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Why Motorcycle Clubs are filled with nothing but SH*T! Nothing but a bunch of criminals and drains on society

New Age of Biking & Brotherhood James Macecari

By James “Hollywood” Macecari

I figure I‘d weigh in a little bit about why some people think motorcycle clubs are crap and nothing more than criminal organizations.

I‘m certain you‘ve heard a bunch of retards producing videos on this specific subject. Here are some reasons why you should be cautious around these types of people.

1. The ones doing the bashing are the ones who never in their pathetic lives were able to be apart of a club.
Sure, they claim to have tried, and it wasn’t for them. But we all know the truth of the matter don’t we? They couldn’t make it. It was too hard on them and now they hold grudges against clubs because they failed to make the grade clubs set for their membership.

2. Some of these people, especially some of these morons doing videos bashing clubs are hungry for attention. They have to compensate for their failure to make it in a club or be a part of a club. How do they do it? By bashing them and have others just like them, join in on the bashing.

Its really a big circle jerk for people who lacked what it took to be apart of a club. So they all band together to try and make each other feel better about their failures.

3. Some of these so called failures think they are an authority to speak on clubs because they claimed they studied up on them. LMAO can you genuinely believe that one? They‘ve studied reports from main stream media (which we all know how credible they are) and information put out buy Law Enforcement.

For one, the ignorance of these idiots to even think they can speak on something they failed to be apart of and claim they can speak because they studied the subject is ass-nine. That right there folks is why this country is the way it is. A bunch of so-called experts talking about crap they have no idea about. They get off riling up the masses to their way of thinking.

In the mean time they go home and look themselves in the mirror knowing they are nothing but a bunch of failures. But hey, they feel better about themselves spreading the false crap they think they know about.

Heres some advice for all of you. Notably those who watch the crap these people put out.Check out their living conditions. For those claiming to be so smart or philosophers.Ask yourself this question. If you‘re so damn smart and intelligent than why the hell are you living in destitute? You figure if these people are so intelligent they would at least be able to afford better dwellings.

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But that’s what you find on the internet and all these social media platforms. People who will say what ever they can to get the attention and the money. This is especially true for those whose past is laughable at best.

Let‘s compare these types of people to those who preach prosperity gospel. You know, those preachers who are always on TV promising you the world to get you to come off on your life savings.

It’s the same thing with all these types of people who‘ve never been apart of a club and then turns around and bashes them. They keep preaching and preaching until finally they get some morons to subscribe to their crap.

What I find very disturbing is the fact many people can look at these idiots past content and see them contradicting themselves left and right. Or you can see exactly why they are speaking out against clubs.

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One creator claimed to be a hang around for a motorcycle club. One that was apart of the confederation. Fast forward to another video.You see him crying about being told to take off the patches. In that video he said he didn’t know the protocol.

Wait a second. You claimed to be a hang around for a club but at the same time claim not to know the protocol? Yeah, total bull. Dude needs to really get his stories straight before putting out the crap he does. Anyone worth a crap actually listening will be able to call the idiot out for what he is.

Unfortunately, the biker lifestyle got stupid in the last decade or so. People who claim to be bikers are now either totally ignorant or just plain idiots. Those are the people you will see flocking to those creators. These people are to ignorant to question all the contradictions being put out.Or they can’t read between the lines to see who the person is they are following.

So again, how to they compensate for their failures to get into a motorcycle club? They go out and talk shit about a lifestyle they have no clue about.Once again it makes them feel better cause the club is the scapegoat on why they failed.

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So how do you spot one of these people? For one look at the motives of the information, they are trying to spew. If they admitted to the fact, they tried to be a member of a motorcycle club. But then claim it wasn’t for them. It’s a big warning alarm. Right there you know they have some type of beef.

Another way of calling them out is posting a comment on their video or post. If they delete your comment than you know right away they don’t want the others to know they are a fraud. This is something these types of people will do over and over again. They hate being challenge by someone who genuinely knows what they are talking about.
Finally look at their patches on their vest. Most of these people will have the patches set up in a configuration that resembles a motorcycle club. They do this, so the general public interprets them as being a member of a motorcycle club.

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It’s funny, those Lone wolf patches people wear. Did you ever notice that they are set up in a 3 pc configuration? But, they claim to be independents right? So why the hell wear the patches in a configuration of a club if you’re so independent?

I’ll tell you why. They want to be perceived as something they are not. These people are weak. Weak minded and nothing more than fake human beings.

If someone is going to sit there and bash clubs.Don’t go out there and have the public perceive you as a club member. After all, these people are the ones who think clubs are no good evil organizations.

They are also the ones who will preach the same old familiar line “If you‘re not doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about.

Fact is Louisiana just became the 3rd state to legislate against Motorcycle Profiling. Not to mention resolutions passed on a National level in the House and Senate.

If Motorcycle Profiling wasn’t an issue than explain why laws are starting to be passed on the issue?

It’s simple, the issue of Motorcycle Club Profiling and Profiling of regular motorcyclist is at an epidemic. What I would like to see is one of these idiots preaching against motorcycle clubs get pulled over, photographed with their fake ass wannabe patches they are wearing.

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You know, give them a taste of what happens to real club members on a daily basis.
Oh, before I forget. How the hell can you actually believe someone to be an authority if all they do is read and not have any actual experience? To go even further. Someone who creates videos but refuses to meet with people on the street? I saw a comment from one of these idiots who claim they won’t meet with anyone unless they know the people for at least a year.

You know what that is don‘t you? They are scared to death to be seen in public because they know the crap they‘ve been spewing is going to come back on them. But hey, if your any type of man you would stand by your convictions and not hide behind that screen.
That won’t happen though, because these people are nothing but cowards and blowhards looking to feed on the uneducated.

These bitches are funny as hell. I still can’t get over the I read crap or I have friends that are 1%ers. Little hint. No 1%ers would be associated with these kinds of idiots. 1%ers don’t like fake ass people. Especially ones you can see right through.

The moral of the story here folks is to be wary of so-called experts on motorcycle clubs. Especially ones who’ve done nothing more than read and spout off on crap they have no idea about.

The world is occupied with fake people. Buyer beware I always say.

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  1. Well said on club bashing, I’ve been in several and reached the dizzy heights of vice president in one. I’m now an independent rider but still love the scene. I’ve been riding for 53 years and don’t see me ever stopping unless I physically can’t do it anymore.

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