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Hells Angels 3rd street Clubhouse Sells For $7.75 Million, Records Show

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By Sydney Pereira, Patch Staff
EAST VILLAGE, NY — The Hells Angels old clubhouse sold for $7.75 million, EVGrieve reported Thursday.

The New York City chapter of Hells Angels, which has been housed at 77 E. Third St. since the 1970s, officially sold its longtime clubhouse, per property records. EVGrieve first reported the official sale.

The Hells Angels sold its East Village digs to Ariel Soudry of Better Living Properties, who signed records dated May 17. In February, a Memorandum of Contract was signed by the apparent buyer, Nathan Blatter of Whitestone Realty Group, a real estate investment firm.

It’s unclear how the two real estate companies are collaborating at the Hells Angels old clubhouse. Better Living Properties and Whitestone Realty Group did not respond to questions Thursday.

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Hells Angels had been at 77 E. Third St. for some 50 years until they were reportedly shooed out by latte sipping East Villagers, the New York Post reported in March. One biker, named Tony, told the Post the Angels were “being harassed by the yuppies down here [who are] sitting on our bikes and pissing on the sidewalk.”


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  1. Sad to see it go. Hopefully they will find a better home. One without a bunch of disrespectful and entitled assholes nearby. HA FOREVER.


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