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The travesty of charging Richard Luther. When will justice truly be served? Amanda Dillon do the right thing- Release Richard Luther from these absurd charges.

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By James ” Hollywood” Macecari

James "Hollywood" Macecari

The first topic I like to hit is Richard Luther. Take a look at his interview. You can tell this man is honest and sincere in answering the questions posed to him by the interviewer. He is also someone who should be awarded a medal, not charged by this corrupt District Attorney. Why do I say that? Richard  went to the aid of a dying brother. He tried to get these damned cops to get him medical attention. Did the cops get him the medical attention? Certainly not, they allowed him bleed to death. Richard went to the brothers aid even knowing he could get shot by these cops. 

Richard did nothing but comply with the cops orders after helping his brother. What does he get for it? Charged with tampering with evidence. Check out his attorneys statement released today below. 


Something is really wrong. Abel Reyna has to be hiding something here. You would think after the ass-pounding he took in the Primary he would’ve got a clue. Is he hiding something or trying to cover something up before Barry Johnson comes into office? -Popeye and OG From Texas Biker Radio 

#305 – We’ve Been Letting It Play Out 

Dallas attorney Clint Broden represents Richard Luther, 61, of Garland, who was indicted Wednesday on a third-degree felony charge of tampering with physical evidence.

Broden said it is fortunate that Reyna’s term will be over soon “and a modicum of justice restored to McLennan County.” He said he hopes that the new DA will “quickly clean house of any person in the office that has been connected with this shameful saga.”

“One would have thought that repudiation of Abel Reyna in the March primary would have resonated with Reyna and his assistants,” Broden said. “Instead, Reyna appears intent on being the last player at the blackjack table at 3:00 in the morning who keeps doubling down until he is out of chips.”  Source Waco Tribune

What is the game?

If they have the video of cops planting evidence; how the hell do they keep pushing forward on these fraudulent charges? Is it because Richard was one of the first to give an interview letting people discern the truth of what happened that day? Is Abel Reyna and Amanda Dillon so desperate they need to bring charges in the end will probably be dropped or Luther found not guilty? They have video tape evidence you ass-monkey’s he didn’t do it. It’s the most ass-nine thing I’ve ever seen. 

Here is another possible motive in indicting Richard on this charge. The judge overseeing this case is not impartial whatsoever. Not only is he a former law partner with Abel Reyna; he also has issues with Richard Luther’s lawyer Clint Broden. Clint Broden has been a monkey on this judges back and now he has a hard on for Broden, Which is being taking out on Richard. I cannot find any other logical reasoning for Richard having to continue through this process. 

Amanda Dillon do the right thing- Release Richard Luther

This goes out to Amanda Dillon. I recognize you people read the Throttle because I see the incoming links into the site from your office. Do the right thing by Richard. You took an oath to up hold the Law of Texas. You have the video evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt he didn’t do what you‘re trying to charge him with. If youre a god fearing women than I beseech you . How can you stand in front of god and say you did the right thing in the interest of justice? Especially when the truth is available at the push of a button? Is any of the pressure you‘re feeling to get convictions worth loosing your soul over?

This case will represent the most critical one you have to deal with. Why? Because you could be responsible for the suffering of an innocent man and his family. If you prevent justice from this man; it will be you who will suffer the rest of your life knowing you could’ve stepped up to the plate and did the right thing. Insteadyou chose to follow a path which was dishonest, unfair and more importantly, causing the suffering of another human being. If this is the case, you won’t be any better than those you prosecute who were truly guilty of a crime. 

Last thing Amanda. Take a look deep inside. Haven’t enough innocent people suffered these past three years? Look at all the case dismissals the past two weeks. Some of whom were questionable compared to what you’re trying to charge Richard with. You have the power to make it where another man and his family do not have to continue suffering. Place yourself in Richards wives shoes. How would you feel if it was your husband going through this knowing there is video evidence proving his innocence? Hopefully after looking inside you do the right thing and let Richard go and enjoy his life in peace. He is no longer a member of any motorcycle club. He’s 61 and a man who just wants to move on from this terrible chapter in his life.
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By Associated Press

WACO, Texas (AP) — Three members of the Bandidos motorcycle club were indicted on murder charges Wednesday stemming from a chaotic 2015 shooting that involved police and members of another biker club outside a restaurant in Waco, Texas.

The indictments mark the first murder charges in the case, and more than 20 other bikers were re-indicted on new charges ranging from rioting to tampering with evidence. The lesser charges come just eight days before the statute of limitations runs out on those crimes — and a day after dozens of cases were dropped.

Police arrested nearly 200 bikers following the shooting at a Twin Peaks restaurant that left nine people dead and 20 injured. Investigators say the incident was sparked by rivalries between the Bandidos and Cossacks motorcycle clubs. Waco police officers monitoring the gathering also fired on the bikers.

The murder charges were filed against Jeff Battey, a local sergeant-at-arms with the Bandidos, and two other club members: Ray Allen and Glenn Walker. Their attorneys didn’t immediately return messages seeking comment Wednesday from The Associated Press.

 The indictments have yet to be released, but Waco police records reviewed by the AP show that Battey, a former Marine, and Allen were seen “triangulated” over Matthew Smith, a Cossacks member who later died at the scene from gunshot wounds. Ballistics evidence also suggests Walker fired his weapon.
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Law enforcement evidence reviewed by the AP also showed that police officers killed at least two bikers. A grand jury cleared the officers of wrongdoing.

Surveillance footage showed numerous bikers running from the scene and ducking for cover after gunshots rang out. A smaller number could be seen pointing and firing weapons, slinging a chain or participating in fistfights.

Law enforcement officers recovered dozens of firearms, knives and other weapons from the restaurant and adjacent parking lot. Dash-cam video showed that officers indiscriminately organized many of the weapons into piles on the pavement and in the back of a police vehicle.

All of the bikers arrested following the shooting were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, a felony, with the underlying offenses of homicide and aggravated assault. They were held on $1 million bonds in county jail, and Battey was among the first to bail out.

But prosecutors have dropped 154 of the initial 192 cases in the last four months, saying they wanted to focus on those who were “more culpable.”

Only one biker — Jake Carrizal, a locomotive driver and the president of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos — has been tried. His trial ended in a hung jury and a mistrial last fall, though he was among the bikers re-indicted on Wednesday. Carrizal is now facing a new charge of rioting.

The county’s district attorney, Abel Reyna, didn’t return messages seeking more details about the indictments from the AP.

Reyna said in February, when announcing the first round of disposed cases, that information gleaned during Carrizal’s trial was “invaluable” in his office’s decision to narrow the focus of its investigation.

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