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Senior Finks biker is accused of setting fire to rival clubs tattoo parlors with molotov cocktail

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By Australian Associated Press

  • Senior Finks bikie denying he had anything to do with two separate arson attacks
  • The attacks were on Victorian tattoo parlous owned by rival bikie gang Rebels 
  • John Napolitano, president of Ringwood chapter of Finks, is on trial in Victoria
  • He was charged with conspiring to plan the fires, which occurred in May 2015

A senior Finks bikie is denying he had anything to do with arson attacks on two Victorian tattoo parlours owned by members of the rival Rebels motorcycle gang.

John Napolitano, president of the Ringwood chapter of the Finks club, is on trial in the County Court charged with conspiring to plan the fires in May 2015.

It’s alleged he arranged with an unnamed man for patched and prospective members, including Jye Carter, Nathan Rosendale and Sean Streicher, to burn down Valley Custom Tattoo at Seville and Eastern Tattooz Parlour at Lilydale.

Carter, Rosendale and Streicher are on trial alongside Napolitano, each facing one charge of arson.

Prosecutor Susan Borg told the jury on Friday they would hear Napolitano wasn’t present at either fire, but ‘he gave the order’.

It’s alleged he met with another man on May 12, 2015 and asked for the two shops to be burnt while he was in Adelaide.

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Valley Custom Tattoo is owned by a Rebels gang president, while Eastern Tattooz is owned by a former member, she said.

It’s alleged the other man recruited gang members including Carter, Rosendale and Streicher to take part and that the trio were involved in making petrol bombs that night.

In the early hours of May 13 Carter, Streicher and others smashed the front window of one of the shops, poured petrol and threw molotov cocktails inside and fled when it went up in flames, Ms Borg said.

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At the same time Rosendale is alleged to have gone with others to the second shop and done the same, fleeing while the store was smoking and not fully alight.

It’s alleged Napolitano was sent a message afterwards saying ‘job’s done’, to which he replied ‘good work’.

Napolitano’s barrister Malcolm Thomas told the jury that prejudice might suggest because his client is linked to the Finks, he might be involved in the allegations.

‘That sort of prejudice, that sort of thinking has no place in a courtroom,’ he said.

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It was accepted by everyone involved that Napolitano wasn’t there for the fires and urged the jury not to believe the evidence of witnesses, who can’t be identified for legal reasons, the lawyer added.

Barristers for Carter, Rosendale and Streicher have also denied their clients were present at the planning meeting or each of the arson attacks.

Source: Daily Mail UK



  1. I just crack up at the UK call ap club “bikie” because it sort sounds like they’re so cutie. Come on. Rebel is one thing, and entirely appropriate. But bikie makes me have visions of boys on bicycles with training wheels. And the fact their club name is “finks” … OH NO!


  2. Ok I was mistaken. They’re Aussies. I don’t know what finks means down under, given the language variances, but here it means you’re a low life fucking snitch.


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