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ALERT!Springfield bikers say car has been intentionally running them off the road

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo — Bikers in the Springfield area have been reporting a gold car that has been seen running motorcycles off the road multiple times. The most recent report was this past Friday night on Kearney. John Pierson says that on Friday night at around 10:30 he and another rider were driving westbound on Kearney, almost to Kansas Expressway, when a gold Chevy Impala clipped John’s back tire and sent him flying.

“It came over and clipped me just over the center line, spun me out. I went over the handlebars and slid about 200 feet down the road.” said Pierson.

Luckily he was wearing a helmet and protective clothing, so he only suffered minor injuries. Witnesses say the car is a 2000’s model gold Chevy Impala, and when John’s son posted about the crash other bikers began commenting.

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“This has been an ongoing thing with this car, throughout the bike community, we have all talked about it, shared it. He destroyed my bike, he has run several other bikes off the road, and he does it in spots where he can take off.” Pierson explained.

“I have heard from my Facebook, there has been over twelve bikes ran off the road, clipped, anything with this exact same description of the car,” said Stephen Pierson, John’s son. “It needs to come to a stop. They are fathers, they are grandpas, it is attempted murder.”



But Springfield police and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office say they have not had any reports called in.

“We all should be filing police reports. But in my experience it has never done any good.” Pierson explained. “Stuff like this happens to bikers all of the time and nobody really cares.”

John is hoping that somebody will know where to find the person responsible for these crashes.

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“Hopefully they can get a tag number and Springfield PD will get involved and do something. Without a tag number and a good description, it is pretty much… we are at a stalemate.” John explained.

Before it is too late…

“I was thinking about getting a bike and start riding soon. But I don’t want to until this gets done.” Stephen said.

“If he doesn’t get caught, somebody is going to end up dying.” John said.

If you are a motorcyclist that has had a run-in with that gold Chevy Impala, Springfield police ask that you file a police report about what happened so they can get details and hopefully find who is doing this.






  1. People have to start comparing notes on this asshole. I don’t know how big this town is. Are there any commonalities to the vicinity this has been happening? Time of day? Might need to use vehicles to cruise around town. This car obviously has damage to it. Hunt the motherfucker down. Find out where they live, work, whatever it takes. You need a positive ID on this motherfucker. Since LE knows about it you can’t even touch the jerkoff. It would have been completely different 50 years ago. Nobody ever called cops about anything. We just started talking to every resource we had. We would have found them pretty quickly. And everyone would have a very public and airtight alibi. Problem solved. Can’t do that now. Every car and motorcycle have things built in where LE can locate anyone if they really want and besides it tracks everywhere you have been. Cameras everywhere. Every call email and anything on the internet is recorded. Nothing is secret. It’s probably safer to mail a letter now and I’m not sure if that is safe. I usually call then meet up and drive where I know they can’t hear or lip read if you have anything other than hi how are ya to say. FUCK IT. I DO NOT NEED ANYBODY HEARING WHAT I AM SAYING EXCEPT THE ONE PERSON I AM TALKING TO. MY TRUST IS VERY LIMITED FOR VERY GOOD AND LIFETIME REASONS.


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