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Tasmania could ban bikie colours like Queensland if the Liberal Party wins the state election. Guess Liberals are the same all over the world. They believe in socialism and communism

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari Opinion Columnist

You thought motorcycle club and biker profiling was bad here in the states. Try being a member of a motorcycle club or biker in Australia. They done went batshit crazy over there trying to ban everything under the sun. Shit, that’s it!!! Now we know who the progressives in this country learn from and look up to. After all, you have every damned Democrat running around the south trying to tear down America’s history because they don’t like it. 

Hollywood you‘re getting all political: “Can it to those ass-monkeys for a minute and let the adults in the room talk.” Noit‘s not being political when you‘re talking about BASIC RIGHTS you have in this country. Every day you hear progressives on the Left saying we should ban this or that because it‘s not good for us or it’s RACIST lol. Better yetyou‘ve got all these lefties running around actively promoting socialism in their platforms. What’s so crazy about it you have people actually listening to them. Yep, promise the people the world and next thing you know youre a failed state like Venezuela. How’s all that socialism working out for them by the way? Seems like the people are living off the rats on the streets while their fearless leaders are enjoying steaks.

do a lot of work with some people out in Australia. I get to see the heavy handed police tactics used against bikers there. Especially with the lovely “Strike Group Raptor” the Aussies have set up. Problem them schmucks have all the time is they get regular bikers caught up in their bullshit. Cops in Australia act like people did here in the 50’s with communism. They are paranoid about every biker club out there. Everyone is a gangster to those cops overseas.

I have to admit it’s probably wearing off on the cops here in the states. These little piglets over here are starting to get just as paranoid as those Aussie cops. So much so they now consider themselves the damned KGB or something like that. Always feel like they have to be James Bond or some shit out there collecting intelligence. They claim it aides them in making the community safer. I call bullshit. I think it’s a power trip to make up for the shortcomings they have down below.

Anyways. Take a good look at the article below from the Advocate Australia. If bikers don’t get together and start organizing this is some of the stuff the United States could be pursuing next. After all, they are already trying to go after the trademark of the Mongols. If that ever was one and became case law then, Australia type of bans are right around the corner. 


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Source: The Advocate Australia 

Matt Maloney

The Liberals plan to introduce legislation in Parliament to ban certain outlaw motorcycle groups from wearing club colours in public.

Police Minister Rene Hidding said for gangs to be considered for the ban, they would first need to be identified by police and their request passed on to Parliament for approval.

Mr Hidding said the proposed laws were intended to curtail drug distribution by certain outlaw motorcycle gangs in the state.

“We will ban the wearing of bikie colours which are used to recruit young Tasmanians as users and dealers and to intimidate, influence, promote and mark out territory,” he said.

“By banning the wearing of these colours in public, this will assist police to curtail dangerous gang activity.


Mr Hidding said the proposed laws would not impede on law-abiding motorcycle clubs or individual motorcyclists, nor would it be a segue into the introduction of anti-association laws.


Queensland several years ago introduced laws that made it illegal for a person to mix with two or more outlaw motorcycle club members who held convictions after being asked by police not to do so.

Civil Liberties and Lawyer Groups Push Back Against Anti-Bikie Laws

The controversial laws were abandoned in 2016 and replaced with other legislation which targeted bikies, including laws that prohibited certain club members from wearing their colours in public places.

Tasmania Police last year said it believed the Bandidos were looking to set up a chapter in Launceston to compliment one established in East Devonport.

State Parliament last year passed new anti-fortification laws which gave police power to remove defence walls and other fencing around homes they believed were connected to illegal activity.


The state also has unexplained wealth laws, introduced in 2014, which allows police to seize property believed to be a profit of crime.

Police Association of Tasmania president Pat Allen said he supported the new proposed laws.


“The proposed laws are all about telling these sorts of gangs that Tasmania is not open for business,” he said.


“We have seen an influx of these people recently coming to Tasmania and trying to set up chapters here.


“These are illegal organisations, not social motorcycle clubs.

“If people think these gangs are not involved in organised crime, then they have their heads buried in the sand.”

This story Tasmanian Liberals announce plan to ban bikie ‘colours’ first appeared on The Examiner.
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  1. Just for clarity sake, here in Australia, the Liberal Party is our Right Wing Conservative political party. The Left Wing is knownas the Labor Party, they’re our scocilists


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