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Dozens of people were charged in connection to the drug and gun trafficking :Motorcycle racer Dan Kneen killed in world’s deadliest race

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The Patch

WOONSOCKET, RI — Dozens of people were charged in connection to the drug and gun trafficking which biker gangs allegedly were running. State police raided 29 addresses on Wednesday. Here are more of the accused and the charges. Information comes from the Rhode Island Judicial Portal. Patch will update this story with more defendants.

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Kyle Hector Rivera, 29, was arraigned in district court on May 24 on three felonies connected to Jan. 3, 2018. The charges are Manufacturing, Delivering, Possession with Intent to Manufacture, Deliver Schedule I/II controlled substances, first offense; Manufacturing, Distributing, Possession of Schedule I/II controlled substance, not drug dependent, first offense; and Conspiracy, Drug Felony, less than five years. A petition for bail was filed in Superior Court on May 24, and a bail hearing in Superior Court is set for June 7.

He was also arraigned in district court on May 30 for felony Possession of a Schedule I to V Controlled Substance, first offense. The offense was first reported on May 23. No plea was entered. He is due back in court on that charge on Aug. 16.

His record includes 10 warrants and 15 cases, according to the judicial portal.

Samuel Steere, 55, was arraigned in district court on May 24. He was charged with five felonies:

  • Conspiracy, Drug Felony, less than five years
  • Soliciting another to commit a crime
  • Possession of a Schedule I to V controlled substance, first offense
  • Soliciting another to commit a crime; and
  • Possession of a Schedule I to V controlled substance, first offense.
All five charges are connected to Feb. 24, 2018.
Steere was released after posting a 20,000 property bond. He is due back in court on June 18.
Two misdemeanors against him in 2012 were dismissed. Neither was related to drugs. A 2006 misdemeanor for operating an unregistered boat was also dismissed. He pleaded no contest to a violation in 2006 for Operating a boat without required equipment. Steere paid a $50 fine plus court costs of $93.50. He is also involved in several civil cases.
Patch will update this story.
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Fox News

The world’s deadliest race has claimed another life.

Motorcycle racer Dan Kneen was killed on Wednesday during qualifying for the Isle of Man TT, an event consisting of several races held on public roads on the independent British island in the Irish Sea.

The BMW rider died at the scene after crashing in the Churchtown section of the 37.7-mile course.

Kneen was the 147th competitor to lose his life in the 111-year history of the event, and the 256th rider to die on the course, which is set up for two events each year.

Three entrants died during the 2017 edition of the TT.

The Isle of Man is a self-governing crown dependency of the U.K. Considered a tax haven, it is famous for having no speed limits on many of its winding roads.

The 30-year-old Kneen lived on the island and finished third in the Superstock TT class last year. He was competing in the Superbike class this time around.

A second rider, Steve Mercer, was critically injured on Wednesday after colliding with a course vehicle.

The event is scheduled to run through June 8.


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