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Evening News- Grandson of Harley-Davidson co-founder on riders customizing their bikes: It’s all about respect’: North Myrtle bikers revel in party, positive vibe

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On Friday Judge Ralph Strother set trial dates for three of six bikers who appeared in his court.

Bandidos bikers Ray Allen and Jeffery Battey recently they had their charges changed from engaging in organized criminal activity to murder. According to their attorneys it was the district attorney’s idea to put these two cases together, because they are so similar. They are friends who arrived at Twin Peaks together. In May prosecutor Amanda Dillion said Battey and some other Bandido members were seen standing over a dead Cossack. Judge Strother set their trial date for January 15,2019. Attorney Seth Sutton represents Battey, and says he’s perfectly fine with a joint trial.

We’re going to look at the possibility of doing that, and we’ve had conversations about whether or not ultimately that’s going to happen,” said Sutton. “I think right now Battey and Allen are set on January 15, and so we’re just excited to have our day.”

Tom Mendez is charged with the offense of riot and his trial date was set for August 27th.

Jerry Pierson is also charged with riot but he did not have his trial set on Friday. He’s facing a deadly conduct charge in Dallas, and the judge told his attorney to get that case cleared up first.

Glen Allen Walker is the third biker charged with murder. His next status hearing is in January.

His lawyer Clint Broden said he will call outgoing McLennan county district attorney Abel Reyna as a witness. Broden and the state agreed to wait until Reyna leaves office before going further with walkers case.

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This is how a bike week party is supposed to happen.

That is what attendees at a North Myrtle Beach cookout at Atlantis Villas wanted to convey. Hundreds of people under one roof, nearly as many bikes, zero problems. One good time.

“It’s just about respect,” said Eddie Cain, with the Tru-Ikonz bike club, which helped organize the party.

Bikers packed half of the garage as some enjoyed a free meal, dozens danced to the DJ and others grabbed the outstretched hand of a stranger to embrace and talk about riding. Anyone who stopped by was greeted with a smile or a wave.

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The other half of the garage held the true meaning of bike week and showed off the slickest rides on the Grand Strand.

Outside, North Myrtle Beach and South Carolina Law Enforcement officers kept a watchful eye and helped direct traffic, but inside the bikers policed themselves. It was a “no nonsense” party, unwelcoming to those behaviors that some stereotype with bike week.

The theme amongst attendees was to share a positive message, a message that bikers and police can have respect. The enthusiasts and the community can work and have fun together. There can be a celebration of bikes while retaining a family feel.

“It’s all positive,” said Huniluv, a riding name, of the Golden Honeys club that helped organize the gathering.

The event is a tribute to a Loyalty Club rider, Dahobero, who died a couple of years ago, said Loyalty club member Mr. Bonez, another riding name. He wanted to have a cookoff and the gathering meets that dream.

“Just everybody having a good time,” he said.

Good times were on full display at 8:30 p.m. Less than two hours later, the party ended on its own accord. It was time to move on. For some, it was to Atlantic Beach as a handful returned to their rooms for the night.

Now, in an emptying parking garage — the only signs of a party being the trash that members collected from the ground — Nicole Felder talked about her club, which consists of lawyers, doctors, active military members, and how riding is a chance to get away.

Felder is Cain’s wife and leader of the Star MC bike club. She said if there is a challenge in life a club member who can help is only a phone call away.

For her, though, the joy of being a biker comes on the road.

“The ride, the freedom,” she said. “The time to be able to relax and think and to be at peace with yourself.”

Fellow Star MC members Quetitttia Bullock and TwinGauge, another riding name, lounged on their bikes and said the week is an escape from everyday life.

“Got to take a break from life, which is work, kids, family,” she said.

The vibe in the garage was one of “true bikers” — i.e. people with traditional motorcycles, no three-wheelers here — sharing smiles and a passion, the two said. People may enter as strangers, but always left with a new friend.

“The north side is more friendly,” Bullock said. “It’s more of a family affair.”

Later TwinGauge added, “really, this is what it’s all about.”

Another incidence of cop hitting biker to make a traffic stop

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Source- WTMJ-TV

Grandson of Harley-Davidson co-founder on riders customizing their bikes

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a big one for Harley-Davidson riders as they get their bikes out on the road.

No doubt, Bill Davidson will be out there with them.

Our Vince Vitrano sat down with the Great Grandson of co-founder William A. Davidson for an exclusive interview. Bill talked about riders making bikes their own, sometimes a little too much their own:

BILL: My dad Willie, always in his design of our motorcycles, he expressed his artistic talents and designed beautiful bikes, and he always said they’re beautiful, but this is still a canvas for people to add their paint and color and customize their own bikes.

VINCE: Do you ever see one you hate, and you’re like, oh my gosh… what did they do to my bike!

BILL: I’ll be honest. Yes.

VINCE: Do you ever tell them? This is a clown show over here. What are you doing?

BILL: So, I have a collection of motorcycles… and I’m very particular about my bikes. I like them clean and pristine. So when I see a bike that’s like a rat bike, that somebody has let go but wants that look, I appreciate that, but it’s hard for me personally to see. You gotta wax it! You gotta

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