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Hells Angels, Pagans: Police, SWAT Team Break Up Brewing Brawl At Bergen Harley Davidson

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Police from several towns defused a potential brawl between groups of Hells Angels and Pagans at the Bergen Harley Davidson store in Rochelle Park — and expect more trouble in the future.

A Hells Angels member was buying a motorcycle at the Essex Street shop on Saturday when a Pagan reportedly told him “this is Pagan territory,” according to Rochelle Park police.

They began to argue, after which several members of each gang showed up “to support their member,” according to a police report.

Police State of the United States of America

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“The situation was de-escalated by a large police presence,” the report said.

Rochelle Park police thanked their colleagues from Lodi, Maywood, Saddle Brook, the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office and the Bergen County Regional SWAT team, who all responded.

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“Intelligence obtained after the incident indicates tensions between the two motorcycle gangs [are] going to escalate,” they added.

“You’re going to see a lot more incidents between these [two],” one officer said. “They’re fighting for territory.”


  1. How does any of this little kid mentality help the American people at all?
    So far, as I understand it, none of the 1% clubs are interested in doing much of anything to help much of anyone or anything.
    The bitter bloody truth of it is, this entire country is our territory, and what happens to all of us it’s our responsibility to handle our own shit.
    Apparently, we can never trust our own people, which means we are justified in doing what we have to do to survive. That means literally millions of people heavily armed and out for themselves. What I see coming has nothing to do with anyone’s survival.
    Let that sink in.


  2. Snake you are so wrong it isn’t even funny. You have zero idea what you’re talking about. 1% clubs give so much money, food, toys and clothing to charity it would make your head spin.

    But I do agree that the whole territory thing gets blown out of proportion too often. There’s enough space for all clubs. If every club would just be happy with the area’s they are dominant in and respect those boundaries then there would be far fewer incidents but you completely misinterpret what clubs mean when they say territory. It all goes back to the phrase…for those that get it no explanation is needed. For those that don’t no explanation is possible.


  3. It’s a shame those 2 men couldn’t handle their business out back man to man instead of calling for back up. Times sure have changed and not for the better.


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