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Want to know the reason for motorcycle club protocol? Just take look at this video of these Cu*Ts. This is the very reason why it exists.




By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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Well there you have it! They call themselves the Beasts! More like a bunch of punk cunts, if you ask me.
So let me get this straight. You need 20 guys to do what you did to those two people? Yeah, bitches everyone of you.
You even had a bitch or two in on the action. Not saying much for you idiots needing a woman’s help.
Wait! I’m sorry, you couldn’t have all you cockroaches deal with it so you needed some women to join in.
That right there folks is the text book definition of a bunch of coward ass wannabes who need their buddies hands to circle jerk them so they can TCB.
Now I’m usually the first to come out and defend Motorcycle Clubs.But this right here is the biggest punk crap I’ve seen in a long time. I personally don’t see how these cowards could even claim to be a motorcycle club. Most members I know don’t need 20 people and some woman to TCB.
But that is the world we live in now and its also the reason why you see people coming out against Motorcycle Clubs.
I cannot think of any reason why I could defend something like this to the general public.
To top it off you, punks are threatening the Bar owner? What kind of coward ass crap is that? Wait let me guess.You’re having a bunch of cunts call the bar up saying you’re going to do this and that right? You people don’t even have the balls to go up to her and state your business. Again, its incidences like this that have the general public turning against real motorcycle clubs. Its incidences like this that has every damn cop in Texas profiling club members.
The video you just seen and the reaction you saw from the bartender is giving the cops all they need to profile bikers. Its right there on the 5 o’clock news folks.
Again, there is no way in hell, I or anyone else could defend such coward ass shit.
One thing I could tell you. If you’re a club member, carry yourself a good pistol. I always carry a nice 357 snub-nose. If you ever find yourself in the position this guy was in, pull that pistol and start blasting these idiots in the face. Empty your clip on them. Have no mercy because these types of cowards don’t need any.

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This is just an amazing kick in the balls to all those people out there fighting for motorcycle club rights. Why? Because this type of crap sets us back more and more every time, it happens.
Now because you morons did this any one watching this video will think all club members are like this. Which we all know is not the case. But hey, this is what citizens see, and now they identify with what was said. Criminals & Animals. Nice going dipshits.
I wonder if you cupcakes started partying after you took that mans vest? Did it make you feel like you achieved something with twenty people on ole boys? Did it make you feel like you had some balls? Thats exactly what I think you pansies did after the whole incident. You got your little nuggets off because you filled your idiot brains that you did something to get back at this other club.
In reality you didn’t do any of that. What you did is put the heat on other real clubs and intensified the reasoning for LEOS to screw with bikers down in Texas. The reports will categorize you as a motorcycle gang. But that isn’t what you are because even bangers have more respect then what the hell went on in that video.
You want to know how bangers would’ve handled that cupcakes? The two would’ve been in the center of a circle. Bangers don’t pull any pussy ass shit like this. Wait, you’re actually lucky your not a real gang. Because if you were, I can almost bet there would be some good drive bys and bodies hitting the ground if this happened to a banger. So count your lucky stars motorcycle clubs are not gangsters.
But honestly folks, you’re seeing right here on video WHY Clubs have protocol. This right here in front of your eyes is the reason why protocol exists. Major 1% clubs don’t want this kind of crap happening. They know as I do the general public will start seeing all clubs in this type of light. This is what happens when people throw on patches and then start going around acting like club members. They put everyone on LEOS radar and screw everything up.


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Let’s go over the blessing aspect of motorcycle clubs for those too dumb not to understand. Guess I’m in one of those moods .

Why should we have to ask anyone’s permission or blessing to start a motorcycle club? This is the number one question asked by those who do not support motorcycle club traditions and protocol. This is the same type of propaganda BS the idiots who have no idea about club life put on their social media accounts and YouTube channels.
Here are some answers to that question.

1. Because you ass monkeys like I said before, clubs don’t want crap like what happened in this video. They know it will bring the heat down on ALL clubs.

2. The 1%er clubs have been around for decades. I could even say before most of those watching this video were even born. Those 1%er clubs have fought tooth and nail for decades in order to keep the general public and LEO off their asses.

3. To all those who say “Well 1%ers started off sometime in the past and didn’t need permission” Yeah ok! Your argument is destroyed before it even gets started and here is why. Those clubs you’re talking about shed blood sweat and tears. Even giving their lives and going to prison.Yeah, think they earned the right to set the tone. If you don’t agree I welcome you to walk up to a club member and air your beefs. But I’m guessing you won’t because your a coward behind a keyboard and just like being heard.

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To put it in an explanation, even the morons can understand. Clubs police themselves so the lifestyle isn’t uprooted and destroyed by a bunch of cunts like you seen in the video. I get it, there is a ton of supposed experts trying to give advice on the club scene. We see it all the time with the advent of the internet. Everyone with a YouTube or Social Media page is an expert trying to give advice.

For one, Even though I was in a club, I’m no expert by any means. I don’t know half there is to know about clubs. I speak only to what I’ve seen and experienced. This in no way whatsoever makes me an expert. The difference between myself and others who speak on clubs is I fully admit 100% I’m no expert. Unlike most these other channels who spout out negatively towards the club scene.

Those who spout out or ramble on about clubs and protocols in a negative light are nothing more than a bunch of jokes who never donned a patch in their life. These people actually had some mommy or daddy issues. Better yet, they were punked out by some club member, and they have resentment against the whole scene.

Another possibility why they are talking shit is because they couldn’t pass the mustard during the membership process so they feel like the internet is a good way of lashing out. So how in the hell can anyone take those type of people serious?

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Black Dragon was point on with using the video to talk about the good and the bad in the situation. But one thing I want the audience to know. What happened in this video is not representative of what motorcycle clubs are truly about.

What you saw in this video is nothing more than a bunch of cunts playing the part of motorcycle club members.

Oh, by the way. If any of you in that so called club would like to debate my points on why I think you’re a bunch of coward cunts. You’re more than welcome to come on the show. Looks like you’ll have an easier time with me than that woman bar owner.
But back to my point here before I go off on that tangent.

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The reason for protocol like I said before is for clubs to police themselves. This is something that has been going on for decades. If anyone honestly believes protocol is bad I would like to know WHY? Tell me Why its bad for clubs not to want some crap like what happened in this video to go on.

All you supposed anti protocol and anti club douches must have some sort of answer to this question. After all, you’re all experts on the club scene. You’re all out there trying to fill everyone’s head with anti protocol and anti club crap so you must have the answers to this question.

You want to know the reason I don’t like people who spout off at the mouth telling people they should do this and that? Simple. Them idiots won’t do it themselves. Sure, they love their soapboxes. But when it comes to putting in the work, they are nowhere to be found.
It’s the same thing with their anti confederation of club stances. These fools go off on a whoofing tangent on how bad the COC is and not one of the blow hards ever attended a single COC meeting. Instead, they take bullshit information from online or people disgruntled about clubs and further the crap.

Here’s the truth. I got to spend a little time down in Orlando at the National Confederation of Motorcyclist Convention. What I seen in that short time was a shit ton of bikers there to fight for bikers rights. To come together and fight a bunch of wrongs not only committed against club members. But committed against bikers as a whole.
I seen every walk of life and every type of club at that convention. Everything from ABATE to Christian Motorcycle Clubs and you know what? Not one of them being controlled by a dominant like these ass monkeys spouting off on social media would have you believe.

If you want to know the truth about the Confederation of Clubs or NCOM get your asses up and go to a meeting. Stop being a bunch of sheep listening to a bunch of blowhard nobodies who have no idea whatsoever what the hell they are talking about.
I know I’m taking the extreme approach concerning this video and the reason why is the actions of so-called clubs like this effect every motorcycle club. Right now I cannot even fathom the thinking of the people in this video.
Have they not heard about all the profiling happening to motorcycle clubs nationwide? Shit, Worldwide? Whats worse is the profiling epicenter is right there in Texas where this happened.
Did they really think this kind of shit wouldn’t make the news and not effect everyone else?
This is why I’m personally pissed about it, and I’m not even in a motorcycle club. Another reason why I think I’m pissed is that there is only a handful of creators who support motorcycle clubs. Now you know why. Incidences like this discourage a lot of the creators to back motorcycle clubs. Can’t blame them because no one wants to be looking like the fool trying to sell something when its the opposite that is actually happening.
Biker News and Biker Entertainment are in its infancy right now. Sure, it started off back in the 90’s but it hasn’t really become mainstream until now. Creators are spending big money investing in the biker scene because they know most bikers are great people. There is a limit to that though when something so public like this comes out.
I for one will never stake my reputation or motorcycle madhouse reputation defending some crap like this.

Sure, you will have some dumbshit from another website trying to defend these peoples actions but it won’t be us.

Insane Throttle/Motorcycle Madhouse is in this for the long haul. That means we will call the story as we see it. Facts will always speak for themselves on this platform.
Hopefully, the dominant in the area this happened in has a talking to these cunts because if they don’t, it just says a lot about the status of the club scene then.

What’s your thoughts on this video? Go over and take a look at BDS video on the subject and sound off.

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  1. Typical East Texas Scum…a pattern of cowards attacking others when numbers are in their favor.


  2. 1% clubs are f****** criminals that’s it plain and simple criminals scumbags worthless human beings. Bad name for everybody that rides a bike


  3. Two nobody clubs, and one trying to be a badass 1%.
    Totally ridiculous, and unnecessary. If he’d been a member of a real MC I doubt that this would have happened.
    If it had against a 1% MC the “Beasts ” would cease to exist.


  4. Ironically the “dominant” 1% club of Texas is STILL doing this to people who don’t pay their extortion fees.




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