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The Illinois Outlaws M/C on the reason Big Pete James was put out on bad standing. Exclusive Series. Give the property back!


AOA Nation Response to Big Petes “The Last Chicago Boss”

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Yesterday Insane Throttle released the AOA Nation Response to Big Pete “The Last Chicago Boss.“Today we will be releasing the response from the Illinois Region of the AOA. Men who knew him the best and men who were Outlaws at the time Pete was involved in the club.

AOA Illinois

Big Pete was not thrown out for having cancer, such as he likes to claim, but rather for betraying and attempting to manipulate this club and its brothers for his own desires and personal gain.

He betrayed this brotherhood and what it stands for just to further his own ego and to attempt to manipulate our brotherhood from the inside to his own advantage. For this we will not stand for nor will it be tolerated.

Like the disease he has contracted, he became a cancer to this club, and like any other cancer, we have cut him out and radiated him from our ranks and honorable club. This is a club of values, including Brotherhood, Honor and Respect. These are values that Pete James, Big Pete, does not possess nor does he fully comprehend. He knows the definition of the words but not what they mean.

This club has been in existence since 1935, and for over 80 years honorable brothers have worn our patch on their backs honorably and proudly. We live by a code of honor, loyalty, and respect. We have no room for internet warriors and cowards of the likes of Pete James

As you can see from the official responses from the AOA Nation and AOA Illinois Region. Run as far as way as possible from Pete. This is a man who has refused to turn in Outlaw Property. Instead calling the police when an Outlaw member would like to get back what is the clubs.

All those who know anything about a motorcycle club knows anything with a club logo is club property. This property must be returned upon leaving the club. Pete has threatened to sell club property over the internet in one last attempt to profit from his former club. This is not an act of someone who wishes to preserve the lifestyle as he so many times talks about in his group BBS. No, this is an act of a coward. As I stated in yesterdays piece. Even George Christie who is out bad from the 81 turn back in his club property. What makes Pete James think hes any better? Or let’s be real! What makes Pete think his old club owes him anything after what he has pulled?

He use to go on and on about he wasn’t a rat. “Who has gone to jail?” This whole time you were calling the cops to make sure club property could stay in your possession. What a straight up bitch move. You’re no better than that prick Lollipop with Iron Legacy who just testified against his old club. All that tough talk to try and pull the wool over peoples eyes. Well, it worked a little while here at Insane Throttle. We’ve admitted our wrongs. But now you can expect that the WHOLE truth will be told. Unless of course you contact one of the support clubs to hand back club property to where it belongs. If this is done, then you will never hear from Insane Throttle again.

Shall we inform everyone how proud you were to have a lawyer serve a cease and desist letter to the AOA?Why? Because they printed up shirts making fun of you? Yep, that really did happen everyone. That’s who you are taking your advice from. See, Pete, you can try and serve that shit on us. But here is the thing. You’re in the public domain now. Writing a book and doing instructional videos opens you up to the “Fair Use Act.“We can give all the criticism we like now. Just wanted to put that out there. Hey, least I’m open about it.

You talk honor? You talk loyalty?How its one for all and all for one? Here, right in your own words.

The last chicago boss

This was posted on his Facebook Page “The Last Chicago Boss.“This was just a few weeks ago. So if you‘re a man of your word like you tell everyone you are. Then doing the right thing would be a step in the right direction. Proving you stand behind what you say. Personally, if you cannot give back club property, you’re nothing but a POS, Liar and Thief. Whats that called Stolen Valor? Trying to pass yourself off as something your not? That cannot be good for book sales.

Usually, I stay independent in my reporting. But this one hit home. Really close to home. Not only did you use the Throttle for personal gain, but you did it to settle a beef. This again, is entirely on me. I allowed this to happen and for that I apologize to the readership and AOA.

The property you hold was paid for in time and blood by some of the most outstanding men in the motorcycle club scene. Men who fought and died for their brotherhood. Some of which are serving life sentences for the property you hold. Men who believed in protecting their brotherhood. Men like Harry”Taco”Bowman, Randy “Mad”Yager, Kevin “Spike ” O’Neill . Men who took their sentences like a true Outlaw would. Never ever budging on their principles. You couldn’t even shine these men’s boots.

17 members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club Indicted June 11th 1997

Outlaws leader sentenced to life term

You and your cronies actually have the nerve to talk about some of these guys in your book like a dog or on the net. One of them being a sponsor of mine. One who convinced me to go Black Piston. Dino 1%er GBNF has more brotherhood in his pinky than you ever will. You let this bullshit be posted about him on your group? Then the nerve to like the fucking shit?

Outlaws MC

There you go folks! He speaks “All for one and one for all right?“Two out bad members right there. That’s their definition of brotherhood. That’s who the hell you want to take advice from? Here is some advice for all of you in BBS. Go out and ask actual members of clubs what you want to know. If you have a question about the hows and whats in the motorcycle club scene then asks those who actually believe in brotherhood. Not people who go out there with shit like this.

You want to know the truth about Dino 1%er GBNF? He was one of the most down to earth people you could ever meet. He lived and breathed AOA. He lived and breathed brotherhood. That man would do anything for anyone. If you fucked up, he would take you to the side and instead of jumping your shit; he would explain why you fucked up and how to go about fixing it. The best nights at the Westside Clubhouse were when Dino 1%er GBNF was watching the house. He would always make sure to have some of the best food around. The man could cook let me tell you. One thing I know for sure is he didn’t deserved that kind of bullshit posted about him or talked about in a damn book.

The AOA (Outlaws Motorcycle Club) respond to the book “The Last Chicago Boss” and the author behind it. Exclusive Report.

I know many of you reading this question my impartiality. Most of the time, I try to make sure to stay independent towards all club news. In opinion pieces about any club, I try to provide a chance for both sides of the story. I do not support one club or another like most other biker news sites do when it comes to the news. I always put up the disclaimer when anything has to do with the B&W. This is so people know I had an attachment at one time to them. (Basically so others can’t throw it in my face when I report favorably on them. Least I know I disclosed this fact beforehand.) I believe this is in accordance with all journalistic ethics. Truth of the matter is this. I rode with the Black Pistons. I loved every minute I spent with all the guys. I wouldn’t trade that in for a million dollars. So this story hit home and personal to me.

Closing up I would like to ask people to share this article. This way everyone out there can be informed on the true reasons why Pete was let go from the AOA. People need to be aware of not falling for any scam he has going. Whether it being selling T-Shirts, Patches or books. It’s all about the money. His own words should tell you that. He puts on a good act and story; trust me, even I fell for the bullshit. But now that you have the full story from the club themselves; beware when you deal with this guy. He was going around on Youtube saying people like Black Dragon will get you hurt. No, this motherfucker will get you hurt. Just like when he sent you all off on the mission to bash Black Dragon. Saying there was no such things as 99% clubs. You all fell for that one hook, line and sinker. In his back yard in Chicago, one of the toughest most respected 99%er clubs in the game. DC Eagles wear the 99% NFG patch. Have so since the early 60’s. Pete only did that to try and take someone out of the game.

See people like Black Dragon, Adam Sandoval, Dibber in the Wind, Big Caz 1%er as well as Insane Throttle. We are out there not to change minds or tell people what is right or wrong. We just give you our take (opinions) and try to put out resources for content for bikers to go. Before it was only Rags we would get any type of information. Now there is a wealth of resources to go to. People will have all kinds of takes on the positions we present. But that is the beauty of being able to have all kinds of resources to go to. It’s not supposed to be a competition and it sure the hell isn’t supposed to be bashing one or the other content providers like Pete thinks. But this is a whole different subject and don‘t want to take away from what the real conversation should be about.

Motorcycle Madhouse Episode 42 coming out today at 1:00 cst will have more on all this so don’t forget to download it and give a listen @ I like to thank everyone who has been getting the word out on this subject. All the phone calls and emails worldwide. It’s important to let people know what the true reason is behind his departure from AOA. Most importantly, maybe he will do the right thing and hand back club property. Actually practices what he tries to preach to everyone else.

To Dino 1%er GBNF. You the man. Thanks for everything you ever done for me. Thanks for the conversations, guidance and fun all those Fridays or Saturdays you manned the Clubhouse.

Dino 1%er Outlaws MC
A true Outlaw 1%er GBNF
New Age of Biking and Brotherhood
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  1. Thank you for straightening my shit out about Pete. I fell for it , mostly because of years of thinking the Outlaws were an enemy that would never negotiate with 81 and this ass nugget was a reformer. Now I know the rest of the story and over the last couple years have developed respect for all 1% Club members of good will. unreconstructedgordo


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