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A giant among men. Harry “Taco” Bowman passes away. Former International President of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. GBNF. Godspeed Taco 1%er

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

It is with great sadness we report Harry “Taco” Bowman has passed after a long battle with cancer. Some kids grow up having heroes like major-league baseball and football players. Others look up to politicians and activists. Not me. Growing up in Chicago, it was Harry “Taco” Bowman who was one of the biggest heroes of mine. Taco 1%er was the one biker who you could say defined what the 80’s and 90’s was like. He was a giant among men. In this writer’s eyes, no other would ever match his love for the biker lifestyle or definition of what a member of a club was supposed to be about.

Taco 1%er became the first International President of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club outside the mother chapter in 1984. This feat alone should tell everyone about the man who would lead one of the biggest and best clubs in the world. Taco 1%er was the stuff of legend. His love for the Outlaws and the brothers who wore Charlie was unmatched by no one. Taco 1%er led to the expansion of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club worldwide. First in 1993 with the France Chapter and in 1995, Norway becoming the second chapter. The foundations for the Outlaws in Australia were laid in 1994, and the rest is history. The mighty black and white nation of the Outlaws MC seen some of its biggest growth under Taco 1%er. And with that a legend in the eyes of the many members and supporters of the AOA.

What made Taco 1%er a legend to many? His strength and resilience in the eyes of adversity. He was a true Outlaws Outlaw. Never ever backing down from the principles he held dear to himself and Biking and Brotherhood. The very foundation of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and something which has defined the club since 1935 when it was established out of Matilda’s Bar on old Route 66 in McCook, Illinois outside Chicago. Taco 1%er took Biking and Brotherhood to a whole new level. Talking with current and former members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club during Taco 1%ers leadership time a common theme develops. A man of heart, integrity and principle.

Not much is known publicly about Harry “Taco” Bowman. Why? Because he was not, what only an outlaw was supposed to be about, but what all club members are supposed to be about. That is silence and dedication to his brotherhood. It was no ones business and he never offered his business to the public. Something you very rarely find these days. When someone says “Old School. Taco 1%er should be someone who pops in your mind first. Taco 1%er was never a sell out to the lifestyle. He never went and tried for a movie or book deal like so many others who were in his position of leadership. He remained out of the public eye and the ultimate blue-collar biker. Unlike one of those Hollywood bikers you see trying to make a name for themselves in the public eye.



The Outlaws Nation and the entire biker lifestyle lost a true giant. Its men like Taco 1%er each and every one of those kids riding their bikes wanted to be when they grew up. He was the true definition of the Outlaw Biker. One who did things on his terms and never wavered on principles. Something you very rarely ever see anymore in the age of internet biker.

Big Pete James Leader of Biker Better School and how he tried to use club property to secure a deal with Known Undercover Cop. Interview enclosed

Godspeed Taco 1%er. Thank you from all of us at Insane Throttle for your example of what a TRUE 1%ER is all about. You will be sorely missed. Someone who was truly one of a kind. Even when this government of ours came after you. You stood firm and resolute. Always standing by principle and showing everyone else what true honor was about. There will never be another like Taco 1%er. BEERS UP!!!!!! Taco 1%er GBNF

“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been a reward for what he gave.”

Calvin Coolidge.

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  1. Rest in peace harry,due to men like you men like me get to ride everyday,and love what we do, Rainier Riders.


  2. you will be missed by many, Until I get there ride like hell into the” FOREVER CHAPTER” Taco1%ER a man amonst men and Loved and Respected by all my condolences to the Outlaws MC and all affiliated with the AOA


  3. you will be missed by many, Until I get there ride like hell into the” FOREVER CHAPTER” Taco1%ER a man amonst men and Loved and Respected by all my condolences to the Outlaws MC and all affiliated with the AOA


  4. been with you since you were 19 fun times surfer1%er outlaws mc keep a spot for me brother




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