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POLITICAL INDEPENDENT…. The age of the Political Nomad

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Political Nomad

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Robert R. Beyer


POLITICAL INDEPENDENT…. The age of the Political Nomad

                                Well boys and girls welcome to the new 60’s—only worse! Welcome to an era if you refuse to label yourself a part of a political party you get bombarded with insults from both sides. Most times I’m accused of being a conspiracy fanatic— among other things. I’m told “You can’t sit on the fence any longer, and now is the time you need to pick a side, or just get out of the way.” When I voted for Trump I was a Nazi to the liberals, and when I say ANYTHING against the ALMIGHTY POTUS Trump I am called a libtard, or a converted traitor. I get no love from the Left, and I get no respect from the Right. I’m just a confused fellow—a fellow who doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

I’m often asked by the Left “Do you know how great our economy is doing since Trump came into office—would you rather Hillary had won?” When I say ANYTHING patriotic I’m called a racist conservative by the Right. I’m not too fond of the Green Party either because most times they tend to lean too far to the Right like a drunk on a park bench for me to get behind. Independents live in the forbidden GRAY ZONE. The gray zone is the new home for outcasts. The center of the aisle is a zone for the confused, the loonies, and the misinformed. It is a home for what I call the POLITICAL NOMADS. When I voted for Donald Trump, it was my first time ever voting for anyone or anything. I will be honest—the only reason I voted at all was because I was tired of hearing “If you don’t vote—you have no say” speech when I used to speak out against Barry Obama. So this time around I voted. I voted because I was still holding on to some type of hope that the elections weren’t a sham, a façade, a hoax. I voted because I bought into the idea that Trump wasn’t a politician—he was a smart, rough around the edges business man—a politically incorrect rebel who would stand firm, not only against countries who stood against us, but I had hoped just maybe he would stand firm against countries who had gotten used to taking advantage of us for so long. I had hoped he would up against any administration that did not put our once great nation and its LEGAL CITIZENS first and foremost. In today’s day and age though, I am finally starting to realize that America is quickly becoming a homeless shelter rather than a country. It is one huge gold mine—a land of opportunity for anyone but its own people.

Countries like China do not need to come into the United States and take U.S. soil by force. All they have to do is purchase vast amounts of land and banks. Banks like Abacus Federal Savings Bank, American First National Bank, American Continental Bank, American Plus Bank, American Premier Bank, Asia Bank N.A., Asian Pacific National Bank, and Asiana Capatial.  And as far as land goes—China converted well over 146,000 acres of farmland across the United States and turned it into Chinese soil, worth in excess of $500 million, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture. The bacon our patriotic Americans brag to love so much about are probably stuffing their faces with Chinese owned farms. Shuanghui bought Smithfeild Foods—a huge pork producer for a record $4.7 billion dollars. Good luck trying to find something to use that truly is made in America. Even if you have the few extra dollars to spend on an American made product—good luck finding it. A company like Harley-Davidson which is a company who rides the wave on American patriotism isn’t truly producing a completely all American product. In my opinion Dr. Michael Savage hit the nail right on the head when he coined the phrase “Borders, language, culture.” Without those key three things a country isn’t a country at all. I cannot say I agree with everything he states, but you can bet your bacon I agree wholeheartedly with that statement.


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Should I be concerned that mainstream media does not report the news but rather creates the news? Should I be concerned that a Saudi prince owns shares of Twenty-First Century Fox, which is the parent corporation of Fox News? Please don’t get me started on CNN and MSNBC— if you watch and support those networks I’d rather debate with my chair— I think I would have a better chance of persuading a piece of furniture. So where does the Independent thinker go to find real news—unbiased news? I have no choice but to search through all the rubbish on the internet to find real, unbiased news so at the very least I can do my own research to come to my own conclusions about what is really happening out in the world.

I voted for Trump because I thought our country would begin to grab a hold of America’s identity once again, but when I make that statement it automatically becomes twisted up by liberals and turned into something racist so they have a foundation to stand on when they argue with me, and God forbid if you get caught wearing a MAGA hat. You’ll more than likely find yourself quickly surrounded by a horde of people, and quite possibly become involved in a physical altercation if you refuse to take it off. The fact of the matter is—everyone demands and supports freedom of speech until your speech doesn’t fit into their own personal opinions and agenda. If your views do not fit into the Left, or the Right side of the aisle—you’ll get hit from both sides. It is not politically accepted to agree with some views here and some views there—you’re either for us or against us both sides scream in your ears. So where does the Independent Nomad go? Please don’t answer that— I’ve been told where I could go with these views numerous times before, but I want to keep this article civil, so I will choose to reframe from responding in certain ways that come natural to me.

So the big question is do I think we’d be better off if Hillary was President? Fuck no—I do not, BUT I do honestly believe it really wouldn’t matter because the outcome at the end of it all would be the same. Let’s disregard that Trump used to support Hillary, and let’s put aside that they are both distant relatives—the fact of the matter is that this country does not honestly have a 2 party government. As an Independent thinker, and based on what I sadly see happening— a 2 party government is a smokescreen. It is an illusion to make the American people THINK we have politicians on our side. Whether it be Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton in office it ultimately does not matter. The final destination is all the same. The only difference is what paths are taken to get there. You can turn left, or you can turn right, but all roads lead to the same outcome when the road trip is over. You think you’re in the driver seat, but you’re really not. In my opinion we’re all hogtied and in the trunk of the car, and most of us sadly are climbing in the trunk willingly— allowing ourselves to be taken for the ride. They’d rather take us there brainwashed and gagged.

Maybe I’m a looney for thinking the last real president that came into office was JKF. Why do I think that? Well— just look what happened to him. His first problem— believing he was a president. Ronald Reagan for a second start having that same delusion, but he was lucky enough to get a warning shot thanks to Tim McCarthy taking one for the team, and catching the .22 caliber bullet in the stomach. Harry S. Truman was both very lucky and very stubborn. He survived 2 attempts. William McKinley wasn’t so lucky, and we all know what happened to Abraham Lincoln. Was Abraham shot and killed by a Confederate sympathizer, or was he handed over and placed on an invisible alter as a sacrifice to prevent another war from breaking out? I have no idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the latter. Maybe those presidents were dealt with like Serpico was with his fellow police officers for going against the grain. His fellow officers didn’t lift a finger when they wanted him gone—they just put him in a scenario that he hopefully wouldn’t walk away from—allowing someone else to do their dirty work (great movie by the way). He was lucky enough to take a bullet to the face before deciding to move to Switzerland.

I find it sad, but yet hysterical that this country is being invaded right now as I type this, and yet I’m listening to our great POTUS giving a speech on YouTube about Babe Ruth, and now Elvis Presley. He is too busy standing beside his mail-order wife while making bad jokes and handing out medals to dead American icons while our country is being raided. I wrote a report about our country being invaded titled “The Silent Invasion,” over 10 years ago when I was attending college. After I got done presenting it to my English class I was asked to leave the classroom for trying to incite a riot. That was what my professor accused me. I been an independent thinker my entire life, and it has caused me to become an outsider as far back as I could remember because I question everything—not because I am or was a rebel—I just truly wanted to know.

As far back as elementary school I was labeled “A Problem Child.” The school’s counselor in P.S. 48 in Bensonhurst, Bklyn put in my folder after extensive and ridiculous tests that the prognosis of my issues were that I have serious problems listening to authority figures. They wasted no time putting that in my folder—all because I had questions of my own after answering hers. I never intended to bump heads, I was just inquisitive, and even back then in the mid to late 80’s that was a serious problem with most. If something doesn’t sound, or feel right I am going to question it. If something appears unjust to me I am going to speak on it. If that is a rebel— I wear that title proudly.

If Hillary had won the presidential election I honestly believe we would still have the “Caravan” (where did they coin that phrase?) steamrolling in. They need them—not because they perform the work that you or I refuse to do, but rather other reasons I really don’t care to get into. I will say this though—none of it is pretty. Trump orders thousands of our troops to the border to stop the invasion and they flood the internet with videos of our military putting up barbwire fences in certain spots at our border, but yet in other areas it is wide open. I watch videos on the internet of migrants (if that’s what you feel better calling them) standing on the top of the walls laughing at our military while others come strolling in. What does that tell other world leaders? That we’re compassionate? Don’t make me laugh, or better yet—cry. Is it politically correct to say we’re fucked? Okay—I won’t say it then.

So at the end of the day as a Political Nomad, Independent thinker, or whatever else you want to call it—I don’t care if you choose to label me with any term insulting, because by now I use to it. I’m not going to waste my time voting and partaking in the pointless spectacle. I will however still voice my opinion, and I could care less who wants to hear it. I could write a novel with hundreds of reasons why I believe the elections is nothing more than a joke, but that would be too easy. Obama was the first elected black president? It’s too bad Dick Gregory is unable to speak on that any longer. It’s also too weird to me how that the death of Antonin Scalia, a former Associate of the Supreme Court of the United States was found dead of natural causes with a pillow over his face. His death was quickly swept aside, and the investigation (if that’s what you want to call it) of his death was nothing more than a show for the masses. I find it alarming that dozens of videos proving the massacre that happened in Las Vegas back in 2017 clearly proves there were multiple shooters. I guess I will accept the answers the mainstream news media shoves in our faces, and if you REALLY want people to hate you just bring up building 7 on 9/11. That’ll be a sure way for your views to become quickly discredited and answered with an eye roll, a laugh, or possibly a physical altercation. There’s dozens of incidences that occurred that are sadistically shady, but God forbid you question any of it.

God forbid I ask why we put all our money and resources into protecting the borders against the caravan when they’re clearly being assisted with the invasion by people like George Soros. A solider even asked Mr. Mattis during his 90-minute tour on the southern border of Texas what the goal of the mission was. “Short term, get the obstacles in, Long term, it is somewhat to be determined.” That’s the response we get from our United States Secretary of Defense while 30 foot ladders are being used by the caravan to invade our borders. I’m sure most feel comfortable with that response being he was placed there by Trump, but I don’t. I voted for Trump because I wanted our borders protected, but when I bring that up to the Lefties they swiftly blame congress. What happened to making Mexico pay for the wall? Why isn’t Trump stopping the funding to Mexico for allowing the invaders to pass their borders and enter into ours? I have tons of questions, but no legitimate answer that is even close to believable. So as I said before— welcome to the 60’s only worse. I will continue to wear that Political Nomad title with pride and find some type of comfort in the looney Gray Zone. Left or Right side of the aisle doesn’t matter to me— all voting does is change the view on the roads that lead there, and for the record—the word “conforming” isn’t really a dirty word at all, I just haven’t found anything believable or worth conforming to. You conform, I’ll call bullshit where I see it and stay a Political Nomad.


  1. The US president can sign or veto what Congress passes. ALL of the politicians, Democrat or republican and even independents are controlled by someone else. Carlin in one of his stand ups explained. Corporations run the country. They bought and paid for it. Unfortunately the public, all of the public are slaves. We are not free. We’re allowed to work in return for barely enough money to survive. We are slaves to the illegal tax code, and the corporations that own us.
    The last bastion of freedom, I believe if the lifestyle we enjoy.

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  2. Simple for me : which VP rides a motorcycle ? Which party passes onerous laws of every kind from guns to what ever liberty and freedom we bikers enjoy ? What POTUS evr had the biker support the current one now has ? What pansy asses support the Dems ? The answer is simple BUT still to many Rinos survive the culling this November, too many with their heads in the $ trough . Was glad to the old fart Sessions go. I know where this Momad will fight on if it ever comes to that 🙂


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