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Pagans M/C Taking down in morning raids in Rhode Island- What the hell were you guys thinking? A rocket launcher?Raids, called ‘single largest take-down in Rhode Island State Police history’ seizes guns, drugs and even a rocket launcher

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari Opinion Columnist

I’m usually the first one out there defending clubs. Especially 1%er clubs. In this case. Fuck that. What in the hell were you guys thinking? Here a lot of us are trying to fight the police profiling against motorcycle clubs and you guys get caught with a damn rocket launcher? Not to mention the rest of the military hardware.

The state police identified them as members of The Pagans and Kryptmen, who were “allegedly involved in gun and drug trafficking” and well as other illicit crimes.

A lot in the biker community are probably shaking their heads right now. Every time the profiling cause takes a step forward we have some crap like this kick us right in the balls. I still can’t believe a “Rocket Launcher. What kind of ass-monkey crap is that? Yea, I know. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The thing is when this shit it’s the front page of every newspaper and cable media like it has. Ordinary Joe citizen sees a damned rocket launcher sitting on the ground next to other military hardware. Don’t print the most attractive picture now does it?

A lot of us have been fighting the Domestic Terrorist crap these cops have been throwing at 1%er clubs. Congrats. Just increased the federal budget for the next 5 years to target motorcycle clubs. On top of that, just proved to everyday citizens the Sons of Anarchy BS could come true in real life.

Take a look at the article below and leave your thoughts on Insane Throttles Facebook Page. Does this kind of stuff set us back in the fight against Police Profiling?

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Hot off the Press- Providence Journal

By Mark Reynolds
Journal Staff Writer

By Tom Mooney
Journal Staff Writer

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — A yearlong investigation by the Rhode Island State Police culminated Wednesday with more than 150 investigators swarming through northwestern Rhode Island seizing guns, drugs and arresting 50 people, many of them associated with motorcycle clubs that authorities feared were trying to establish turf in Rhode Island.

The arrests were made in a coordinated series of predawn raids that involved the use of explosive devices to breach heavily fortified buildings, an armored truck and battering ram to break down doors, and dozens of heavily armed SWAT team members and other officers, according to State Police Supt. Col. Ann C. Assumpico.

She said the raids were conducted without incident.

The investigation, dubbed Operation Patched Out, began last May after detectives received information that “some of the most violent motorcycle gangs in the country were establishing local chapters in northwestern Rhode Island.”

The state police identified them as members of The Pagans and Kryptmen, who were “allegedly involved in gun and drug trafficking” and well as other illicit crimes.

Through electronic surveillance and court-ordered wiretaps, state police investigators intercepted thousands of phone conversations and text messages while collecting other evidence detailed in a 1,300-page affidavit used to secure warrants for almost 30 different searches.

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The investigation also revealed that the suspects were involved in widespread theft of stolen ATVs, lawn tractors, snow blowers and other equipment, as well as “fraudulent mortgage and bank activity,” said Lt. Col. Joseph Philbin.

Assumpico said the operation was believed to be the “single largest take-down in Rhode Island State Police history.”

Philbin, who spearheaded the investigation, said the motorcycle gangs had been involved in numerous acts of violence, including three shootings that had never been reported to law enforcement.

At one point, he said, detectives learned one of the alleged gang members was en route to commit murder. The suspect was arrested at a motor vehicle stop near the alleged victim’s house and detectives seized a loaded 9-mm pistol. The suspect remains held behind bars.

State police spokeswoman Laura Meade Kirk said the operation resulted in the seizure of 53 illegal guns as well as a large quantity of marijuana, crack, cocaine and heroin. Philbin said the authorities also seized silencers and a rocket launcher.

According to a news release, more than 150 law enforcement officers — including members of the state police, along with federal, state and local police agencies — conducted a series of coordinated, simultaneous raids shortly before 4 a.m. Wednesday.

Search warrants were executed at 29 locations in Woonsocket, Burrillville, Chepachet, North Smithfield and Warwick, Rhode Island; as well as in Bellingham, Blackstone, Charlton and Milford, Massachusetts.

The arrests included the presidents of the Massachusetts Pagans and the Rhode Island Pagans motorcycle gangs, authorities said.

One leader was charged with more than 230 counts, according to Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin.

The following people were arrested in the raids or are still wanted by police:


Misael Alicea, Emmanuel Alvarez, Gabriel Alvarez, Pedro Alvarez, Kirsten Anthony, Sabina Archambault, Alexis Cartagena, Marie Cingolani, Ashley Cullerton, Christine Despain, Mark Dipillo, Brandon Douangmala, Daniel Douangmala, Jennifer Doura, Eric Dubois, Jason Elias, Christopher Gauthier, Kim Kaszyk, Christopher Martin, Justin Menard, Kyle Minot, Alexander Negron, Phousith Norsavanh, Marcel Peloquin, David Rivera, Kyle Rivera, Okin Sanethavong, all of Woonsocket.

Pedro Alvarez, Catherine Glaude and Deric McGuire, Nathaniel Pessini, Jared Rodenbaugh, all of Burrillville.

Hana Daher, of Smithfield; Michael Demers and Samuel Steere, of Glocester; David Dunham, Sarina Dunham, Jonathan Giers, Shawn Glassey, Shannon Millette, of Cumberland.

Robert Hamilton, of Franklin, Mass.; Lisa Kakazu, of Bellingham, Mass.; Marc Bunnell, of Blackstone, Mass.; Jason Oliver, of Fall River.

Rodney Lambert, of Cranston; David Leech, Wendy Riccitelli, of North Smithfield. Yevgeniy Mazo, of North Providence; Thomas Mulcahey of North Scituate; and James Peloquin, of Lincoln.

Wanted by police

Christian Castro, Maurice Godin, Brian Guy, Andrew Palin, Joshua Vega, all of Woonsocket; Tyson Rasco, of North Smithfield; Robert Gill, of Blackstone, Mass.; Robert Minior, of Milford, Mass.; Joejihao Qian, of Norwood, Mass.; Jason Lajoye, of Archbald, Penn.

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  1. Just remember the word and it’s meaning,” FUTILITY” that is what Insane Throttle and every independent solo biker is up against in our struggle to portray individuals who just like to ride motorcycles with friends. Oh by the way is Sons of Anarchy that far fetched. Hell no.

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