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Plainville’s Central Cafe shut down after fight between Outlaws and Diablos motorcycle clubs

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PLAINVILLE — Central Café has been ordered to close indefinitely after police say a fight broke out between two biker gangs, resulting in motorcyclists fleeing the scene in an unsafe manner.

Plainville Police Chief Matthew Catania reported that two similar incidents have occurred at the bar recently and stated that “it is not likely that we have seen the last of this type of behavior at this location,” according to a letter to restaurant permittee Shirley Papallo from Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle Seagull.

“Based upon the foregoing, DCP finds that public health, safety and welfare imperatively requires emergency action … and orders your café liquor permit suspended immediately and premises closed,” Seagull wrote in the letter. Papallo did not immediately respond to email requests for comment.

The incident Catania referred to occurred on May 16, 2019, when police responded to a fight at Central Café, 54 West Main St.

The letter says “Up to twenty motorcyclists were observed fleeing the premises at high rates of speed and driving over lawns, driving down the wrong side of the road, and driving around other vehicles in an unsafe manner, all while disobeying officers’ signals.”

Police noted that some of the individuals were seen wearing leather jackets and vests indicating membership in the dueling motorcycle groups the “Diablos” and the “Outlaws.”

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  1. Why punish the cafe owner for the childish behavior of the 2 motorcycle gangs? Just monitor the cage and when they show up wearing colors send in the cops to keep and eye on things. Then make it a no colors Cafe thanks to the moronic biker gangs. Fucking assholes ruin it for everyone.


    Rival Clubs should just not be frequenting the same bar. You know exactly that shit’s gonna happen. Why fuck up somebody’s livelihood. Find a bar for each of yourselves, a good distance apart. This is no different than dropping a bunch of fresh meat into a lion or tiger enclosure, yeah they RIP and chew that shit up. I know, I have watched it at a friends place who runs a big cat sanctuary. Feeding time gets real interesting. Know what, a housecat acts the same way.


  3. We are a club not a gang. To the guy who commented your a fuckin moron. Its america. The owner should file in court . Absolutely illegal to take his licsense. This is america. Ill wear what i want. Im not a criminal i dont disrespect motherfuckers . The bikers are the absolute least of the problems in this country. When shit really hits the fan you will be lucky to know us. Then youll see what 1 percent really stands for


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