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“Where’s the money?”: Man kidnapped from motorcycle club, beat up in alley, Fourth suspect in violent southwest Memphis kidnapping, robbery arrested

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The fourth and final suspect wanted in a violent southwest Memphis kidnapping and robbery has been taken into custody, authorities said.

The victim claimed he was sitting inside the Corrupt Rider motorcycle club at 1035 Fields Road back in January when Tyrone Hardge and John Montgomery demanded he leave with them. Montgomery then stuck a solid object into the victim’s side, leading the victim to believe he had a gun.

Before he could react, the man said Hardge grabbed him and forced him out and into a white Volvo waiting in the parking lot.

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“Where’s the money?” they asked him.

After stating he didn’t have any, Bettie McGluen allegedly ordered Montgomery to take his cellphone and wallet, and hand it to her. Inside they found $300.

Again, he said the suspects asked him about more money. When he told them that’s all he had, they forced him out of the car and into a deserted alley. That’s when he said McGluen gave the order for Montgomery, Hardge and another man named Giesler McGowan to “beat his a** until he come up with the rest of the money.”

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After being beaten, the victim told police he lied and told the suspects that he had more money hidden at a friend’s home on Jolson Avenue. But when they arrived, the homeowner refused to let them enter and a fight broke out. The defendants tried to force their way inside but were unsuccessful.

They eventually drug the victim back into the yard and began beating him once more. One suspect even grabbed a wooden board and knocked the victim out with a blow to the head.

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It appears that the suspects took off at that point.

Hardge was arrested in February while McGowan and McGluen were arrested in early March. The final suspect, Montgomery was arrested on Tuesday.

All of the defendants were charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping and aggravated robbery.

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