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Mongols move into Texas and the Internet Highway is roaring with chatter


James “Hollywood” Macecari

I wanted to start off by addressing the hysteria going on all over the Internet Highway. It’s actually quite humorous if you think about it. We now have the virtual biker world and then their is reality. You virtual world is filled with these social media groups which sadly take place of the bar scene in real life. Before the internet highway we actually had these things called bars. It was a place where you would go and get a drink and if lucky enough. Get a nice honey to take behind the building for a one-night romp. Bars were also a place where you would go to hear the latest happening in the scene. These Bars were also a place where you actually had to ride your scooter to.

Now the Social Media Groups have taken over. No longer do people get off those keyboards and hop on the scooter to hit the local watering hole to interact? In the present climate they just jump into the virtual world without even leaving the couch. These social groups allow you to talk all the smack in the world and not have to worry about getting a dotted eye or tooth knocked out. See, in the old days a person wouldn’t dare go into a bar talking smack about a motorcycle club. This is because it was the real world. If you got caught talking smack in a bar. You would usually be knocked the fuck out. It was easy for a club to get word of who was talking smack and handle their business.

Someone needs to go Medieval on these SOB’s:Texas couple in ‘heinous’ abuse case were members of BACA. Stockbroker by day, alleged violent Hells Angel by night: Fugitive biker back for murder case
Not so much on the Internet Highway.People are now free to spout off about anything and everything without any worries of being held accountable for their stupidity. I guess the internet highway is the ultimate adrenaline rush for a lot of these people. They get to become important on subjects they have no clue about. They get to pound on those keyboards and holler at the top of their lungs without someone knocking them the fuck out.

So where I’m I going with this you’re probably asking yourself? Last few days I’ve been seeing all over the internet highway the opinions of the Mongols M/C opening up chapters in Texas. This topic has been all over the internet. Every biker related group has had mentions about it. Then of course you have the supporters from both clubs going back and forth with each other. Depending on which side you’re on. You had people bashing the Mongols or others the Bandidos.

It’s genuinely kind of humorous looking at all the comments because you know damned well none of these slim-balls would walk up to either club and spout off like that. Serious, go around to some of these biker sites and groups and look at some of the arguments going on. It will keep you entertained for months.

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This weekends Motorcycle Madhouse Ep 39 coming out at 1:00pm cst I kind of give my viewpoint on a conversation piece that was printed on IOTC. I genuinely thought it was a hell of a post. It covered a lot of territory on the hypocrisy of the motorcycle club scene as well as other topics.

But to give those who are arguing amongst each other a little preview of my thoughts about this subject and many others. Especially to those who don’t know a damned thing about motorcycle clubs. Stop talking shit you have no idea about. Were you involved in these patch overs?Were you in any way involved in the Mongols opening up chapters in Texas? What I thought. No! So how in the hell do you have an opinion one way or another? Those clubs involved in this whole thing are not out on the internet highway arguing back and forth. Nope, just those who have no skin in the game. Those who think they have a right to an opinion because the internet highway provides them one. Man get the fuck out of here with that shit.

Let’s go back to reality for a minute. This is predominantly for those who love to express expert opinions on shit they have no idea about. The reality I’m talking about is the streets. In other words what everything comes down to. If you believe for one second that mouthing off on the internet is going to change things. You’re an idiot and need to go live in your parents basement until you get some common sense. Again, nothing you say changes anything. Nothing you say will alter anything on the streets. So why go on the internet highway and make a fool out of yourselves? Unless you’re wearing a patch of those clubs involved. Your opinion is laughable at best.

Two people shot, stabbed during Bandidos-involved fight at Southtown bar

You know it’s easy as hell to spot those people on the internet highway who has no idea on how the streets work. Just the way they present their half-baked arguments give them away. Here is a news flash for those ass-monkeys giving opinions. The streets are “Survival of the Fittest.”Nothing more and nothing less than exactly that.The strongest win and the weakest loose. It’s all a big chess game on the streets. So with this in mind what do you actually think your opinions will change about the whole situation? Like it’s any of your business in the first place. But what will they change? Is it just a way for you to burn oxygen or get off because you a freak or some shit? Seriously, what the hell do you care what is happening between two motorcycle clubs if you don’t have skin in the game?

This whole thing is reasonably simple if you’ve got a half of a brain. If one club does not like the other being somewhere . The other club will handle their business as they see fit. You noticed I said “Their?”It sure the hell won’t be your ass out there handling anything. You’ve got more pressing matters to attend to on the internet highway. Like calling the shots over the internet and hoping someone will listen to your dumb ass opinions. This while the actual members do things the way they want to. That’s ok, isn’t it? The people who are actually the members of the club undertaking what they think is best. That’s a novel idea there isn’t it? People actually involved in the situation doing what’s best in their club interest without a bunch of nobodies trying to inform them what they should or shouldn’t do.

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Writing and talking about this piece I had to laugh for a second. I’ve must of received hundreds of emails seeking why I decided to go to the current format on Insane Throttle of just talking about the independent scene. One-first off the drama has been reduced ten fold. But the other reason was that I actually felt like opinion pieces like this help propagate a conversation that was no ones business. What I mean by that is simple. Bringing issues clubs are facing on the streets to the forefront actually enabled people I’m talking about in this article. I always looked at it as news what Insane Throttle put out there. But here is the absolute truth of the matter. People who were reading the articles didn’t take it as news. They took it as an invitation to chime in on something that was none of their business. Those opinions started to have an effect on what was going happening on the streets. Something I never intended to do. It was “NEWS” people. Nothing more and nothing less. It was there so people could be informed on what’s happening in the biker scene.

Now, I’m not ignorant. I recognize people will express opinions on subjects in the news. But I never ever thought it would get to a level of drama of a senior year in high school. For those who do not recognize or comprehend anything about the streets. It’s life and death out there when you get into a game of chess between two clubs. There are so many developing parts to a story that only those involved in the situation can know. Reporting on the happenings is most likely only a half of a percent on what is really going on. Yes, Insane Throttle utilizes contacts in a l of clubs to report the news. But it’s only a fraction of what’s really happening on the streets.

Most of the time anything we get is “Off Record.” Which means we will not print the information given to us. With that in mind, you only get some of the information. You cannot take some information without having it all and go out there acting like you’re some expert on something that was reported on.

That old saying ” Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see!”That saying is dead on. I observe it all the time with some of these groups having subjects on one club or another. Or they have some subjects on one person or another. 99.9% of the time the subject matter is dead wrong. First off. None of the key clubs will barely talk with any of the media. Certainly, you have leaks and off the record information. But again, at least with Insane Throttle anyways. That off the record conversation will never make it anywhere to print or the public. So this puts clubs at a disadvantage because their side of the story never comes out. Therefore leaving a vacuum for idiots who have no idea what they are talking about to cause more issues for them. So just a word to the wise. The above quote is dead on and before jumping into a conversation. Make sure you actually know what the hell you’re talking about. Because most of what you read in groups are dead wrong. It’s not reality at all.

So why write this article? Yea, I know. If you’re just focusing independents on than why write about something happening in the motorcycle club scene? My reason is straightforward. You have two major 1%er clubs doing their thing and now you have so much misinformation and chatter happening in all these groups it generates unwelcome attention. It also can inflame tensions if their is any of that. I said.”IF” therefore don’t take that shit out of context. If you’re ignorant, you might not know this. The governments of just, not the United States, but also that of other countries watch a lot of these biker groups to gain intel. If you’re a club supporter than you’re sure not helping the clubs by running off at the mouth. It actually brings more attention to them when the chatter gets thick.

Police won’t comment on on clashes between Hells Angels, Outlaws-If push comes to shove, they will fight for their territory

Bikers are sometimes their worst enemies. We complain about the government all the time. But it’s our own actions that let them into our business. This is most prevalent when we help them on these stupid ass social media groups. Take the arguments going back and forth right now about the Mongols moving in Texas. The intel the government has gained in social media groups on what’s happening probably has the bastards jerking off in front of their monitors. They have so many leads to pursue without barely leaving the office. They don’t have to perform the work because our dumbasses provided them some of the stuff in the old days would take months to get. They now possess it within a few hours of merely monitoring the groups. At least make the jag offs work for it everyone. Don’t just hand the shit to them on a silver platter.

Do I think anything I’m saying here will change anything? Fuck no! It’s going to be the same shit day in and day out because people don’t have a half a brain to see the big picture. The arguments will go back and forth by the club supporters and those who think they have a right to an opinion. It’s human nature to be a bunch of ass-monkeys when it comes to something that don’t concern them. In the meantime those very people who say they support clubs will only harm them out of their ignorance. Afterall, it won’t be them having to fight it out, do the time or worse yet. Sitting six feet under if it ever got that serious. Nope, they will be visiting the next social media group carrying on while others live it in the real world.

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