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“You either obey the law and you comply or things happen.” WTF? Yep, Bikers out there supporting cops. Saraland Police release new details about Waffle House incident. RUB logic at it’s finest


By James “Hollywood” Macecari

If you click the link below. You will be able to see this broad talking on camera. She talks about how people need to listen and do what told, or the cops are right in beating on someone. First off. Is it me or is the broad have one of those voices that sound like knives on a chalkboard? Secondly, now you RUBS wonder why we can’t bear you, dumbasses. Out there taking up the cops side; when it’s apparent in the video they were all over that women. 

Oh, that’s convenient. “She wouldn’t comply.” Only a bunch of RUBS would believe a stupid ass line like that. By the way. How is it when there is clear evidence (cop says as much on video) out of Sonora, California, with cops taking down license plates. None of you RUBS are anyplace to be found? But when a civilian is manhandled you morons are out there supporting the side of cops?

I know what it is! This is a nightmare that won’t go away. The Wild Hogs have multiplied worldwide. The Wild Hogs now have every RUB paying dues and running blocker for the Po-Po!! Yep, that’s exactly what it is. Only explanation anyone would have taking the side of a cop after watching that video.

If you haven’t seen the video click the FOX 10 below. You will be taking over to the website with the video of the entire incident. After you’re done watching it come over to Insane Throttles Facebook Page and let us know your thoughts. Was it police brutality or not

Saraland Police release new details about Waffle House incident

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Fox 10

Bikers pack Saraland Waffle House to show support for police


More than 150 bikers from across the Southeast gathered Sunday in Saraland to support Waffle House and police officers.

The demonstration is in response to other protests in Saraland that happened following the arrest of Chikesia Clemons. She was the woman wrestled to the ground by police officers as she was arrested inside the Saraland Waffle House in April. Video of the arrest showed her dress was pulled down, exposing her upper body.

The Saraland Police Department said the arrest was justified because Clemons and a friend threatened Waffle House employees and refused to leave the restaurant when asked. Attorneys for Clemons have disputed that claim.

Sunday’s event was organized by Kenda Todd. She said plans for the demonstration came together in less than two weeks.

“With all the controversy a due to the recent arrest of by the young lady, it was just necessary to show these people that we support them,” said Todd. “You can’t just walk into an establishment and be belligerent and threatening and hostile and not suffer the outcome of getting arrested. We just felt that it was necessary to show these guys that we back them.”

Todd said she used social media to spread the word among the biker community and many wanted to show their support for police officers.

“You either obey the law and you comply or things happen. They did their job. they had to do their job that’s what they’re trained to do,” said Todd. “It was unfortunate that the young lady’s wardrobe had exposed herself. But under the circumstances, like I said, if you don’t comply with the law then you’re going to get manhandled whether you’re a woman or a man.”

The bikers first gathered at the Waffle House on Industrial Parkway and had breakfast. Around 11 a.m., they lined up and went to the Saraland Police Department headquarters on Highway 43. There, they lined both sides of the road and waved flags and signs supporting the police.

Todd said, “We bring peace. We’re all about peace so we’re not here to raise a ruckus or anything. We’re just here to fellowship orderly and have breakfast and show these guys that we love them.”


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  1. Good article and points Hollywood. I was starting to miss your editorials. Not a fan of the new format, but you gotta do your thing your way man.

    I agree that blind support of the cops because they’re cops is just stupid. Their not protecting anyone and have no responsibility/duty to do so.

    The Supreme Court has ruled numerous times that the government, and specifically law enforcement, does not have any duty to protect the general public. Look it up, protecting and serving is just a publicity slogan.

    The only duty cops have is enforcing laws through arrest/confinement and monetary fines. That’s what people don’t seem to understand, they’re not the military, they’re not their to protect/help you, they are only there to take your money and arrest you. Once you experience that fact and come to the realization of what cops truly are, its hard to support them.

    I find it laughable that someone would say that “You either obey the law and you comply or things happen.” There are lots of laws that many people have disagreed with over time and still do. Take drug laws for instance or one better slavery. By the argument in the article, I guess no one should of opposed slavery because “things happen.”

    In the news story, it said the lady was pissed about paying $0.50 for plastic silverware. So I guess her big crime was not agreeing with the $0.50 charge. So call the storm troopers, take her money through fines/court fees and lock her in a cage. Because we can’t have wild lunatics out there not wanting to pay $0.50.


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