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Waco: DA will decide in April about remaining Twin Peaks cases.Certainly out of the 24, I think we are looking at some dismissals

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) McLennan County District Attorney Barry Johnson, who’s 75 days into his first term, says he will make a decision in early April on what to do with the remaining Twin Peaks cases.

“Without a doubt, the Twin Peaks cases that I’ve inherited, and there are 24 of them, have taken most of our time and emotional energy by going through those cases,” he said.

“Certainly out of the 24, I think we are looking at some dismissals.”

Johnson retained most of the staff of former DA Abel Reyna and brags about their abilities and skills.

“The lawyers that were here all work well together,” he said.

“They’re hardworking lawyers, trustworthy, and I knew exactly what they were doing and I’ve just been very thrilled to know that it’s even better than I thought.”

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Johnson is a Waco native whose late father served as a district judge.

He says his goal is fairness for everyone.

“One of my good friends here and supporters Clifton Robertson said ‘you’ve got to put that angel on your shoulder Barry and if you’ll do that you have a chance of being a really good DA’ and since I’ve been in here that’s really helped me.”

“If you show any favoritism to one friend or one of your campaign supporters where you would not give that same break or that same consideration to others, well once you do it one time, you just spend the rest of your time trying to figure out where you are.”

“We have a chance to affect a lot of people’s lives and we just have to keep our goals right in front of us and that is we’ve got to do, justice.”

Source: KWTX

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