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The AOA (Outlaws Motorcycle Club) respond to the book “The Last Chicago Boss” and the author behind it. Exclusive Report.

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By James ” Hollywood ” Macecari

There is always two sides of a story. Something I’ve always said and always encouraged our readership to seek. This is something I admit, I should’ve done before allowing Pete James on the Throttle. Recently Insane Throttle was able to obtain exclusive responses to Big Petes Book “The Last Chicago Boss.”  I will not keep going on. I know tons of people want to hear the Outlaws Motorcycle Clubs response to the book as well as how the club looks upon Pete. For those who are in the club scene you might want to take note, especially if you truly believe in what the motorcycle club scene is about

Outlaws Motorcycle Club (AOA) Response to the book and Pete.

On the very first page of Pete James’s work of fiction, The Last Chicago Outlaw,
he recounts the time his father asked him what he wanted to be when he grew
up. His reply? “Boss.” He then tells us he was twelve-years-old at the time.

And therein lies the problem with Pete. He’s ALWAYS wanted to be the
boss. But the Outlaws Motorcycle Club was built by brothers, not bosses, and
that’s one reason why Pete didn’t last as an Outlaw. (Not to mention that at
twelve-years-old most REAL Outlaws wanted to be BIKERS!)

By page nine he tells us that after losing an election for student government he,
“…left nothing to chance. I rigged every election—altar boy, student council,
president of the Letterman& club.” And by page twelve he tells us that “The
thought of making a go at drug trafficking, even heading a cartel, sounded
attractive, I wanted nothing to interfere with my plans to be the Boss of
Chicago.”; Pete doesn’t mean the boss of the Outlaws, he means the CRIME
boss of Chicago, like his Mafia heroes in the book, The Godfather.

Pete continues bragging about his drug-dealing exploits and his hostile takeover
of a local Moose Lodge, where he recruited 35 of his cronies to unseat the
Moose Lodge “governor” and place himself in charge. As he explains, “Being a
Moose was all well and good, but if I was to control the lodge and, more
important, the treasury, I had to hold an officer position”

In the world of the Outlaws, honor and respect is everything, and in his own book
Pete proudly boasts of being a liar, a sneak, and a bully.

On page twenty-one he praises the Outlaws for their loyalty and honor and
writes, “I needed a way in. As president of the Loyal Order, I had instant
legitimacy in the OMG [Outlaw Motorcycle Gang] world. The fact that I also had
an intimate knowledge of the drug trade was a bonus. But being a member of
my own club was not going to land me the position of Boss of Chicago. For that
title, I had to control the club that controlled the city. I needed to fortify my
position, align with the Outlaws, occupy territories, eliminate opponents, and
befriend the leader [of the Outlaws]”

And there you have it. By this point in the book, Pete has written repeatedly
about his fanatical desire to be a crime boss and his constant manipulating and
scheming, and when he finally gets to writing about the Outlaws Motorcycle Club
he describes them as nothing more than a required stepping-stone to satisfying
his lust for power. There’s no mention of motorcycling, no mention of
brotherhood, no mention of travel, tradition, pride or any of the other things
that real Outlaws live for. To Pete, the Outlaws were just another part of his rise
to the top. For most club members, being an Outlaw IS the top.

The Outlaws Motorcycle club is a private organization. We rarely do interviews,
we don’t make documentaries, we don’t write books, we don’t pose for
magazines, we don’t seek publicity, and we prefer to be left alone. We know that
we have a reputation as a violent gang of thugs—a reputation we dispute. But
we’re willing to live with that falsehood because we know the truth. We’re a band
of brothers who love motorcycling. Everyone else can think what they want.

When one becomes an Outlaw, it’s made clear that should you ever leave the
club for whatever reason you’re not to discuss what you saw or heard here. All
Outlaws agree to this request and to date most have honored it. But Pete went
back on his word. He wrote a book full of lies inflating his own importance and
then he went on a media blitz to promote that book. Along the way he said
things about the Outlaws that are simply not true. He said things that are
disrespectful and he did so in a cowardly manner.

On page 232 Pete makes an astonishing admission. He explains that he started
a fake motorcycle club for the sole purpose of selling the patches to
unsuspecting novices as a way to make money. He of course would control the
phony club AND he’d keep every penny. When asked why he wanted to start
this bullshit club, Pete writes in his book: “Money”; “I was already planning to
keep this venture secret from the Outlaws”

Pete goes on in great detail about how he exploited the motorcycle club
community for his own gain and how he did in fact, keep it secret from the
Outlaws, and for good reason. The Outlaws have a long and proud reputation of
NOT exploiting smaller clubs. We don’t “sell” patches, we don’t “control” or
“organize” local clubs. We seek friendships with other clubs, and nothing more.

Had the Outlaws known Pete was using our name to exploit smaller clubs, we
would have stopped it immediately.Pete was thrown out of the Outlaws because he wasn’t Outlaw material. His behavior from then on proves that he’s not a man of honor and integrity and he’s certainly not a tough guy. Pete was in possession of Outlaw property when he was thrown out of the club and he’s refused to return it. When an Outlaw approached Pete to retrieve the club property, Pete called the police for
protection. To date, Pete has still not returned the club’s property and hes
threatened to sell it on the Internet. Anyone who knows anything about honor
and about motorcycle clubs knows that only a scumbag refuses to return club
property. It’s the height of disrespect and cowardice.

If you read Pete’s book and believed every word of it, do yourself a favor and
read it again, but look a little closer. Pete’s own words will tell you what he’s all
about, and he’s all about Pete, not brotherhood.
Outlaws MC – AOA Nation

More coverage of this story will be coming out over the next few weeks. Including a possible special guest on Motorcycle Madhouse to discuss this topic. I want to thank the AOA for taking the time with Insane Throttle to make sure your side of the story is heard. We understand completely how important this was to get out to those in the biker community. We also want our readership to understand how rare of a response this is and with that. Why it’s so important to listen to what the AOA is saying to you.

The AOA (Outlaws Motorcycle Club) is one of the oldest and most respected clubs in the world. For them to come out like this . Shows just how serious they are making sure everyone knows the club isn’t about illegal activities, taking advantage of other bikers or clubs. The AOA believes in biking and brotherhood.

Like I’ve told the representative from the AOA . Insane Throttle apologizes for it’s part in this whole story. Again, we should’ve got both sides of the story before giving any platform to Pete. I read a blog on a motorcycle clubs website the other day. I won’t say which club right now. But I will ask them this. Do you still believe in what you wrote?

“If a respectable club outs a guy, he deserved it. So why would anyone waste their time with anyone who praised their club everyday, until the day he was put out? Then the club is this and that and the members are trashed, etc…….. Don’t be misled, and don’t waste your time or energy fueling the keyboard warriors causes!”

Sounds like a very reasonable quote don’t it? Right here you heard some of the AOA’s take. What say you now? Does that hold true to you? The AOA is one of the most respectable clubs in the world. It’s one of the oldest 1%er clubs and has hardcore chapters worldwide. The reason I bring this up is because I know the club has dealings with Pete. I actually really like one of it’s members. I think he just wants what is best for his club. So what say you? Do you still throw your support behind a guy like this? Worse. One who CALLS COPS when approached to get club property back? The situation you and your club is currently in. I would think you wouldn’t want anyone with cop ties even near you right now.

I already know Pete will come out Woofing. Making all kinds of accusations against me. Ask yourselves this. If they were true. Why would I be granted an exclusive rare piece from the Outlaws M/C? Oh there is a lot more to come. This is just the tip of the iceberg as they say. Personally, If I was a member of BBS. I would be telling ol boy to return club property. Let’s all see if he will back up his words of being someone with honor. Let’s see if he truly believes in saving this lifestyle as he always is spouting off about. The first step would be to put actions behind his words. RETURN THE CLUB PROPERTY!

Pete Claims to still be in contact with individuals in support clubs of the Outlaws. He could easily hand the property to them to give back to the AOA. For all those who banged on George Christie from the Hells Angels. Even he had the honor to return his clubs property. Oh yea, with all the shit you talk about me Pete. Even I handed in my colors and club property at a meeting before I left. Anyone seeing through the BS hypocrisy of his so called love for the lifestyle yet?

Hear is one last thing. This is serious as a heart attack right here. I was always wondering how he got away with not turning over the club property. Calling the cops really? Yea that’s someone I would look up too. Claims to be Mr. Tough guy and here he is calling the damn cops. If anyone buys he didn’t call the cops than you don’t need to be in the club scene. You really think a club like the Outlaws wouldn’t attempt to get their property back?

The Outlaws have been fighting in appeals courts to get their colors back. You really think they want someone Out Bad from their club having them and they wouldn’t of tried getting them back? Pretty hard getting them back when the cops are being called on you.

Seizure Of Outlaws MC Patches Upheld by Appeals Court

So members of BBS. You always asking this and that about motorcycle clubs. Chew on this for a little while. Also, you really want to be caught on the streets walking around with a BBS 2%er patch when the leader of your Facebook group is an Out Bad Cop Caller who refuses to do the very basic thing of returning club property? Something every club member does when leaving a club? As the Outlaws say. Might want to read that book a little more in depth. Don’t be a sheep!

More to come…….

Listen to Motorcycle Madhouse Episode 42 being released on 8-11-18 at 9:00am for more on the AOA Response to the book.

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