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By James ” Hollywood” Macecari

Chosen Few MC is a one percent motorcycle club founded in Los Angeles, USA, in 1959 by Lionel Ricks. Chosen Few M/C is not only unique in the motorcycle club scene. But it is unique among the 1%er motorcycle clubs. The Chosen Few are one of the oldest; if not the oldest mix raced motorcycle club in the United States wearing a 1%er diamond.

Being a mixed-race motorcycle club is hard enough. But being able to thrive in the 1%er world being mixed race is on a whole different level. For the club to be around to present day. When it was founded in 1959, tells someone right off the brotherhood of Chosen Few is rooted in deep brotherhood between its memberships.

To put this all in perspective on how the Chosen Few started out. One only must look at the clubs founding date. 1959. This was a time of mass segregation and attitude that unfortunately sometimes today, is going strong in some sections of society. At first the Chosen Few started out as a Black American Club. Then in 1960 according to most reports, the Chosen Few accepted it’s first white members. To mix the races in any form in the early 60’s could’ve literally got your ass shot.This alone would’ve gave pause to any black and white associating together in a brotherhood or fraternal type of situation.

The Chosen Few started off in a time of tribulation in American history. But this is what I personally believe made the bond of brotherhood between the members of Chosen Few so strong. Not merely did they have to deal with the prejudices of the biker community. But they had two strikes against them. They were a mixed-race group, and they were bikers. The members of the Chosen Few only had each other to lean on. Which in turn, led to a firm base for their brotherhood to carry on all these years.

After viewing the documentary my belief was solidified even more.When you hear Chosen Few Members like Big Caz 1%er, Boss Mike 1%er or Pancho 1%er talk you can actually relate to everything they are talking about. You know it‘s not just some act. It’s something they believe in entirely. Here is a segment. Where Boss Mike 1%er and another member of the Chosen Few, talk about how Outlaw Bikers should be able to talk among each other to solve problems.

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Another clip of the Documentary everyone should watch is from Pancho 1%er below. Especially for all those on social media who are apart of all these groups seeking out answers about club stuff. In my opinion I think this clip sums it all up and should explain all the questions people have about wanting to be in or around a club.




Alot of times people in these social media groups make more about clubs than is necessary. It’s not rocket science. You merely have to ask yourself a few questions if you want to be apart of a motorcycle club. What kind of person are you? What are you looking for in a motorcycle club?

Are you merely looking to get out there and ride? Or do you want to take it a step further and be apart of a group of like minded individuals? Most importantly you do not have to be something you‘re not to gain acceptance. Just like Pancho 1%er talked about above. I encourage those seeking to be apart of a club to give Poncho 1%er a listen. This is only one clip in the movie he is apart of.

Bandidos Motorcycle Club member arrested for allegedly threatening to harm informant. Keyword is allegedly

What I believe this documentary brings out to everyone is the realism of what being apart of a motorcycle club is about. More importantly. What someone should be looking for when they are in search of being apart of a club.

Big Caz 1%er , who I was able to interview on Motorcycle Madhouse. (Click here to hear the episode) Opened up the world of the 1%er. He was able to get representation from the Mongols M/C and Vagos M/C to express their thoughts on how their brotherhood works. Big Caz 1%er was able to do something the main stream media could only dream about. Get the uncensored look inside a real motorcycle club and how some of its members think. Now, you’re able to get that inside scoop and maybe through this documentary, will be able to understand the 1%er biker better.


Get involved with Big Caz 1%er campaign to give back to the community

Over all I believe those who watch the movie in it’s entirety will find it inspirational and educational. It’s rare that the biker community gets an actual telling of the club lifestyle from those inside. Most of the time we are subjected to false sensationalized reporting by the mainstream media. We all know they are not looking for truth. Rather they always look to put clubs in a bad light for ratings. Click on the banner below and it will take you over to the movie on Youtube. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you will be notified when Big Caz 1%er puts out additional material. Hope all of you enjoy it as much as I did.

The government’s strange, decade-long quest to seize a logo.Logos are an important part of any organization, whether it’s a company, a nonprofit, or an allegedly criminal motorcycle club.