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Motorcycle club throws birthday party for little boy who was afraid no one would show up

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– Talk about a cool birthday!

Michael was turning 11-years-old and had invited his entire class to his birthday party on April 7 at a park. His family says that he struggles with disabilities and it’s tough for him to make friends in school, so he was worried that no one would show up.

By the time his party date rolled around, only two people had confirmed that they were coming. Well, a local motorcyle club was not having that.

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The Defenders Motorcyle Club heard about the party and reached out to the North Port Police Department to throw the greatest party Michael ever had.

“The Defenders, whose membership consists of primarily law enforcement, first responders, and military showed up with about 50 people to join our officers, and civilian staff to make a special event happen,” the North Port Police Department wrote on Facebook.

“Please join us in wishing him a very happy birthday so he knows how much we care! Turns out, WE are the ones who get the gift.”


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