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12,000 dirty cops in one state alone and law enforcement has the nerve to call 1%er clubs criminal?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Hey Steve Cook you out there? How about it? It’s time to backup your claims.They‘re absolutely gangs. “If you‘re wearing a 1-percent diamond and you‘re associating with the individuals these people and associating with the kinds of activities they are, theyre a gang by any classification and to take it a step further, they‘re organized crime,” Cooks said. Source: Central Texas News Now. Again, prove the above statement “Live” on air worldwide! You’re no stranger to media. You’ve been a media whore whenever any kind of incident goes down concerning a motorcycle club. Heres your chance to actually back up what you say against someone who will challenge the accuracy of those claims. Come on Steve. Stand up for the Blue Gang. Every one of your law enforcement buddies have been aching to take a swipe at Insane Throttle since our beginning. Heres your chance to defend your boys in blue?

Ryan Urlacher. Public Relations Officer for the Yakima Police Department and the so-called voice of the 99% biker. How about you? You claim all the time that youre the voice of the 99% and all the 1% clubs are criminal. Can you backup your claims? Can you actually do an interview with someone who will ask questions to challenge your claims you’ve put out in the media and on the internet?

How about any takes in Law Enforcement in Texas? You’ve made it your mission to profile any clubs you’ve come across. Explain your actions to the biker community on why you think your standpoint and harassment are justified and legal. Come on Sgt Swanton. You’ve made numerous remarks over the years including just a few weeks ago Waco needed the gang center money to combat Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. OK, let’s hear your argument. Time to back up what you’re spilling to the public.

What’s everyone think? You think they would actually come on a show that will actually challenge them? Personally, I think they are cowards and money whores hiding behind a badge. I think they don’t have the guts to come on an actual show which will challenge their official talking points. Steve Cook? A guy who is in the business of money by claiming to be a biker expert. Why? Because he worked a case against a motorcycle club. All of a sudden now he’s some kind of expert on bikers. Again, claims if you‘re wearing a 1-percent diamond and you‘re associating with the individuals these people are a part of organized crime. My question would be first and foremost. How did you come to this conclusion? How in your experience as a low-level detective able to draw such a conclusion? As the blue gang always says. “Where is the evidence to support this?”

Steve Cook is now a so-called expert in Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and is a consultant in cases which the prosecution needs an expert. He has been one of the biggest money whores of all the LEOS. Shit, if Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs cease to exist, this Howdy Doody would need to find a job at the local ice cream shop. Why? Because he would no longer have an audience to spew his so-called expert knowledge to.

Judge Won’t Make Mongols Biker Club Surrender Trademark Logo. Still a fight looms. Statement from Motorcycle Profiling Project

It’s cops like Steve Cook that actually make all the blue gang look bad. It’s like a heroin addict. These people have to try and ride a high as long as they can. This dude works a case or two on biker clubs and next thing you know you see him all over the TV anytime something pops off. Or, he shows up on the History Channel in reruns every time Gangland pops up. I did notice the Midwest Outlaw Club Association website hadn’t updated in some time. Neither has any of your social media accounts. Business must be tough. Haven’t seen you gracing the TV set with your bullshit lately. Or is that because you’re working on some bullshit book?


Heres a question I have for all law enforcement going around pushing this idea that members of 1% clubs are all criminals. Come on, one of you has to be able to raise your hand and answer this. A recent article from the East Bay Times. Specifically details the State of California trying to get the press not to print the names of some 12,000 dirty cops in their news media.

1. 12,000 dirty cops? In one state in this country? You morons actually have the nerve and balls to go around in the press saying members of 1% clubs are all criminal? You’re kidding me right?

2. 12,000 dirty cops in one state alone. What do you think the number is from all 50 states? Again, you have the nerve and balls to say members of 1% clubs are all criminal?

Step to the plate. Calling any member of Law Enforcement to come forward and explain the astronomical number of dirty cops. I’m betting I won’t get one to do it. Why? Because LEO are the most hypocritical power hungry human beings that have ever been allowed to suck our oxygen.  These people belong to the biggest worldwide gang anyone has ever seen.

Grub from the Warlocks MC passes away. If you look through Clubs today, those that have been around for awhile. Have had the staying power. No matter 99 or 1%, finding a 50 year member is a rare feet.

I’ve got an exercise for you. An experiment if you will. Those who actually do this I will air it on Motorcycle Madhouse. Call your local police department. Inquire into the process of making a formal complaint against an officer. I can almost bet the one on the other end of that phone will give you hell. Even get belligerent with you for even inquiring about filing a complaint. Record your call and send it to Subject: Police Complaint. You want to get involved in the fight? Pick up that phone now and send us your recordings.

There it is folks. We have publicly asked for any law enforcement to back their positions up. We know they are reading this. Leo stalks the website every single day. I guess they don’t get we can see where incoming traffic is coming from. So to those we say “Put Up or Shut Up!” We are inviting you to come on a “Live Forum.” Come on, call us out. Put us in our places!! We will keep everyone updated if anyone in the blue gang takes us up on our offer. Personally, I think they will continue to hide out in mainstream media who throws softballs at them for questions. Don’t forget to check us out on Motorcycle Madhouse Monday Thru Fri at 7pmcst.

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  1. I am currently writing a Public Administration paper based on the this same East Bay article. This is an interesting law that will be deemed unconstitutional if it goes high enough in the courts. The taxpayers have a right to see this information.


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