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Standoff in Indy- Four Clubs show Presence. Sons of Silence, Outlaws, Black Pistons,Angels.IMPD monitors all during Indy rally.

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Fox 59

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — During a bold and never-before-seen show of presence in an attempt to establish territorial claim, four biker groups rallied in Indianapolis Saturday as IMPD officers maintained a wary watch.

Two long established Indianapolis biker gangs with approximately 130 motorcycles representing the Sons of Silence, the Outlaws and other allies, partnered up at a southeast side rally location before dispersing in small groups of a dozen or so riders to head for bars throughout the east side early Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, an apparently newly formed congregation of Hells Angels, many from Ohio but never previously represented in large strengths in central Indiana, was joined by other bikers, including the Black Pistons of Michigan, outside of a clubhouse location south of downtown.

At both locations, and at a South Meridian Street bar, IMPD patrol officers, motorcycle units, state and federal agents as well as a department helicopter, kept watch on the varied groups.

Homeland Security Commander Brian Mahone, accompanied by four officers and FOX59, engaged the leadership of the Sons of Silence/Outlaws contingent in a conversation about expected traffic behavior as the bikers prepared to set out on their various runs around Marion County.

Mahone briefed the bikers on the officers’ intention to provide a safe traffic venue while advising the rival gangs to steer clear of one another during their travels.

“I know you’re not going to say, ‘Hey, officers, help us out,’ if there is trouble,” said Mahone, “but we intend to keep everyone safe.”

“I told ‘em to ride today and drink tonight,” the biker leader said he told his crews.

One officer told FOX59, “its no coincidence” that the various bikers, numbering more than 200 riders in various locations, all chose Indianapolis as a location of their runs this weekend.

The Indianapolis biker community has been in flux and suffered a loss of strength and prominence during the past several years.

After a heyday in the 1990s when open warfare and pipe bombings marked the rivalries of the gangs, multiple local and federal narcotics, murder and racketeering investigations into the Outlaws stripped that organization of its top generations of leadership, culminating in the October 2015 bulldozing of the gang’s E. New York St. headquarters after its seizure by U.S. Marshals.

Since that time the group has been thought to be casting about for a new headquarters location which it may have secured at a mostly abandoned and rundown strip mall in southeast Marion County.

After a period of quiet and relative inactivity, traffic has also increased at the Sons of Silence fortress headquarters on W. Michigan Street in Haughville.

The Hells Angels, the most notorious and legendary of the outlaw biker gangs, has never enjoyed a presence in Indianapolis, limiting its Indiana operations to the northwest corner of the state, according to multiple investigators and biker community sources.

Within the last month, Angels colors have been noticed on the backs of Harley-Davidson riders in the city as well as the renovation of a clubhouse on Bluff Road.

More than 75 bikers sat in the hot afternoon sun outside that clubhouse today save for the 50 or so bikers that took a short spin around Monument Circle in a downtown crowded by construction and thousands of high school band participants in competition at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Three Metro patrol cars stood by the HA headquarters and one officer told Fox 59 News he enjoyed a civil conversation with the bikers and found many of them, like himself, to be military veterans.

As the afternoon wore on, and intended south side bar rendezvous within a short riding distance of the Angels headquarters did not materialize while other gangs confined themselves to other parts of the city, IMPD drew down its presence.

At nightfall, only a handful of bikers remained outside the Angels headquarters.

Investigators surmised that the bold presence of the Angels in Indianapolis at a time of perceived weakness on behalf of the local Sons and Outlaws gangs led to today’s muscle flexing.

IMPD did not report any incidents involving the bikers but for one minor injury when a rider dumped his bike.

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  1. Law enforcement agencies in America have decided that motorcycle “gangs” clubs are as dangerous as terrorist. They are looking for ANY club patches to see who is where.
    Even the small towns and cities have been watching to see a presence of any new or unusual movement. To the point of pulling over Chase vehicles and questioning of a Christian MC as to WHERE and why they were out today. I have no idea if they knew it was a ministry MC.
    Though the local Leo’s do not have the experience of clubs wanting to claim territory in decades in this area.
    If you are looking at all of the things that have happened in last few years on both sides it is because clubs along with determined independents pose a large problem with being not able to control them and it is scary to them.
    Plus the business of many 1% clubs found around the nation is so varied that you need a inside to get to some of the clubs. But lately the bulking up of members quickly and patching over smaller clubs to show numbers has weakened them and their ability to keep out law enforcement under cover.
    I am not a club person, just someone who has been riding for a long time. 40 + years and I have seen many things along the way. I am just a biker who loves riding. It seems the only thing I can do right. LOL The bike is a part of me as I RIDE and it is just instinctual to me.
    I do not want my brothers and sisters in the club’s to be wrongly classified as a terrorist when most have fought for this nation.
    Indy is smart to show that they are not going to standby but not interfere with the daily bikers. But they also need to be wary of stepping over that line.


  2. This article don’t make much sense unless there have been some major changes within these 4 clubs.
    1. S.O.S. and A.O.A. do not get along last I knew….
    2. H.A. and B.P. don’t either
    3. B.P. is a support club for the Outlaws.
    4. So unless there have been some serious re alignment within the biker world this just don’t look right…


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