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Afternoon News- Prosecutor launches new attempt to ban Hells Angels: Fishing line strung across road cuts neck of motorcycle rider in Washington: Biker boss furious after family home peppered with bullets

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Source: CBS NEWS

GRAHAM, Wash. — Authorities have opened an investigation after a Washington man nearly crashed his motorcycle after he drove through fishing line tied across a road. Alex Teston says he received a minor cut to his neck after driving in Graham southeast of Tacoma on Friday night.

According to CBS affiliate KIRO-TV, Teston says the pressure from the line jerked him back, almost causing him to crash. It wasn’t until later that he discovered a cut on his neck, and he reported the incident to authorities on Tuesday.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department says investigators found the line that may have been tied from a utility pole to a tree across the road.

“Someone had to have put that there by choice,” Teston said. “Knowing the results, it’s kind of crazy to think about why someone would do that.”

Authorities now ask that people with any information on the fishing line to contact the sheriff’s department.

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Source: 9 News AU 

A bikie boss has been left furious after his family home was targeted in an early morning shooting in Melbourne.

Police are investigating after shots were fired Finks boss BJ Reker’s home, on Warrain Street at Frankston, shortly before 5am today.

He was at home with two other adults and his 11-day-old baby when the property was peppered with bullets.

No one was injured in the attack and the shooter fled the scene.

A car was set on fire on Carramar Drive, just five kilometres away, and police are now investigating if it is connected to the shooting.

Shortly after the shooting, Finks Motorcycle gang members were spotted arriving at the property.

One of the men was seen wearing a jumper with offensive words written across the back.

The Finks Motorcycle club is known to be one of the most violent outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia.

They have operated within Australia for decades.

In 2011, Mr Reker had a case dropped out of court after prosecution witnesses failed to show, The Herald Sun reports.

He was awarded $5000 for costs to cover the case where he was accused of being in a street fight.

Before joining the Finks, Mr Reker was the sergeant of arms at the Rock Machine outlaw bikie group.

Members of the Echo Taskforce, a group dedicated to investigating outlaw bikie gangs, are now investigating if the car fire and shooting are connected.

Detectives found multiple bullet casings outside the home.

The motive for the shooting has not been released but authorities said it was a targeted attack. Police have not yet released any suspect descriptions.

Police said they’ll be in the area for the next couple of days and will be conducting doorknocks to speak with local residents and answer any concerns.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Source: Dutch News

The Dutch public prosecution department said on Wednesday it will have a second attempt to have the Hells Angels motorbike club banned. A previous attempt ended in 2009 with the supreme court ruling in favour of the motorbike club.

On Wednesday, the public prosecutor said it has asked a civil court judge to ban the organisation nationwide and to dissolve the association. As supporting evidence, the department said it has submitted ‘hundreds’ of pages of evidence detailing the ‘criminal activities’ which the club and its members take part in.

Together, they prove that the club propagates violence and forms a danger to public order, the department statement said. ‘It is not a question of isolated incidents but of a club culture of lawlessness and violence,’ the statement said. ‘That makes a ban necessary in order to end the serious threats which this organisation makes.’ In December 2017, judges in Utrecht banned the motorcycle club Bandidos with immediate effect in order to ‘halt behaviour which could disrupt society’. Another case, against the Satudarah motorbike club is also pending and judges are due to announce their verdict in June.





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