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Facebook and Youtube Suspension: IOTC Discovers an informant Paul Gifford Grafton county Sherriff working task force: How to Change your oil on your motorcycle 101 Video

Motorcycle Madhouse

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Insane Throttles Facebook and Youtube pages have been suspended. We are currently working to get them back up and when we do. You can bet your ass we will come out fighting. The other day I did my rebuttal to every damned thing that was thrown out there. Of course, it wasn’t going to end there.

We suggest reading “The Last Chicago Boss – Peter “Big Pete” James. Last of the Titans” Article on some of my club stuff. The article was written 10-20- 2017 . and then the article Insane Throttle Sits down with Big Pete 1%er -Former Regional Vice President Outlaws M/C and Northside Chapter President Nov 17, 2017.  These articles go back almost 8 months (And way before Insane Throttle even thought about bringing Pete on board). So if all the stuff he is spewing is true. Why let the articles go through as written? Why not correct them or make some noise? Is what it is. Anyone can go through the articles since the beginning and see how truthful I was with everyone. I’m also going through the rest of the articles where I talked about my experiences with clubs and will print them as well. Oh By the way. If I’m such a jagoff then why have the article on your “The Last Chicago Boss Website?”

Might want to run over there everyone to verify before it’s taking off.

Motorcycle CLub Tattoo Insane Throttle Biker news
First Club and bottom Rocker hanging on the bar at the Westside AOA Clubhouse

Now to address Insane Throttle stealing his videos and putting them on Youtube. “You’re fucking kidding right?” So Insane Throttles Youtube Channel was started in November 2017. The first video was put up in January 2018. Same time you started doing talks on Insane Throttles Facebook Page. I specifically remember telling you that if you want to put your videos up there it will help you get more exposure to a different audience other than Facebook. After all. You were doing videos to 20 people every Wednesday on COC. By the way. That is not an official Confederation of Clubs Chicago Page. Might want to put a disclaimer on it. You got all excited being able to draw in a new audience for your book. If you had a problem like you’re telling everyone then why the hell keep letting them being posted and why keep doing the question and answer sessions?

Now. As far as me being a piece of shit. You never liked me and blah blah blah. Explain this to everyone. This was what, May 31st, 2018. Just a couple weeks ago. Insane Throttle Last Chicago Boss

This was when I was in the hospital debating leaving the Madhouse and quite frankly Insane Throttle cause I had to work on my health. Then I got thinking about it and said: “Nope, fight through it.” That’s when the ads went up Motorcycle Madhouse will go twice a week. Well, guess you didn’t like that too much because you started beefing on Insane Throttle in your videos. So what was it? Trying the old Italian approach to get what you needed? After all. You did say we were your competition. Why? Hell, I don’t know.  Your group has a whole different subject than what we do here at Insane Throttle.

Oh, you’re right. I was a loyal soldier. I put faith in you when all others didn’t. I believed you because I thought of you as a brother. Now after seeing this, you really wonder why I made that video “Is Brotherhood True in the Motorcycle Club Scene?” Why I said only brothers I have came out of my mother? Now, most of those people on Better School don’t know or realize. Once you take off that patch, you stop being a brother. You’re left at the side of the road. I have a challenge for any of you in Better School. Go up to a patched Outlaw and tell them you are friends with Big Pete. Tell them you think he’s a great guy. Just remember to duck.

I owe AOA an apology on behalf of Insane Throttle and Myself. I also owe IOTC a big apology. They were trying to warn Insane Throttle about Pete the whole time. For those who don’t know. I’ll let you all in on a secret. IOTC administrators are made up of current and former 1%er motorcycle clubs. They are the ones doing the service to the club community. They call out those who are fakes and wannabees so people don’t get caught up with these people and get hurt.

So those who actually blindly follow someone without getting BOTH sides of the stories and facts. You’re a fool. There is nothing wrong with trying to learn the ways of biker life. You actually have a very good guy in Tee Cee and Judge is as well. Their hearts are pure and intentions as well. But when you follow someone’s orders like “It’s him or me” that’s saying a bunch about your personality and quite frankly a man. You’ve only seen him on his videos. You never met dude or know anything about him. Again, go up to a Patched Outlaw and say your friends with him.

Now here is one thing I won’t do. I will not give Pete the time a day any longer. I will not give him a platform to sell that book or anything else. Insane Throttle will go on with its mission to provide FREE content. Don’t know if everyone realizes this. All this is done without getting paid. No one at Insane Throttle Makes any money. We do it because we love the biker community. Nothing else. We are not here to tell stories. We are here to present both sides of an argument or situation. To present what is happening in the biker community. If we have to start charging for content. That’s the day I will give it all up. Cause making money isn’t what this was all about.

So I know everyone loves drama. Insane Throttle won’t feed into it. We will respond to accusations if they are so far out there it needs to be responded too. But Insane Throttle is done with Pete and it will be to us like he never even existed. Hopefully, we will have our social media accounts back up soon. We will have a special edition of Motorcycle Madhouse Saturday. Now back to business. Check out the Rat IOTC discovered and watch out for the dude in Laconia.

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IOTC Discovers an informant Paul Gifford Grafton county Sherriff working task force

Paul Gifford

IOTC Discovers an informant Paul Gifford Grafton county Sherriff working task force

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