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Big Pete James Leader of Biker Better School and how he tried to use club property to secure a deal with Known Undercover Cop. Interview enclosed

Motorcycle Madhouse

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Imagine your surprise if your sitting at your desk working on your upcoming articles for the day when you get a call from an undercover cop. Now imagine your greater surprise when this is an undercover cop who was on the History Channel (In the shadows) and worked a case that is well known in the Chicago area. Now, imagine an even further surprise when that same undercover cop wants to do an interview on Motorcycle Madhouse. Yeah, It was quite surprised to say the least.

The first step you have to take is verify the information given to you. The who, what, wheres and how. This was our task the last month or two. Finally after confirming this person was really who he says I took some preliminary information before going onto an interview. Again, that information was verified and the time came to find out what he really wanted to talk about. One has to see my hesitance because Insane Throttle and Motorcycle Madhouse is one of the most disliked platform on the net from a LEOS standpoint. Usually when I do interviews for Insane Throttle Biker News I’m happy go lucky. This time I was reserved and guarded.Guess its a habit I’ll never break when it comes to cops.

Why did I take the article? Because he had information that could actually help the biker community. Especially with all the motorcycle profiling going on today. There was a bonus though. Proven information that Bruce “Big Pete” Peters aka Brutus James, aka Pete James was actively seeking out his services in order to sell his book. More to the point, trying to get his help getting someone to make his life story into a documentary.



Interview with Former Undercover Pete James tried to get deal with. Also known as Fingers. Worked undercover to bust Pete James Former Club.

Yes. He went to someone who was an undercover cop. One who brought down two of his former brothers in his old club. Pete knew this and still sought his services. Worst yet? He offered former club property to get in the door. Something we all know he had for up to three years after leaving the club Out Bad. We also know he had no problems threatening to sell ex club property on the internet. But to offer to give that property to a former undercover agent who worked your former club is fucked up to say the least. Why? So you could get a documentary deal? How fucking low and how fucked up can you be?

Damn rat, how do you even look at yourself in the mirror? Hey BBS! Reap what you sow lol. Enjoy your fearless leader. One who tries to give his former clubs property to an agent. One of whom tried to take his former club down. Why? For a documentary deal. You all deserve each other.

More tonight on Motorcycle Madhouse Titled -Exclusive interview. Big Pete James out bad Outlaw tries to work deal with undercover agent
Getting past this fuck nut. What else did we learn from the interview? Fingers, which is the nickname he is going by. Admitted a couple big things in the interview I never thought I would hear out of Law Enforcement. One of those being he seen no organized crime happening while undercover. Any crime being committed was on an individual’s part. Nope, no big organized criminal conspiracy which is being pushed by LEO. Actually, to the contrary. He admits those who work bikers come in with some stupid shit just to explain their existence and keep their jobs. Big development don’t you think? Having a former agent of the US government admitting this during an interview?

What also comes to the surface? Police will do the same if not worse than they claim bikers do. Thing with them is they use the law to commit their crimes. Snatch and grabs we call it in Chicago. Cops go in and tear a place up on a false premise and then proceed to rob their victims of what they can. All this under the smokescreen of the law. For those who are the naysayers this kind of stuff happens. Wake the hell up and get into the real world. Motorcycle Profiling happens on a daily basis. Snatch and grabs happen everyday all over the country. Click this link below to read the article on how media is being sued by the State of California. Why? Because they don’t want them to print a list of over 12,000 cops who are bad. Nope, don’t want the public to see that. They want you to believe the propaganda all cops are good. Well, they are not. So if you want to maintain your rights as a biker and citizen of this country you better get up and fight.

So what have we learned here? We have a guy who is a rat to the bone leading a group supposedly educating people on the biker lifestyle. We have people who are supposedly in clubs following this dude? Sound pretty screwed up? You decide. More tonight on Motorcycle Madhouse Titled -Exclusive interview. Big Pete James out bad Outlaw tries to work deal with undercover agent

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  1. Fat Pete sucked in a lot of people with his lies. I can’t believe there is anyone still on BBS! Haven’t his moderators figured him out yet? I know one of them was Out Bad, but I thought the others were ok. I haven’t been on any social media for months and months, so I’m out of the loop.


  2. This is unreal isn’t it Wingdwolf? Dude actually tried using former club property to secure a deal with a known undercover agent who tried to take down his former club


  3. I find it hard to fathom that all of these POS Out Bad Mother F**kers believe they can do this shit. I know they do it under an umbrella of protection by LEO. What I find worse is the non-thinking things that happily follow them. What the F**K happened to the world. I can only hope that their karma gets them.
    Great job once again Hollywood.


  4. Fuck that fat fuck. Attacks Insane Throttle listeners and tries to extort the sponsors of the show. He is full of lies and trying to twist the teuth so je os not found out.


  5. Just when I think that I can’t be surprised at the greed of people this happens. This is why why we have to tighten our circle of loyal brothers and sisters.


  6. I guess being in the 50+ age bracket our values are different. I’m still a believer that a man’s word means something, I guess I’m to damn old to understand people like that.
    Keep up the good work! I and some other grey beards here in Arkansas look forward to your 7 o’clock news.


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