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EL CAJON (NEWS 8) – Last week, News 8 introduced you to Jeffrey Dilallo, the owner of El Cajon’s The Grand who banned certain motorcycle clubs he said violated his ‘no weapons’ policy.

Dilallo told News 8 his ‘no weapons’ policy had led to a boycott by several motorcycle riders, but on Monday some of the motorcycle clubs spoke to News 8 and said the bar owner has it all wrong.

Eight members of different motorcycle clubs from across San Diego spoke to News 8 saying they have joined together to fight what they believe is discrimination.

Dr. Flavious Akerele is a member of a motorcycle club. He and several other riders decided to boycott the bar and gathering spot. It’s a move that comes after the bar’s owner instituted a ban on what he calls “motorcycle gangs.”

“We are hardworking people that just happen to love motorcycles. There is no such thing as a ‘motorcycle gang,’ – it’s motorcycle clubs,” said Akerele.

He and others claim the policy is misguided because it lumps everyday clubs into a negative stereotype.

“Sounds like he’s been watching too much ‘Sons of Anarchy,'” said Akerele.

Dilallo chose not to comment for this story. In News 8’s previous story, he said the policy came after several members of motorcycle clubs ignored his ‘no weapons’ policy.

Riders on Monday claimed they are unaware of any trouble caused by their clubs or others; therefore, they do not understand why the policy was implemented.

“If a surfer goes in there [The Grand] and makes a ruckus, are you going to ban that surfer or the whole community of surfers? It is kind of the same point,” said one rider.

News 8 asked a group of riders, who weren’t part of the motorcycle clubs causing trouble at The Grand, why they were part of the boycott.

The riders responded, “If you have a friend that’s a certain religion and you’re a different religion and a place won’t let them in, are you still going to go where you’re going and leave them by the waist side? Or, (are) you going (to) stand by them?”

Dr. Akerele said he tried to sit down with the owner to see if they could find common ground but that has not happened yet.

The ‘no weapons’ policy remains in place.

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Most new urban electric motorcycles we’ve seen lately are designed for modest speeds and ranges. But not the NUUK electric motorcycle.

This new urban e-moto breaks from the pack with its impressive speed and range ratings.

Nuuk Electric Motorcycles

NUUK is a new e-mobility company based in Etxebarri, Spain. They have recently partnered with Reiju, a Spanish motorcycle and moped manufacturer, to bring a new line of light electric vehicles to life.

NUUK has been hard at work developing their new electric motorcycle – or rather three new electric motorcycles.

The NUUK electric motorcycles include the NUUK Urban, NUUK Tracker and NUUK Cargo. All three are built on the same drivetrain, with small differences from tire choices to cargo storage options differentiating the electric motorcycles.

According to the company:

“NUUK was created with the purpose of designing and developing a new generation of high-quality electric vehicles for everyone, including a range of mopeds and electric motorcycles with which to move nimbly around the city (Urban line), or explore new paths (Tracker line), as well as designed to meet the needs of both individuals and professionals (Cargo line).”

All three designs share a number of components and features, including four-piston front hydraulic brakes and floating caliper rear brakes, regenerative braking, 90 mm of suspension travel in both front and rear, and 17 inch wheels for rolling smoothly over obstacles and pot holes.

Within each of the three design classes are two different models sporting different power levels.

The “moped” model includes a 4 kW Bosch DC motor while the “motorbike” model features an even more powerful 10.5 kW Bosch DC motor.

Both models are air cooled, and rated for between 200 to 245 Nm of torque at the rear wheel.

According to the company:

“The reliability offered by BOSCH technology and the enormous experience in manufacturing and distribution of RIEJU, make NUUK’s designs a safe bet in the electric mobility market, with the certainty of having created the best vehicle in the spectrum.”

The moped model is restricted to just 45 km/h (28 mph), which limits it to city use. Meanwhile, the motorbike model can reach a top speed of 105 km/h (65 mph), presumably opening the door to highway travel.

Both NUUK electric motorcycle models have a drop down side panel that reveals the batteries housed in the center of the bike. A single NUUK battery is 48V and 50Ah, with a capacity of 2.4 kWh. That’s more capacity than can be found in most urban electric scooters and motorcycles.

The battery can be charged in 5 hours in Standard Mode, or in just 1.8 hours in Quick Mode. The bikes also include an on-board charger, meaning you only need an extension cord to charge from the wall.

NUUK rates a single battery at 75 km (47 miles) in the moped and 60 km (37 mi) in the motorcycle.

However, for extreme ranges, NUUK electric motorcycles can fit up to four batteries at a time, increasing the range to between 240-300 km (149-186 mi), depending on the model.

According to EVnerds, NUUK has already entered early stage production of their electric motorcycles.

However, no pricing information has been released yet.

Electrek’s Take

We sure are seeing a lot of new electric motorcycles lately.

I think that’s great, since it is not only going to provide more options for consumers, but the competition is going to prevent any of these companies from getting lazy.

The NUUK electric motorcycle line looks promising, and I especially love the battery modularity with the choice of between one to four battery packs. The main advantages are being able to choose how much battery weight you want to lug around (perfect for shorter trips when a 300 km range isn’t necessary) as well as being able to offer a lower introductory price. A rider can start with a single battery and upgrade as their budget allows over time.

Speaking of the price, I am a bit worried to hear how much these bikes are going to cost. There aren’t very many options with such battery modularity on the market, and so I don’t expect these bikes to come cheap. And that could be a tough sell, especially considering the existing options for electric scooters and motorcycle below $2000 in the US and €2000 in Europe.

What do you think of the NUUK electric motorcycles? Let us know in the comments below.

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