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Thirty Four arrests connected to Hells Angels Run Teams of officers have been using stop and search powers to look for concealed items

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Thirty Four arrests connected to Hells Angels Euro Run 2019
Police across Surrey and Sussex have made a further 24 arrests bringing the total to 34 for possession of offensive weapons and drug offences, connected to Hells Angels Euro Run 2019.
Teams of officers have been using stop and search powers to look for concealed items.
On Wednesday night, Surrey Police and Sussex Police introduced an order under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, allowing stop and search of individuals within a designated area of Surrey and Sussex.
This order has been extended and will now apply until 4am on Saturday morning (June 1).

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The 34 arrests have been all for offensive weapons and drugs offensives and 12 people, five Germans, three Hungarian, one Swiss, one French, one Czech and one Greek man, have been charged.
Seven appeared in court on Friday and have been given suspended prison sentences. Five more will appear in court on Saturday.

Three more people remain in custody. All others were either cautioned or released without charge.
Assistant Chief Constable Nev Kemp, who is leading policing operations across both counties this week, said: “We have been very clear with those attending the Hells Angels event, many from overseas, that we will not tolerate criminal and anti-social behaviour. Our activity over the last few days has been about keeping people safe, which is why I put the Section 60 order in place.

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“The fact that we have had seven people go through the courts and be sentenced so far, as well as the numerous arrests, has justified our actions and use of Section 60 this week.
“This weekend, especially Saturday, sees one of the busiest for both Forces in the last 12 months and we continue to work hard to keep our residents and those visiting safe.
“Officers will be out in high numbers so expect to see us on patrol responding and responding quickly to any incidents. We have well prepared plans in place with officers from both Forces, plus mutual aid support on hand.”

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  1. Like I said before, those cops were lying about how they wanted everyone to have a good time and they weren’t going to try to cause any problems with the MC gathering. BULLSHIT. They did exactly what everyone knew they were going to do, harass the shit out of everyone just for breathing and wearing or not wearing a patch. Chicken shit motherfuckers.


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