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Honda Unveils Custom ‘Cool Wing’ Gold Wing at Daytona Bike Week.The Cool Wing pays homage to the Gold Wing’s past while still looking to the future.

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When we think cool custom bikes, we don’t usually think of the Honda Gold Wing. The touring machine doesn’t necessarily lend itself to customization. However, Honda didn’t let that stop it from bringing a super-cool custom Gold Wing to Daytona Bike Week. It calls the bike the “Cool Wing.”

The team at Steady Garage built the bike. The Cool Wing pays homage to the Gold Wing’s past while still looking to the future. Designer Francis Clemente is the man who came up with the design concept. That concept led the way for the team to go about making the customizations. 

The bike gets air suspension, batique-style mufflers, a custom hand-crafted leather seat, and a light blue paint job among other things. The air compressor for the suspension system is hidden away in one of the saddlebags. As far as technology goes, the team didn’t skimp out. The bike gets the first-ever motorcycle blind-spot monitoring system among the Gold Wing’s other current tech. Steady Garage Co-founder Kevin Dunn sounded proud of the finished product.

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The project was very challenging due to the Gold Wing’s new design, as there was no guidance from any existing builds or projects that fit our style. Our hope was to build a custom Gold Wing that would be appreciated by riders of all ages, interests and backgrounds. We had to make it look cool without stepping away from functionality.

I love seeing a group of talented builders take to the Honda Gold Wing and make it a unique and awesome machine. It goes to show that anything can be customized tastefully with a well-crafted design and superb execution. The guys at Steady Garage did a fantastic job, making one of the most alluring Gold Wings out there. 

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