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So now a motorcycle club is alright with being called a “Motorcycle Gang” They even use the MG cube on their vest. What is happening in the club scene in Houston ?

New Age of Biking & Brotherhood James Macecari

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

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Want to know the reason for motorcycle club protocol? Just take look at this video of these Cu*Ts. This is the very reason why it exists. Before going any further into this article. It will give you the reasons for a second part follow up article on the situation in Texas.

Want to know the reason for motorcycle club protocol? Just take look at this video of these Cu*Ts. This is the very reason why it exists.

Since the previous article and show that was done on Motorcycle Madhouse on Monday 5-13 titled “Why Motorcycle Club Protocol Exists.” I’ve received a ton of emails on this subject. Especially from people who are on the ground there in Houston and other places where the Beast MC have Chapters as well as their ally clubs.

One of the very first things I personally was surprised about was learning some of these clubs are now replacing the MC with MG. Which of course means “Motorcycle Gang.” Funny isn’t it? All these years motorcycle clubs have fought against that term and here there is some clubs proudly displaying it now.

So from my understanding some of these clubs members are ex-dominant members. Put out bad from the Dominant because they didn’t want the drug dealing, prostitution and the illegal crap going on. Especially since one of the said Dominants were under Federal Heat after Waco. Guess some of those members didn’t like that decision and thus went off on their own and started up clubs. Which hey, more power to you. I’m not one against making money and the way a man chooses to make their money is on them. Do your thing.


Everyone who followed me on Insane Throttle or Motorcycle Madhouse knows my history. I believe in street crews as well as survival of the fittest. You need to do what you got to do when it comes to making your money and surviving the streets.

Here’s what I don’t agree with. Maybe shit is run a lot differently down in Houston and San Antonio. Why in the hell would you want to bring heat down on yourself? Maybe it’s different here in Chicago where we tried to stay in the shadows so attention wasn’t drawn to ourselves. Maybe this is the reason I’m freaking confused about why in the hell it took 20 guys to beat on two. Maybe I’m confused that if you wanted to play gangster you didn’t have anyone check for the damn security cameras. For one, not only so you wouldn’t appear on the 5 o’clock news, but now most of you have been identified. Probably facing armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, assault and battery and those are just the minor charges. If I would have to take an educated guess each one in that video is probably facing a minimum of ten years. Unless of course people start rolling over on each other (Which I’ll bet you a grand they will.)

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So again, that’s how you do business down in Texas? Damn, remind me never to invest in any venture with you guys. But the idiocy of going after clubs that don’t want to roll with you is even more mind blowing. How in the hell do you go after Christian Clubs? I actually feel sorry for you all because they got the big man on their side. Better hope you don’t get struck down by a bolt of lightning while your riding. Karma is a bitch and she always gets her revenge. But wait! It’s not only Christian Clubs your harassing, you go after veterans clubs? What in fucks sake is that? Really? Do you really love having the feds buried up your asses?

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If you have a problem with the Dominant or your old club then go take the fight to them. Don’t go after Christian clubs or jump someone 20 to two and get caught on security cameras because you were dumbshits and didn’t scout the area. At least have the appearance of knowing what the hell you’re doing.I was told the incident in the video was because ” One of the members in this particular members club crossed into the wrong part of the prison yard.” Really guys, you’re trying to use prison slang to intimidate people? Oh wait, you’re recruiting gang bangers now to boost your membership roles. Exactly like Doc Cavazos pulled. Looks like your actually taking a page out of his playbook.

Thing is, that didn’t work out to well for Doc now did it? Guys started turning, deals were cut. Why? Because brotherhood didn’t exist whatsoever. Never does when you put money over the club. Shit, even Doc himself turned rat when the feds came knocking at the door. There went him making his money didn’t it?

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So getting back to what conceivably could be your reasoning for putting on the MG patch. Here’s what I’m guessing. Your setting up the structure of the organization like this. You have those who ride motorcycles and thus the MC part of the organization. The next part of the organization is the Prison Chapters. Finally, your recruitment base is the bangers coming up on the streets. Have to admit its a hell of a setup. Notably if you’re looking for a more extensive reach between a few diverse worlds. Not only will you have the access to the MC scene, but you will have the prison contacts and then of course street gangs. I can see exactly where you’re going. Why? Because this is how the Predadores was set up in the 90’s. I was a Predadores from 93-98. Right before the MC part of the organization went away and instead went full on street crews.

The set up won’t work. Know it from experience. The crew and prison aspect will override the MC part. What I find fascinating nevertheless is the decision to implement the MG patch. Why in the hell would you invite RICO to your front door? You do know that’s where its all going to end up don’t you? RICO will be calling. It inevitably does. Therefore why in the hell openly advertise you want to be considered a Gang? You’ve already met one of the predicates of RICO. Another thing I’m confused about is attacking in force like in that video. When it all comes down and it will. Your organization is going to lose all those numbers when the hammer drops. Either to Prison or by members flipping on each other. Excuse my ignorance, but what the hell? Who the hell is your “jefe?” Might want to rethink that if this is the orders being handed down. Those kinds of decisions are going to decimate your ranks. Just saying!

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You know what a real “Jefe” would’ve done. He would be making big moves to make friendly with all the local clubs. Sit down with them at the table and let them know the beef between your club, and the dominant doesn’t concern them. All your organization wants is peace. If there is no peace than that will bring the LEO cocksuckers down full force on everyone. If they don’t want to except that offer then you make it known to stay out of the beef. This even includes the support clubs. Leave them out of it. Let’s be serious, 99.9% of those guys in support clubs just want to ride and party. Those people have no idea the game or want for the game. Now, if an incident goes down and they participate, then they are fair game. At least you gave the option.
I know, everyone is doing the head tilt right now. But hey, I’ve always been honest with my readership. Again, I believe in survival of the fittest. If you can back your patch then more power to you. What I don’t believe in though is cunt moves. There is always a better and smarter way of getting things done without bringing heat on everyone or making a fool out of yourself on National Television. I also don’t believe involving other organizations which have nothing to do with what is going on. Not only is it a cunt move, but its also a dumb move. It will in no way help in achieving whatever goal your trying to achieve. This is especially true going after Christian Motorcycle Clubs, Veterans Clubs etc.

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Ask yourselves something. And this goes out to those in the video or the clubs going around harassing people for no valid reason at all. What did you achieve getting on the 5 o’clock news? Not only did that cunt act get seen by a huge number of civilians, you also caught the attention of ITBN. This site alone is in the top 5% of websites in the United States. This means it has a huge number of page views and visitors everyday who are BIKERS! Now, not only do you have regular everyday citizens calling you animals and criminals. But now the rest of the motorcycle community have seen what your about. One thing I can give you advice on. You don’t want your business out in the media because it will bring you down every time. The backlash and police scrutiny is going to be something no organization can withstand. Don’t know if you all realize this or not. Trumps Attorney General doesn’t screw around. Neither does them cocksuckers down in Texas.

“Gana corazones y mentes. Si quieres sobrevivir y prosperar esta es la única manera.”

Gods sake wearing an MG patch? I just have to bring the conversation back full circle  to this ludicrous move. To those who are the ex-1%ers. I know for a fact, every single one of you, every single one didn’t want to be referred to as a gang member while active with the dominant. You all knew being referred to as a motorcycle gang carries consequences with general citizens. You all know those citizens sit on juries and elect people who make laws. My question then is what gives? Why the change of heart? Is it for some kind of shock value? If it is then go full out and throw on the Swazi and other regalia.

Bottom line. Great job on turning every club against you in the Houston and San Antonio area. If you were looking for shock value you all sure the hell achieved that goal. Problem with your newfound fame. The heat you’ve brought down from the media is going to have LEO all over your asses. I’m sure you all know this is going to start making a dent in the profits. All those fees are going to start piling up. Lawyers, Commissary Funds all that good stuff is going to come into play. Might want to re-think your playbook. Just saying.

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  1. HUM so Alexa Ranks us at 272,013 . There is 505,000,000 websites one way or another connected to the US . You do the math. Maybe want to do your research before being an idiot.


  2. FYI… the Beast recently took over the Houston area COC… the Beast support club, Eastside Riders are running the COC show at the direction of The Beast. They have publically said there are over 350 clubs in the Houston area… they are going to consolidate and shut down clubs to get that number down to 200… Christian clubs included. The Beast was started by the Bandidos to shield club members from the National Members investigation and trial… they were using the Beast to continue business as usual… while the Bandits looked like a Boys Choir Group… The Beast realized there was more Beast than Bandits and declared themselves the Dominate Club in Houston… The Mongols started 8 Chapters in Texas… the members were all X-Bandits, the Beast shut them down and ran them all out of town, in a 3am raid on all their houses… these guys are no joke… they are the tuffest and meanest of the Bandidos… which is why the Bandits needed them to go somewhere else during Jeff Pikes investigation and trial. This video is not the first time this ambush has played out in the last year… and won’t be the last… until they get the Houston MC club count where they want it.


  3. Seems like it’s a LE set up club to make the whole biker world look bad. Remember the old saying “The loudest in the club are the feds”. That is straight out of the LE playbook for any undercover operation.. I smell Fallen Angles of Mexico all over again. But on a bigger scale. Someone in that club is LE and I wouldn’t be surprised its the PREZ. Looks like paid ANtifa in leather.


  4. You’re right. They’re a bunch of cunts who are going to create nothing but additional problems for the real clubs. What morons these assholes are. I wouldn’t trust or get within 100 miles of them. they’re just asking for bad shit for themselves and everyone else. FUCK’EM. USELESS FUCKS.HOPE THEY DISAPPEAR QUICKLY.


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