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3000 Hells Angels bikers expected to mark the 50th anniversary of the HAMC in the country

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Up to 3,000 Hells Angels bikers are expected in East Surrey for a three-day event culminating in a 700 motorcycle ride out to Brighton.

The ride out, which is the culmination of Hells Angels Motorcycle Club’s (HAMC) ‘Euro Run’, is expected to cause major disruption in East Surrey and Sussex on Saturday June 1 while police have also warned motorists to expect a large number of bikers in the area for the duration of the event.

It is the first time the three-day event, between May 30 and June 1, has been held in the UK and is being done so to mark the 50th anniversary of the HAMC in the country.

Officers from Surrey Police and Sussex Police have had leave and rest days cancelled to cover the event, and others, in what is set to be an extremely busy week for police.

Assistant Chief Constable Nev Kemp, who is leading policing operations for both Surrey and Sussex during the period, said: “We are approaching an incredibly busy time with lots going on and thousands of visitors expected across both counties.

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“Public safety remains our first priority and we have been working closely with our partner agencies to prepare and put plans in place which ensure we can meet all the different policing requirements of these events whilst continuing to deliver day-to-day service.

“Officers from both Surrey Police and Sussex Police have had leave and rest days cancelled and, as well as local teams, we will have additional support from other forces so you can expect to see high numbers of police out on patrol responding quickly to any incidents.

“We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time during this period. Residents and visitors should be in no doubt that any anti-social behaviour or criminal activity will not be tolerated and any reports will be dealt with swiftly.”

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The HAMC ‘Euro Run’ has been described by police as a festival-style event being held at an East Surrey hotel that will attract members from all over the world. Police have not disclosed which hotel is hosting the event.

It culminates in a ride out of around 700 motorcycles, accompanied by police outriders, from the A23 Pease Pottage to Brighton seafront between 2pm and 4.30pm on June 1.


  1. Chances are that hotel has no idea who is really arriving! They’re going need more than one hotel. Wish them the best. You have to know those fucking cops are lying about how they want everything to be fine. NO. They’re looking for any opportunity to lock up every motherfucker in the Club just for breathing. Lying ratfuck cops. It’s just gotten worse over the years. Now thes assholes want to try to put Clubs in the same category as terrorist groups. That’s their next move coming up. I’ve got a Fed living in my neighborhood who knows shit about me. When my old man came back from walking our dogs and told me, I just looked at him with a look he doesn’t like to see, and said, yeah, I know, I am not stupid enough to tell him about you.


  2. Just one question for Ol’Nev;
    Why don’t you give this much attention to the Phufking muslim’s?


  3. If you leave them alone they will leave you alone.
    Let them be. Ive been around bikers for over 40 years with my hubby nearly 34 years.
    Bikers club parties and rallies. So much fun. I would walk into a pub full of bikers any day. Better than sports people


  4. Yeah, I really believe that bullshit about how they want everyone to have a good time. Lying piece of shit cops. What else is new. I figure they’re going to have more cameras than in London. It’s going to be like a colonoscopy they’re going to be so far up people’s asses. Been there, done that. RIDE ON FAST AND FOREVER 81!


  5. still baffled as to why they are holding it where they are – it doesn’t fit at all!


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