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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Pagans who brawled with cops in bar score KO in court. This was the title of the article below. You can always count on the mainstream media to misrepresent a story any chance they get. Instead of the media putting information out to the public based on fact; it typically ends up putting out opinion pieces on what so called journalist think. In my opinion, I think this has had a detrimental effect on the way our country, has become. This country is made up of mostly sheep who will believe whatever they are fed. The Biker Lifestyle has started following this trend. Once being a biker was about not buying into what mainstream society was pushing. In the present climate we actually welcome it into the scene. This is because over the last twenty-five years or so bikers have lost their balls. Ideology we formerly held has been replaced with political correctness. I never thought I would ever see the day when a majority of bikers would become politically correct. How did the scene end up the way it has? It‘s relatively easy to answer. It was an influx of weekend warriors, rubs and the internet. 

What Happened in Kopys bar?

What happened in Kopys Bar between those undercover cops and members of the Pagans MC was not a bar brawl. This has been a false line the mainstream media has been pushing on the public since the beginning. This narrative implies the Pagans actually were involved in assaulting police officers. In return the officers retained the right to undertake what they did in the bar that night. Furthermore, it’s a narrative I can bet was put out by the public information officer of the Pittsburgh PD. Let‘s be honest; the Pagans members didn’t engage in any brawl. If this was the case, you wouldn’t see them put their hands on the bar or submit to police orders. If a Pagan was engaged in a brawl like the media and cops are pushing you would see many hurt cops on that video. No, the plain truth of the matter is there was no brawl. It was clear as day to those who actually watch the video from an independent observer. It was police overreach and brutality to say the least. 

Pagans Motorcycle Club Members have charges dropped:The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office has withdrawn charges Video Enclosed. Big win for the good guys

Reaction from the biker scene

The reaction to this brutality from the biker scene was pathetic to say the least. The reactions broke down the lines of what part of the scene someone was from. Example, motorcycle club members & supporters or those who support LEO. It’s actually funny I have to write about a section of the biker scene that supports LEO. Just twenty-five years ago these types of people were far and few between. Now they are almost even with those who do not support LEO. Everyone wonders why the big rallies have become so damned politically correct lol. Anyways, an issue which should’ve brought the entire biker scene together, ended splitting it even further. You had the LEO lovers pushing the Pagans got what they had coming to them. Why? Because those LEO supporters love sucking on blue poles, that’s why. See, Leo Lovers have an identity crisis. These people have pitiful lives if you want to be real. People who suck on the blue pole want the best of both worlds. They want to remain a member of society in good standing while on the weekends play dress up and get their thrills in the biker scene. I call that being half ass. When someone does something half ass, they cannot be taken seriously.

Here‘s an example of what I‘m talking about. Recently I released the book Iron Order Motorcycle Club The Year that changed the motorcycle club scene. I‘ve been receiving the bashing reviews from those who are members of Iron Order on Amazon. The book sucks or even better they don’t like the grammar and such. One review from these members had me dying.Youre a mean person, and you were mean to people who want to do their own thing.” Seriously? I‘m mean lol. That’s the best you could come up with was I‘m mean for writing the truth? I‘m sitting here reading that and thinking “What The Fuck? What the hell has happened to the biker scene? It’s not only on the internet I run into these types of people. Currently, I’m on a book tour for both books. The Iron Order Motorcycle Club The Year That Changed The Motorcycle Club Scene and The New Age of Biking & Brotherhood. The characters that come to these things are pretty amazing. A good 30% of the people who come up to the table to get their booked signed are Rubs. I’m talking the ones who have the five hundred-dollar jackets and two hundred dollar boots. One of their biggest bitches is I’m too straightforward and use bad language to much on my shows. Are you fucking kidding me lol? First reply I always have for them. This is exactly why shit has become screwed up in the scene. Too many PC play bikers getting involved.

Wake up call to the biker scene

Two things should be a wake up call to the biker scene. 1. The incident in Kopys bar. 2.The case in which the Mongols MC is now engaged in where the federal government is trying to get their patch and logos. The incident in Kopys bar shows everyone the degree in which law enforcement will go to infringe on a not only a club member civil rights, but also any American Citizen. The Mongols case does not only effect motorcycle clubs as a whole, but it also affects other citizen organizations. If the Federal government can pin any type of organization as criminal because the actions of a few then no one is safe. This type of action from the government is a systematic attempt to remove a persons right to free association under the constitution. Once that right is taking away, other rights can be taken as well. Remember that! Take a look at the article below. Leave your thoughts and comments on Facebook about it. Share it and get the word out! Don’t forget to head on over to our YouTube Channel by clicking the banner above. Keep informed with daily videos and biker news around the scene.

Pittsburgh detectives might have won an alcohol-fueled bar fight with members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, resulting in criminal charges against four of the bikers.

But in Allegheny County Court on Wednesday, the four charged bikers scored a knockout, as prosecutors dropped all the charges against them amid an FBI probe of the bar fight.

As TribLive in Pittsburgh reports, the case based on allegations by the detectives that the bikers started the brawl simply fell apart once surveillance video and witness statements were gathered.

District Attorney’s Office spokesman Mike Manko said as much in a terse statement after the charges were dropped:

“The withdrawal of the charges was based on evidentiary reason and issues, and our office reserves the option of refiling.”

With that, aggravated assault, conspiracy and riot against four of the bikers — Frank Deluca, 36, of Greenfield; Michael Zokaites, 38, of Shaler; Erik Heitzenrater, 28, of Hampton; and Bruce Thomas, 61, of Pittsburgh — were withdrawn.

The Pittsburgh detectives were said to be investigating drug activity in the bar on the night of Oct. 11.

The Negative Effects of a Government Grab of the Mongols Logo and Trademarks. What are the risks to you and the biker community as a whole if they win?

And in wake of the brawl with bikers shortly after midnight, police wrote in the criminal complaint against the four men that Deluca initiated the fight when he shoved one of the officers, sparking an all-out brawl.

But as TribLive writes, security footage from inside the bar showed one undercover officer punching Deluca in the head at least a dozen times. Guns were found on two of the Pagans following the brawl, and police have said the men were carrying the firearms legally — and there were no weapons charges brought.

Finally, the owner of Kopy’s bar on Pittsburgh’s South Side swore in an affidavit that the undercover officers came in about 7:30 p.m. Oct. 11 and identified themselves as construction workers. They ordered alcoholic drinks, drank heavily, and the Pagans came in about 11:30 p.m., sitting at the opposite end of the bar.

“On several occasions, the undercover officers called me over and made statements indicating that they had an issue with the bikers at the other side of the bar,” bar owner Stephen Kopy wrote. “Each time, I discouraged them from taking action.”

Alas, the brawl broke out soon thereafter.

The FBI, along with various city review boards, continue to investigate the incident.

Source:Penn Live