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Now that would be Texas Justice. Pedophile’s Decapitated Corpse Found On Judge’s Doorstep After Bail Hearing (Satire Not Real):A biker risked it all and helped a motorist when a man grabbed items through an open window in his car.

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This is a satire story going around the internet (MEANING IT DIDN’T HAPPEN). But wouldn’t it be awesome if it were true lol. Would show all these pedophiles & Judges what was up. Again, this is Satire so don’t pass it off as something that really happened lol. We wanted to let our readership know in case they see it making its rounds on the net. Although it would be great to send a message like that. It didn’t happen

The decapitated corpse that was found on a judge’s doorstep in Dallas, Texas has been identified as belonging to a notorious pedophile who was recently allowed to walk free on bail by the judge, according to reports.

William Smith, 28, from Dallas, Texas was discovered in the early hours of Tuesday morning, decapitated and slumped against the front door of the judge who had granted him bail in August.

Smith was arrested last month following allegations by his then girlfriend that he had raped her 8-year-old daughter.

After a police investigation in which Smith was found in possession of child pornography, he was arrested on two counts related to child pornography and one count of child molestation.

After being charged, Smith walked free from the court after the judge controversially ruled that he did not pose a threat to the local community, and he raised the $30,000 bail required to trigger his freedom.

The alleged victim’s family said they were “shocked” that Smith had been allowed to walk free from court.
Smith was awaiting trial for his crimes and was awaiting a court date which was due to be scheduled for later this year, however it seems that somebody from the local Dallas community decided to take matters into their own hands.The judge, whose name has been withheld, was woken at around 3am by his “frenzied” barking dog. When he went outside to find out what his dog was barking about, he found the decapitated body of the man he had allowed to walk free slumped against his front door with the severed head left on the steps.

Investigating officers described his death scene as resembling a “gangland-style execution“.

A local resident said of the horrific discovery that finding a headless body was an “unusual” occurrence: “This is a nice area.This is the kind of thing that usually happens in mob films, but not around here.”

Dallas police say they are currently “following leads” but have yet to make any arrests for the murder.

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It’s a story of a brave motorcyclist who came to the aid of a fellow motorist, saving him from criminals.

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While Anton Damhuis doesn’t consider himself a hero, he is in the eyes of South Africans who have watched the video of him saving the day.

In the video the 48-year-old finds himself in traffic and see a man in a reflective vest weaving through the cars.

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He shares his story on Breakfast with Martin Bester:


Motorcycle Madhouse

Post Gazette

West Mifflin Area School District superintendent Daniel Castagna may have paid members of a motorcycle club $200 each to show up at a school board meeting to provide “intimidation and security,” a community member testified Monday.

Mike Yuhas said he spoke to one of the bikers, who indicated that they were not from the area and were there because Mr. Castagna had paid them to attend. The owner of the district’s security contractor testified last week that the men appeared to belong to the Sin City Desciples Motorcycle Club.

Neither witness indicated the date of the meeting nor the reason for the alleged intimidation.

The school board Monday conducted its third public hearing on whether to fire Mr. Castagna, who is facing several accusations, including a DUI charge and alleged violations of the Public School Code. The board is holding Act 1080 hearings, formal proceedings that would allow it to remove Mr. Castagna from office after all testimony concludes.

Mr. Castagna, the district’s top administrator since 2011, was placed on administrative leave earlier this year amid the pending DUI case in Beaver County. The board voted 6-3 to place him on unpaid leave in July.

On Monday, a witness accused Mr. Castagna of ordering him to improperly conduct surveillance operations, including secretly watching a school board member who had requested public records from the district before an election.

Mark Hart, who previously served as the district’s head of security and safety operations, said Mr. Castagna in 2014 directed him to drive to board member Nick Alexandroff’s home to see whether he was having a “reading party” shortly after the district provided him with a trove of public records he had requested.

Mr. Hart, who was later fired from district for alleged theft, said he was swept up in “ugly politics” and “paranoia,” defending Mr. Castagna from political foes, “almost to the point of fist-fighting” several board members.

“I was a West Mifflin administration guy,” he said. “I was on their team. I was loyal to that team, good or bad.”

Mr. Hart also testified that Mr. Castagna directed him to improperly videotape a school custodian who was receiving workers’ compensation to prove that he was physically healthy.

Colleen Ramage Johnston, Mr. Castagna’s attorney, asked Mr. Hart whether he – not Mr. Castagna – was the one who suggested the surveillance operations.

“Absolutely, 1,000 percent no,” Mr. Hart said.

In previous testimony, other witnesses have accused Mr. Castagna of improperly ordering employees to perform work unrelated to school business on his behalf; and pushing for the hiring of a convicted murderer as a security guard in the district.

In a federal lawsuit against the district and the six board members who voted to suspend him, Mr. Castagna claimed he had been wrongfully targeted because he reported wrongdoings by several district employees. A hearing on that suit is scheduled for next month.

The district’s next hearings on Mr. Castagna are scheduled for Wednesday and Sept. 17.

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