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The Story of Biking and Brotherhood shown first hand at funeral of Harry “Taco 1%” Bowman.You heard stories of road adventures, life lived, moments cherished with brothers, you felt the history and cherished it.

Taco Bowman. Outlaws MC

The following was sent into Insane Throttle Biker News by someone who attended the funeral of Harry “Taco 1%” Bowman. This has not been edited. It is in it’s original form as sent in. Pictures were provided by sender.

By Unknown

I fell in love this weekend, again. I served in a combat zone more than once. Often times when you’re bored overseas, you wonder, if this is my time to go what will people say about me, how will I be remembered. You expect and hope that your Brothers you serve with will cherish and carry your legacy. This weekend I was witness to just such an event. I saw it pouring forward 100 times over.

As the media tried to make a spin with words like “gang comes to town”, “nefarious”, “leader of the gang” or other words to negatively impact public perception, Thousands upon thousands poured in to say things like “I love you”, “Brother”, “Gone but not forgotten” and tears flowed without judgement and were met by hugs and kisses. I am not a 1%er, I am just someone that loves the history, the culture, the traditions and wants to see it honored and kept alive for generations still to come. I watched as men slowly made their way past the casket to pay their last respects.

Harry “Taco” Bowman: As Boss he was beloved by those he served. He would expand the club to over 200 chapters worldwide . An Outlaws Outlaw.

Men of high character. Men with patches some that predated the mid 1960s, some great with words, some only able to give nods. I was moved back to a time and place that I thought only existed for those of us that fell fighting overseas. That night, around any of the sold out motels, around any of the gas stations being sold out of energy drinks, soda, and some beers, on any bar stool in a roadside joint for a burger, you heard stories of on the road adventures, life lived, moments cherished with brothers, you felt the history and cherished it. You saw different patches of Clubs embrace each other in hugs and condolences, no attitudes, no bullshit. Oh, and those terrorized town folk made a lot of money. Every man has his own reasons for why he joins a Club, 1% or otherwise.

A giant among men. Harry “Taco” Bowman passes away. Former International President of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. GBNF. Godspeed Taco 1%er

When you decide that the time is right for you, or if you ever have a moment of wonder on why you joined; remember moments like this. Remember what the sacrifice and dedication earns you. Remember all the people that are going to love you just for being you, true to yourself. Remember that coming here is going to earn you Brothers that love you for your heart and nothing else. They won’t bend to the media, to pop culture or other outside influences, like a soldier that falls in battle they will carry on your legacy. They will kiss and hug. They will pick up the pieces for your family in a most difficult time because they are family too. Death is coming for us all. Strive to surround yourself with men that set this standard.

Harry “Taco 1%” Bowman July 17, 1949March 3, 2019


  1. Some men are born leaders, others are born to follow but all are united. Carry on brothers, respect to all ..RIP Taco.


  2. My brother was a true Outlaw 1%er. Went to the forever chapter in 2009. Going away send off at his clubhouse but no final ride. I still don’t know who made that decision and it makes no difference now. Time passes but memories are forever. I know that he wrote many letters to Taco. I am great full that he was shown so much support and may he Rest In Peace. I went to the Crematory with my brother and he left with as much of his Outlaw items as Icould get on him. One of his brothers and good friend was there with me to insure his colors went with him. It was a very hard day for me, he was my only sibling and both our parents were deceased. Kentucky and Tennessee did right by him, not so much other out of state clubs. I am not bitter about his less than honorable send off, it was just hurtful. Ride free Geno 1%er with all your brothers there and I relish the thunder


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