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Former California deputies accused of ordering inmates to fling feces and urine ‘crappuccinos’ at each other

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By Greg Norman | Fox News

Two former California sheriff’s deputies are now facing multiple felony charges for allegedly ordering inmates at a jail they once worked at to spray “crappuccinos” – consisting of feces and urine – at people they didn’t like.

Justin Linn, 25, of Tracy, and Erik McDermott, 28, of Concord, were ordered by a judge on Monday to stand trial for the incidents said to have taken place under their watch inside the Santa Rita Jail.

“There is pervasive evidence that they worked together for the common purpose of intimidating witnesses by gassing,” KTVU quoted Alameda County Superior Court Judge Morris Jacobson as saying, using a term referring to the body fluid-oriented attacks.

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During a preliminary hearing that wrapped up this week, the judge said he heard evidence that the Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputies enlisted a convicted child molester and another inmate facing a murder charge to carry out the unsanitary acts, the station added.

Current inmate Shane Woodcock reportedly told the judge that the pair nicknamed one of the alleged attackers as “The Preacher” and would describe how he was “spreading the gospel” by dishing out “crappuccinos”.

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That person, Woodcock added, was given supplies like plastic gloves, bags and bins to use in the attacks, and his rewards for doing them included extra food and greater flexibility to leave his cell.

Last week, former inmate Fernando Soria testified that at one point, the deputies flung open his cell door and allowed “The Preacher” to gas him, KTVU reported. He also claimed, according to the East Bay Times, that the deputies orchestrated a dozen such attacks against him between August and December of 2016.

The newspaper says the pair are facing charges including felony assault under the color of authority, witness intimidation and conspiracy to obstruct justice. They currently are free on $320,000 bail and are set to appear in court again on April 29.

Source: Fox News


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  1. No pun intended, these two are the real pieces of shit in this scenario and should be incarcerated in the same facility. That’s a truly fucked up thing to do to a prisoner.


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