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Prosecutors ask court to ban motorcycle club from country.Freedom is our religion’: Hundreds of Hells Angels ride in protest at the government’s crackdown on biker club symbols . Iron Order Donates 15k.

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Dutch News Service

The public prosecution department has asked judges in Assen to ban the motorbike club No Surrender, arguing that the group is an outlaw gang and involved in drugs and other crime. ‘These clubs represent a threat to public order,’ the department said in a statement. ‘They cultivate a violent image and use that for intimidation and extortion. In addition, the committee members (together with the members) of No Surrender are structurally involved in criminal activities including drug trafficking, assault, intimidation and extortion.’ No Surrender was established in 2013 by Klaas Otto, a former member of the biker gang Satudarah, which was banned by judges in The Hague in June. Satudarah is appealing against that ruling and similar cases against the Bandidos and Hells Angels are also still ongoing in the Dutch courts.
The public prosecution department began trying to have biker gangs banned in 2007 using criminal law, but that backfired after the Supreme Court ruled in 2009 that the department had failed to properly establish that the Hells Angels formed a criminal association.

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The bikers rode from their club house in the east of Berlin to the Brandenburg Gate in the city centre today Under the slogan ‘freedom is our religion’ they protested against a ban on club symbols over organised crime
In July Germany banned a Turkish nationalist biker gang over claims it was linked to Erdogan’s ruling party .Hundreds of Hells Angels took to the streets of Berlin (link is external) today in a protest against the German government’s crackdown on biker club symbols.

The bikers took their motorcycles to the Brandenburg Gate in the city centre after gathering at their club house in the east of the German capital on Saturday morning. Under the slogan ‘Freedom is our religion’, the bikers were protesting against a change to the law last year which banned the club symbols over fears they were linked to organised crime.

The government announced last year that the symbols of rocker groups would be prohibited in public over fears they ‘provide a cover for various forms of serious and organised crime’.

Most of the protesters, who were flanked by Berlin police, were riding Harley Davidson motorcycles and were joined by sympathetic members of other biker clubs, the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost (link is external) reported. In July this year Germany banned a Turkish nationalist biker gang following allegations it was involved in organised crime and represented a threat to the general public.
Bikers wearing masks and helmets drive away from the Brandenburg Gate towards Berlin’s Victory Column on Saturday

German authorities said the Osmanen Germania BC group is believed to have ties to the party of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and has been involved in intimidation of his German critics.

Last month a Hells Angels boss was left fighting for his life after being shot in a drive-by attack at a set of traffic lights in Hamburg, north Germany.

The club member, identified only as Dariusch F, was the leader of its Hamburg branch and was in a white Bentley when a car approached him and gunmen shot him five times before speeding away.

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Aiken Standard

Motorcycle club donates more than $15K to Special Olympics

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club Atomic City Chapter presented the S.C. Special Olympics Area 15 with a check for $15,142 on Aug. 30. The funds were raised from their Charity Ride on Aug. 18. Fifty-four bikes with 75 riders from seven states participated in the ride.

The funds allow the all-volunteer Special Olympics Steering Committee to provide athletes with swimsuits, bowling shirts and T-shirts for the Spring Games. Athletes can participate in tennis matches and horseback riding lessons.

It also provides food for the Perfect Prom, the Spring Games and pizza for the many sports tournaments and schools, bus rentals to attend these events and more. Because there is no overhead, every penny stays locally in Area 15 which includes Aiken, Edgefield and Saluda counties.

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