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Harley-Davidson riders celebrating 10th annual Bikers for Boobs fundraiser

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(GREAT FALLS) “We’re just a big, giant group of bikers just supporting everyone in this town,” Kristin Heikkila said.

Heikkila is just one of the organizers preparing for an annual event that celebrates 10 years of riding for a cause.

“We need to give back to our community. If we don’t do something for our community, then we don’t feel like we are really doing anything,” Organizer Pam Howard said.

Big Sky Harley Owners is hosting its Bikers for Boobs fundraiser Saturday, June 1. All proceeds will go to an organization called Women Against Breast Cancer.

“Every single dollar that we raise by selling t-shirts, bracelets, the poker hands, it all goes back to WABC, which is local here in Cascade County,” Heikkila said.

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The morning will kick off with a biker breakfast at the Big Sky Harley-Davidson in Great Falls at 9 a.m.

Kickstands go up at 10:30 a.m. The ride will start and end at Big Sky Harley-Davidson. Throughout the morning, poker hands will be sold.

“We try to put on a good ride, but it’s for the cause. It’s what it represents and what it supports, that’s what I think draws the big crowd,” Heikkila said.

Organizers says the money will stay local helping those with breast cancer who live in Cascade County.

They say it is important to a lot of riders because the sickness hits close to home.

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“This is my home. Great Falls. Belt, Montana. This is my home. There’s a need here. I know there is a need everywhere, but there is a need here and that is important to me. I’m raising my family here, my kids here. As far as Bikers for Boobs goes, breast cancer is in my family,” Heikkila said.

Every year, the turnout of bikers is over 200, and they manage to raise thousands of dollars.

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Organizers say you do not have to be a biker to get involved or to donate.

“We want them to know that they can help too. Contact us through the Facebook page or come to Big Sky Harley and donate,” Howard said.

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  1. FYI. If you really want that money to do something good, do your research first. Locate the closest place doing actual breast cancer research. Usually it’s going to be a University or Big Hospital. Donate directly to their research program. Otherwise, the money you worked so hard to raise gets spent on some organization’s overhead. Rent, salaries and all that stuff. Very little of it ends up being actually spent on research. PLEASE CONTACT THEM AND MAKE THEM AWARE OF THIS . IT’S A REAL PROBLEM.


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