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Bandidos deny they were intended recipients of $1.29b drug shipment as well as deny ties to cartels.

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The Bandidos motorcycle club has rejected claims it was an intended recipients of more than $1 billion worth of ice that was destined for Australia after being seized in the US.

Federal Police said Mexican drug cartels were behind a $1.29 billion methamphetamine shipment and their customers were organised criminal gangs — one thought to be the Bandidos.




But in an extraordinary response to a report in the weekend’s Herald Sun, club spokesman Grey Norman said: “We categorically refute any suggestion of involvement whatsoever, in this or any other matter concerning ice”.

“We, like most Australians, shared a sigh of relief that these drugs never reached our shores.

“The Bandido Motorcycle Club vehemently distance ourselves from this insidious scourge on humanity, and in every way, shape and form.”

Camera IconThe club says has distanced themselves from the ice haul.Picture: News Corp Australia, File/Nicole Garmston

He said dealing ice contravened the “charter, spirit and character of the club” and anyone breaching it would be disciplined with “a minimal penalty of instant dismissal”.

US drug bust exposes ties between Mexican cartels, biker clubs:Street value of $1.24 billion was hidden in two shipping containers carrying audio equipment

“It is not, nor will it ever be tolerated within our organisation or with those who we associate.”

Authorities on Friday revealed a record $1.29 billion of ice, $9.5 million of cocaine and $2.6 million of heroin was found concealed in audio equipment in California on January 9 — and was bound for Melbourne.

The ice amounted to more than 17 million drug hits and was over 1.7 tonnes.

Mr Hill said outlaw motorcycle gangs were “100 per cent” involved in the Mexican crime ring.


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  1. Well when your media you don’t need permission to post stuff. This article and statement was put out in the mainstream press. Thus becoming public domain. Insane Throttle is not beholden to any one club when it comes to Biker News. If it’s news, we either share the story from the source or we will do editorials on the subject.


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