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Mainstream media lumps the actions of a few with entire club. Quote “What Is the Bandidos Biker Gang? ‘Mafia’-Like President Sentenced to Life in Prison” What say you?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

It’s been awhile since an opinion piece over here at Insane Throttle for me. Hosting Motorcycle Madhouse and Biker Angle has been keeping me busy to say the least. If you’ve not checked out the programs yet you can visit our Youtube Channel to get caught up. There is a ton of videos on a variety of subjects. So take a second and go check it out. Like and subscribe for free.

So as you can tell by the title of this article, it’s bias to say the least. Those in the motorcycle scene are used to this kind of crap from the mainstream media. It’s the citizens or independents who are starting to wake up to whats happening in the media. This wake up is in part because of the expressed interest in keeping the media honest. For example, CNN is now rating below the cooking channel half the time. Others like the New York Times is struggling to sell it’s papers. Why? Well in part because of Presidents Trump calling them out as “Fake News,” but also the fact people are sick and tired of getting opinions instead of facts. Many of these publications don’t get it. People like making up their own minds. They don’t want others to tell them what they should think.

Insane Throttle was built around the latter. Give both sides of the story and allow both sides to speak. This philosophy is what helped build our credibility and followers. For example, take a look at this Newsweek article below. Personally, I wouldn’t have even looked at the article myself. This is because of the title of the article alone. “What Is the Bandidos Biker Gang? ‘Mafia’-Like President Sentenced to Life in Prison.” Being around the club scene I knew it was a propaganda piece for the cops and district attorney. I knew the article wouldn’t be fair to all sides. Low and behold I was right. It wasn’t anything more than a click bait story to get people to the site. With a title to an article like that one you would think it would be 3,000 or more words. Nope, instead it was a repeat of what most other publications were saying about the event. I think the total words to the article numbered like 300 or something.

As you can see all it did was give what everyone else was giving on the story. All they did at the ending was throw in a quick quote from the DA. No journalism. Just click bait. This is the reason why many are now looking outside the mainstream media for their news. Americans are getting plain sick of this kind of journalism. There use to be a time when journalism meant something. It was a dedicated craft in which people took pride in their work. Sad to say its far removed from what it use to be. Take a look at the story Newsweek put out and leave your comments on our Facebook Page. Really like to get your thoughts on this.


The former president of one of America’s largest and most dangerous biker gangs has been sentenced to life in prison plus 10 years after being convicted of a wide array of crimes involving murder and drug-trafficking.

Jeffrey Faye Pike, 63, was the leader of Texas’s Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization for more than a decade. His sentencing—alongside Vice President John Xavier Portillo—concluded a lengthy trial that initially sprung from the 2006 killing of Anthony Benesh, who was shot dead outside an Austin restaurant after attempting to start a Texas Chapter of the Hell’s Angels.

Against Pike’s claims to be a quiet family man, the prosecutors said he was leading “the mafia on two wheels.” He was eventually found guilty of ordering extortions, beatings and killings of rival bikers of even members of his own gang, all conducted to “to protect the power, reputation and territory of the Bandidos enterprise.”

Ex-members described how the gang would regularly go on long motorcycle runs across Texas, partly to plan and discuss its criminal activities. Pike had tried to claim that these were just “about getting your friends and your family together and just having a good time.”

During the trial, it was revealed that Vice President Portillo, with Pike’s approval, had declared that the Bandidos were at “war” with a rival motorcycle gang, the Cossacks. This conflict led to a number of violent encounters, including a deadly shooting at a restaurant in 2015, in Waco, Texas, which killed nine people and injured 20 more. Police reacted with an unprecedented roundup, charging 177 bikers.

Portillo was found guilty on an additional four counts and was sentenced to two consecutive life terms plus 20 years.

The Bandidos club was formed in the 1960s by a 36-year-old dockworker, Donald Eugene Chambers, in San Leon, Texas.  They now have a worldwide membership, spanning at least 13 countries and boasting thousands of members. The Texas authorities consider them a “Tier 2” threat, placing them alongside the the Crips, the Bloods and the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. The Bandidos’ motto is: “We are the people our parents warned us about.”

It’s not clear what the future of the gang will be following this high-profile case.

“This effort demonstrates our ongoing commitment to prevent gang violence and criminal activity from poisoning our communities. It also sends a clear message that we will relentlessly pursue and prosecute the leaders and members of these violent criminal enterprises,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs said in a statement after the original guilty verdict in May.

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Biker asks appeals court to quash riot indictment(Twin Peaks News): Biker assault: ‘He took pictures and he was laughing’

A group of outraged bikers plans to escort a bullied disabled student to his school Friday morning in Stokes County, North Carolina.

After dropping student Michael Wishon off at South Stokes High north of Winston-Salem, the Triad, NC, chapter of Bikers Against Bullies has scheduled “a silent, peaceful protest against all bullying near the school,” Piedmont Triad TV station WXII reported.

On Wednesday, Wishon’s uncle, Donnie Morton of Ridgeway, Virginia, shared a video on Facebook that he said shows his nephew being bullied at the school Tuesday. He said his nephew is legally blind.

“Ok .. Enough is enough,” Morton posted. ”….yesterday my nephew was at South Stokes high school .it was his birthday. he was in masonry class when another kid snatched his phone from out of his front pocket of his bookbag . took it and smashed the I phone 5 with a brick . then video it him taunting Michael and all of his classmates were watching and laughing at him …”

The video was viewed 78,000 times and shared 2,400 times in 24 hours on Facebook, The Charlotte Observer reported.

“This injustice on our children, should never be tolerated!!“ biker Amber Wilson posted on Facebook. “Bikers Against bullies, will make a presence and escourt this young man into school Friday morning at 730 am. We need all support as possible to show up.


Carl Kress of the Triad chapter of Bikers Against Bullies posted: “This escort ride will be televised live on the Good Morning Show with all the local media on location conducting interviews so folks please show your patience dealing with this bullying issue and keep all on the up & up!”

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