots rang out. A smaller number could be seen pointing and firing weapons or throwing punches.


Law enforcement officers recovered dozens of firearms, knives and other weapons from the restaurant and adjacent parking lot. Dash-cam video showed that officers indiscriminately piled many of the weapons on the pavement or tossed them in the back of a police vehicle.


All of the bikers arrested following the shooting nearly three years ago were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, a felony, with the underlying offenses of homicide and aggravated assault. They were held on $1 million bonds in county jail, and Battey was among the first to bail out.


But prosecutors have dropped 154 of the initial 192 cases in the last four months, saying they wanted to focus on those who were “more culpable.”


Only one biker — Jake Carrizal, a locomotive driver and the president of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos — has been tried. His trial ended in a hung jury and a mistrial last fall, though he was among the bikers re-indicted on Wednesday. Carrizal is now facing a new charge of rioting.


Reyna said in February, when announcing the first round of disposed cases, that information gleaned during Carrizal’s trial was “invaluable” in his office’s decision to narrow the focus of its investigation.

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  1. It’s a complete COVER UP, they knew they had screwed it up so the police on the ground decided to show all weapons they had confiscated. Yes there were MCs with individuals carrying weapons who were felons that’s their dumb ass.

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