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Iron Horseman told rider that he could not wear an Outlaw shirt on Iron Horsemen territory. When the other rider did not remove his Outlaw shirt, Raison allegedly punched him.

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The Harrison Press

The Harrison Press reports a bike blessing was being held at the Harrison American Legion on May 5. Harrison Police were called to investigate an assault at the event.

Jeffrey S. Raisor, 56, told another rider that he could not wear an Outlaw shirt on Iron Horsemen territory. When the other rider did not remove his Outlaw shirt, Raison allegedly punched him.

Raisor then allegedly punched the victim’s girlfriend in the face. The man ran to help his girlfriend and was knocked to the ground by Raisor.

Raisor allegedly called the woman derogatory names and told her to shut up.

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Officers did observe scratch marks on Raisor’s chest and small lacerations on the right side of his face. He allegedly told police that he punched the woman in self-defense after she struck him.

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Raisor told officers he asked the Outlaw member to flip his shirt inside out because Outlaw members are welcome on Iron Horsemen territory, but aren’t supposed to represent who they support, the Press reported.

Witnesses at the bike blessing event told police that Raisor was the aggressor.

Raisor is charged with two counts of assault in Hamilton County, court records show. He pleaded not guilty at a court appearance on May 21.



  1. Dude , this is”Club” ediquette. Try wearing an Iron Order shirt at a Outlaw Club house. As a member of a true 1% MC club I would probably kick your teeth in…


  2. So this happened at an American Legion Hall.
    Not a clubhouse, and perhaps not even an a private event but rather an event open to the public.
    We as clubbers try to support the Mongols fight against patch seizures but then see nothing wrong with this?
    We are our own worst enemy.


  3. No, I do not see anything wrong with this. He gave him a peaceful, even polite, option, and he decided he didn’t want to do it that way.


  4. Shut up. The guy and his girlfriend were NOT in their Cuubhouse. There is no reason for this shit. I have been around for over 50 years and there have been situations when one other Club member was in our area, but that didn’t mean somebody’s going to react like that. They already know that they are not in the best place, but nobody is going to be that much of a motherfucking asshole. We knew he’d be gone ASAP. Aside from which, aren’t the Iron Horsemen the guys who openly admit cops into their club and also let people just order a full patch by mail? I don’t really consider that to be a true 1% Club. Fuck those morons. HA FOREVER. THAT’S MY FAMILY!


  5. Well Stephanie Bachelder when a woman have an opinion or say in who wears what,and no the Iron Horsemen do not allow cops or sell patches online,you should get your info right before running your mouth on things that don’t concern you,so fuck you moron


  6. Wait, cops were called for a punch to the face? Just another example of Biker hypocrisy. Anyone going to call out the Outlaw “rat” that cooperated with the police? Come on “so called” bikers, lets keep it real!


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