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When will bikers wake up and fight back?Police Abuse out of Control. Cancer Patients hospital room raided over weed. Video Enclosed.

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Imagine sitting in a hospital room with Pancreatic Cancer. You’ve just been informed you have Stage 4 and you’re not expected to make it for much longer. A diagnosis like that can bring down anyone’s world. Now Imagine a bunch of Leos barging into your hospital room. Demanding to search your possessions because they received a phone call that you had a bag of marijuana in your possession. Now add in the fact your state just approved Medical Marijuana and the only reason it’s still illegal for you to possess is because the Governor has yet signed the bill into law. This nightmare happened to a man in Missouri. A man who has stage four cancer and as you can see by the video below; had this exact scenario happened to him.

Yes, in America we have cops busting into a Stage 4 Cancer patients room because they received a tip this man had pot. Before going any further into this article I must state Im not a fan at all of Leos. I cannot stand them or anything they claim to stand for. If they were on fire, I wouldn’t piss on them to put them out. I would rather sit there and roast some marshmallows before helping one of them. Why? Leos are nothing more than fake human beings. People on a power trip because they have no self-esteem. This, of course, happens when you’re given a sliver of power over anybody wrapped up in the name of the law. It goes to their heads, makes them feel like more of a man. Something many are sorely lacking.

Case in point. The Leo in this video. Captured by the cancer patient while Leo was examining his possessions. The smug demeanor he maintained the whole time while the patient was explaining he had nothing on him. The arrogance of power poured off his shit eating grin.Yeah, Im the man, do as I say you pheasant.” That’s exactly what he was thinking. Check out the video below and tell me I’m mistaken.

So tell me, am I off base with my analysis? No, don’t think so, not one bit. What I saw in this video was disgusting. What I seen was a bunch of backwoods cops getting off harassing a cancer patient. Someone who got off asserting himself over someone who didn’t have much longer to live. Over what? Weed? You’ve got to be shitting me? How does anything in that video help serve the public? That’s right, it doesn’t.

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There is no mention in the video if a warrant was requested. I’m betting though none was in hand. Which, those of us who know about the law, this would be a perfect example of a 4th amendment violation. The only thing these cops had was a phone call. No reasonable suspicion this patient had anything on him. So now you’re telling me the police can search whomever they want on just a phone call? A phone call is now the standard in which police can search a citizen? If this is the case then watch out America. We have entered a truly scary period of a true police state.

Bikers have been fighting this type of police action for decades. Some more than others. Currently in Texas, the epicenter of motorcycle club profiling, this type of behaviour by Leo is nothing new. A short time ago we showed a video taking by a member of a club who was being profiled. The Leo openly admitted to profiling him and his brothers. His exact statement was if you’re wearing a cut, then you will have to accept the consequences that go along with it. Consequences? I did not know the first amendment and the right to associate with whomever you wanted to had conditions put on it. Didn’t know Leo possessed the right to modify the meaning of the amendment without the input of the people. Guess that’s how it works in Texas now. The Governor of Texas provided implicit instructions to Law Enforcement to actively document so-called gang members. Spare no expense. Waco, the home of the most backwoods law enforcement there is in this country even applied for a gang task center. Yeah, that Waco! The home of the Branch Davidian Massacre of women and children. The home of the Twin Peaks Massacre. Yeah, the one where cops opened fire like it was some kind of turkey shoot.

No MC Colors Allowed in Idaho Senate for Profiling Bill Vote. Motorcycle profiling and discrimination have literally followed motorcyclists inside the Idaho State Capitol

If the Leo actions are not concerning enough to the citizens of this country I have another. We are letting them do it. Even in the biker community. For example, the video we featured the other day of motorcycle club members being openly profiled. We received a response in the comment section.

I think there’s a little lack of realism here in many of these responses. You tell a cop, especially one like this, that I’m not telling you anything”, and you think he’s going to say “okay have a nice day”, and then leave? 10/10 they find a reason to jam you up, search your shit, and eventually escalate it to an arrest. It’s not right, but that’s the reality of living amongst a militant police force, IMO. The change has to come in the form of laws, or we’ll always be targeted like this.”

My response to that is quite simple. Did not change come during the civil rights movement by people who put their freedom on the line? Did they not fight a system to receive the proper justice? No, its not time to lay down our rights just because we fear being arrested. I submit it is time to start fighting back. In an instance like this all the cop gets is name and birthdate. Anything else he can go pound sand. If the cops want to push it further than take the unlawful arrest. Get the issue into the public eye. Show the world like this cancer patient did. Tell the cops we are finished and will not lay down to them if we are doing nothing wrong. Show the cops true colors. Freedom isn’t free. Its not only our vets who have to fight for it. Its our responsibility as American citizens to fight for it as well.

Heres the stonecold truth. Nothing is going to change without sacrifice. The biker news sites and motorcycle rights organizations can put all the information out in the public. But without action on the ground nothing is ever going to change. Unless people actually get involved in the fight, no laws will ever be changed. It’s just an indisputable fact. If we cannot start organizing big runs to protest these types of actions on Leos part than who is to blame? I submit it’s our fault as bikers. We can go to Sturgis and Daytona by the hundreds of thousands. But we cannot bring half those numbers to a place like Waco, Texas, to protest actions by the police? Laws do not get changed without these legislatures seeing a overwhelming number of people in the streets protesting a wrong. I can guarantee you the Governor of Texas would take notice a 100,000 bikers protesting in front of his office. Until these people see numbers the status quo will stay the same. Thats just a fact. So the question turns to what are we going to do about it? Are we going to sit back bitching about it or is someone going to start organizing bikers and start hitting these pricks head on?  The biker community has the numbers to exact change. We just have to decide if we are going to fight or continue to lay down. Do we want to continue being harassed? Do we want to continue as American citizens watching as Leo runs all over our rights? Those are the questions you should be asking yourselves right about now. The more time goes on without any uproar on our part. The worse it’s going to get, remember that. 

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  1. It’s hard to read an article when the writer is biased! Not all cops are bad and the law is the law.
    I’m pro canabus and believe all states should be legalized…


  2. While I believe it could have been handled a lot differently, the fact of the matter is that marijuana (medical or otherwise) IS still illegal in Missouri. Even though it was passed by voters last November, people will not even be able to start requesting Medical Marijuana Cards until, on or around, July 4th (that’s a great day) and no one should expect to be able to get the Medical Marijuana from a legal dispensary until probably Jan 2020. As a believer in the benefits of marijuana, I believe that the cops were just doing their jobs and they weren’t abusive about it.


  3. Wow James, nice of you to “type cast” the hundreds of thousands LEO’s based on the actions of a few. I think there’s a word for your thought process. Also, I’m sure you’re aware there are thousands of LEO’s who are also bikers, what do you call them ?


  4. Hey what goes around comes around don’t it? Exactly the way Leos look at bikers. We are all criminals and anyone who wears a patch is a criminal . What do I call Leos who claim to be biker and wear 3 pc patches?Confused about their identities.


  5. Needing to contact you re: Downedbiker style fundraiser attorney funds. Wrongfully convicted Freddy Augello.


  6. @Anonymous, “Not all cops are bad and the law is the law.” That is a contradiction in terms! ACAB (all cops are bad), if they weren’t, there would be NO bad cops. When a “good” cop looks the other way, he is bad too! And “Laws” don’t seem to apply to cops either!


  7. Just because there is legal medical marijuana does not mean that it is legal to smoke it in the hospital. Still breaking the law. There are strict no smoking (of any type) policies in place in every hospital to protect workers and other patients. If said patients wants to smoke their weed for relief then they need to sign out AMA and smoke at home. Just because it helps one doesn’t mean it is good for everyone who is in the hospital. They wouldn’t be allowed to smoke cigarettes either so weed is no different. Dont think your above the law and the cops wont treat you like shit! End of rant.


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