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Video Enclosed -Due to possible rally by Mongols motorcycle club, police to beef up Stockyards presence: Jesse Ventura Said To Colin Kaepernick, ‘I Served My Country So You Have The Freedom To Protest’

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September 19, 2018 02:04 PM

Updated September 19, 2018 02:52 PM

Councilman Carlos Flores, whose district includes the Stockyards, said Wednesday that the Police Department had made him and other business owners aware of the planned Mongols rally.

“The Police Department is being very proactive and will have a visible presence in the Stockyards to ensure that public safety is maintained,” Flores said. “They have also communicated that to some of the representatives of the Mongols motorcycle club.”

The gang is known to be involved in the transportation and distribution of drugs, including cocaine and meth, and has frequently committed violent crimes, including assault, intimidation and murder to defend their territory and uphold their reputation, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

“A majority of the Mongols membership consists of Hispanic males who lives in the Los Angeles area, and many are former street gang members with a long history of using violence to settle grievances,” the Justice Department states in a summary about the gang on its website.

The gang is not one typically associated with Texas. It was not even named in the Texas Department of Public Safety’s 2017 Texas Gang Threat Assessment, which provides an overview of gang activity in the state.

But the gang has apparently begun migrating into Texas over the past few months, forming almost a dozen chapters across the state with members that include a handful of former disgruntled members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang.

“Although only operating in Texas for a short period of time, violence has already transpired between the two adversaries in Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas,” the ATF note states.

Perez said Fort Worth police are not expecting any issues between the two groups at this weekend’s rally.

“Several representatives of the Fort Worth Police Department have spoken to the local Mongols chapter president and he assured us that the local Bandidos chapter has been made aware of this gathering and that they do not expect any issues,” Perez said in an email. “The concern with this particular gathering is the number anticipated to participate.”

In June, 21 members and associates of a Tennessee chapter of the Mongols were indicted by a federal grand jury with various alleged crimes, including racketeering conspiracy, murder in aid of racketeering, attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery and large-scale drug trafficking.

Earlier in the year, the same chapter had 19 members and associates indicted on charges of racketeering conspiracy, murder, drug trafficking and other related crimes.

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Jesse Ventura has worn many hats during the course of his life. He is a trained Navy SEAL and worked with the Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) who served in Vietnam. After the military, he was a Sergeant-at-Arms for the Mongols Motorcycle Club (Mongols MC) per Uproxx, and he was one of the biggest personalities in professional wrestling after leaving the biker club life behind. He became an actor appearing in movies such as Predator and The Running Man, and he even won the governorship in Minnesota as an Independent. He’s been a commentator, author, hosted television shows, and toured as a guest lecturer.

When Ventura talks on certain subjects, he has clout. One of those topics he is fully qualified to talk on is his view of the state of the government, and his perspectives on patriotism in the wake of the Colin Kaepernick Nike “Just Do It” ad campaign, as he did in a recent video. As a person that has been an elected official, per Anon News, and is a wartime veteran, his voice is one of many that many people believe should be heard during this debate on what is patriotism and whether veterans and soldiers find taking a knee during the national anthem to be disrespectful.



Ventura is no stranger to having his patriotism questioned. Despite his record of service to his country, when serving as governor of Minnesota, a bipartisan bill was passed that mandated all schoolchildren be required to recite the pledge of allegiance each school day, which he immediately vetoed. The reason he did that is because he does not believe in mandating patriotism. He believes patriotism is the product of a government doing what they were elected to do in a manner that serves the people in the best way it can.

Ventura stated that it doesn’t matter whether anyone likes the position a protester is taking, or Kaepernick specifically, but that as Americans, his right to protest needs to be respected and defended because without the right to peacefully protest the people have lost one of their greatest ways to make their voice heard.

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