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Hells Angels in trademark fight with online store. Lawyers for the Hells Angles told the court they were seeking an injunction on the sale of items related to their trademark

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By Nicholas McElroy

The Hells Angels are fighting to restrict what a T-shirt website can sell after being awarded nominal damages following a years-long legal battle over copyright and trademark infringement.

Lawyers for the Australian arm of the bikie organisation and website Redbubble, which sells “user-submitted artwork” on items like T-shirts and coffee mugs, appeared in the Federal Court in Brisbane on Monday.

The bikie organisation has been locked in a legal battle with the website since 2015 when the Hells Angels took Redbubble to court over a number of t-shirts advertised on the site.

The Hells Angels claimed the designs, some of which included their flying skull logo, breached copyright and infringed on their trademark.

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In March, a judge found their copyright case had failed.

However, a trademark infringement claim was made out for a number of T-shirt designs advertised on the site.

The highest selling T-shirt that included the designs sold just two units while one example featuring a design did not sell according to the judgment.

The Hells Angels were awarded $5000 in nominal damages.

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On Monday, lawyers for the Hells Angles told the court they were seeking an injunction on the sale of items related to their trademark.

Lawyers for Redbubble said the site “errs strongly on the side of caution” when removing material that could infringe on trademarks or copyright.

The case adjourned on Monday for the judge to consider submissions made.

Source: Brisbane Times

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  1. Yeah, it is not just the HA trademark I have taken issue with. Recently I was checking for anything I believe to be contraband whether trademarked or not..


  2. Anyway, I came across someone on redbubble selling a filthy few patch. 1 that shit is not for sale asshole. So I “politely”? informed them that they should not only remove it from the site and use one of two options. 1. Locate the nearest HA chapter, beg forgiveness and return it or 2, completely destroy it. Not sure which was done, but I got an email back saying it was no longer for sale along with a shitload of apologies. My guess is he or she didn’t have the guts to return it and just destroyed it.


  3. I also saw a post a while back on pinterest. These people were even stupid enough to put their pictures of themselves on it along with showing, and bragging about a 1% club cut they sold on Ebay. SINCE WHEN DID IT BECOME OK TO SELL FULL PATCH OR EVEN PROSPECT CUTS???


  4. Recently I noticed a patch on this site. Not the deaths head or I would have reacted differently. Nonetheless, this is a patch with decades old history. I don’t know if it’s been manufactured or just been dry cleaned to hell and back. Regardless, this is in no way a “saleable” item anymore than the deathshead or a members full patch. What is the problem with these people. Are they just plain stupid or completely ignorant! I, sort of tried to be nice as I explained that what he had put up for sale was not really a good idea to do. So, he thanked me and removed it from sale. Now I have kindly asked him where he is located so he can return this stolen of fake property to the proper Clubhouse, and I offered my assistance in doing so. If he doesn’t do it, I will be forced to use a different email and address, order some little thing and get the fuckers address. From what I saw it looked like stolen property to me.


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